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  1. Well shit can someone seriously tell the Ex-wife to visit a new psychiatrist? She's on the wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong stuff.

  2. For real, you try different meds until you find something that works. The first medication my partner went on was brilliant for his depression, complete 180, but he also gained 60 lbs and had no libido. Like even if he could get hard it was very difficult to achieve orgasm, that was difficult for both of our self-esteems. The second med we tried had the opposite effect, shed the weight wanted to fuck like rabbits but only got about half the depression mitigation. Current med is about baseline in the weight dept, maybe 75% wanting to have sex all the time, and fantastic for he depression, only “downside” is right after he takes it he gets this like manic phase of DO ALL THE THINGS. It’s a little jarring but it’s only like 20 min to an hour and then he goes back to a more normal pace. I put quotes on downside because he just takes it first thing in the morning and starting your day with a kick in the pants is hardly the worse case. (No I can’t remember the names of the meds sorry)

  3. I've read through through this three times and have missed this fact. Can you quote where this information comes from?

  4. The beginning of the second update mentions an ex but no timeline of when that person became the ex of OOP, the last line of the second to last paragraph mentions the supportive wife with again no timeline for when that person became their wife. But OOP’s therapist cut contact abruptly 2 years ago and they saw said therapist with the ex presumably before then and then got with their current wife sometime in between. If you assume that OOP was seeing the therapist with their ex 2 years ago it seems pretty fast but they could have broken up and then kept seeing the therapist solo for any number of years.

  5. Even if you'd done the research, it would have told you that that's what happens with regular dose naltrexone, but that low dose naltrexone has the opposite effect where instead of blocking opioid receptors, it actually helps them work better. Some people recommend it as a standard thing alongside opioid therapy, to keep the opioids more effective longer.

  6. Ah I see. Thank you for sharing! I figured it was something like we’d gotten the dosage wrong or we had the wrong kind of neltrexone. I remember looking into it and coming to the conclusion that low dose neltrexone had some positive results for cancer patients in the earlier stages and that it wouldn’t hurt her and I remember the ER dr reaction being basically “you. gave. her. WHAT?!” and feeling like complete and total moron.

  7. Many doctors also don’t understand the “low dose” prt of LDN, it’s not an option in the medical records system, so most likely all the ER doctor heard was “naltrexone” which sounds very, very bad when a patient is on opiates and they think it is the regular dose.

  8. I wouldn’t have put it past the ER dr to have a bias against addicts and a knee jerk reaction to hearing about the neltrexone. But I consider her outrage and disbelief justified considering the hell we went through that night.

  9. Convenient children are not healthy children and rarely are they happy children.

  10. NTA. Take the cash, walk to a convenience store, and buy a prepaid credit card. Use the prepaid card to purchase your items.

  11. OP, you should do this. If it’s too dangerous to go to the corner store as a young female alone in your country, go with a friend or a relative you can trust. If you have no friends or relatives you can trust, save all that money so that when you become an adult you can separate from your parents and learn how to be on your own. After you do that, you can buy all the manga and key chains you want and pile them up and sit on them like a dragon and it will be glorious.

  12. NTA, it’s not your fault he said “I don’t know how” when he meant “I don’t have time”. If he wants to take the easy way out by telling a lie instead of address the underlying issues with him gf, that’s on him and her.

  13. I finally finally completed the jazzy octavinelle ones and now I’ve discovered I cannot make curry to save my fucking life. Jamil why you hate me?!?!?

  14. My bad, english is not my first language and i think i just used the translation in my language instead of the original. What i meant was the classic cactuar :)

  15. I once bought a cactuar doll despite not speaking any language in common with the store clerk, by making the arms and leaning to one side.

  16. I looked very silly, but I got my doll and that’s all the matters. 💖

  17. They spread but you can’t dig up the seeds and put them where you want, if you try the seed is destroyed. I’ve been slowing spreading my mushroom forest by pruning the ones that grow where i don’t like and letting other get tall and drop more seeds. FYI, in winter the fully grown ones will become stumps, don’t chop them down, they’ll go back to the same size in spring.

  18. I remember commenting on this that OOP was off his gourd for policing how his fiancée and kids eat. I’m glad he came around, hopefully they work it out.

  19. It stung a bit to use my first ornamental fan for my shirt instead of donating it to the museum ngl. But I really didn’t want to get married in my raggedy everyday clothes like I did in my previous playthroughs again. I got another fan today though so it’s all good.

  20. My plan is to use a cactus to make the off the shoulder shirt and pair it with the long skirt (sunflower) but I’m not there yet

  21. Did anyone else think SMIL was stealing the OOP’s things because she was planning to kill her and keep her daughter?

  22. I don’t think SMIL thought that far, if she’s unhinged enough to break into her house without a plan she’a probably stealing OOP’s stuff because on some level she realizes she’s not DD’s mom but she wants to be so she’s taking stuff to try to feel like she’s becoming OOP. Classic stalker stuff.

  23. Perhaps that was the plan? To kill her. She already had the mementos in a suitcase. She didn’t carry it out because the OOP made the call to her husband and the police were on their way.

  24. I would say normal people who have a plan to kill a person bring their own weapon and some way to dispose of the body and the weapon, albeit probably a bad one, but normal people don’t do any of this stuff.

  25. I was thinking the same thing. It’s like if stardew was a Lego tower and he realized he missed a block and had to deconstruct half of it to put that block in then rebuild it again. His second Lego tower he probably isn’t going to forget that block this time because he learned the hard way through experience.

  26. It’s more like if stardew was a novel written in English and someone asked you to write it again in Russian but you don’t know Russian or any other language with a Cyrillic character based and then a bunch of people complained that since it’s already written it should be easy, why is it taking you so long.

  27. This isn't about SDV it's about HC. He's simply being transparent and replying as he chooses. There's nothing wrong with that.

  28. This tweet is about whether HC will have a mobile port but it’s plain to see his frustration with the SDV mobile port showing through. CA doesn’t need to work more on communicating, he already has unprecedented levels of communication with his fanbase. His fanbase needs to realize that there’s thousands of them and only one of him and unlike many other developers, he is a gentle soul who will stress tf out if too many mentions and dm’s go unanswered even when 95% of them are variations on “when are we getting more stuff” and “why don’t we have the stuff yet”.

  29. Honestly, I would look it up too. More just to understand while he talked about his experience, especially if I had no idea what that was. I kinda feel like it's polite to take interest in their experience. Otherwise you just sit there nodding with limited responses and a one sided conversation.

  30. For real, my friends all fact check each other in real time. It’s not that hard and doesn’t take that long. I had an extremely fun (and loooong) conversation using the Wikipedia on waffles as a springboard because someone made an incorrect claim about why Belgium waffles are called that and someone else at the table was like, that cannot possibly be true. Turns out someone dumped their masters thesis on the history of waffles into Wikipedia and it is fascinating.

  31. You and your friends fact check each other all the time? That’s not a friendship! Every time I say something, you check on google or whatever if it’s correct? Why don’t you and your friends do something fun, or just hang out instead of calling each other out about every stupid thing? That’s annoying as hell….

  32. We fact check each other because misinformation is a real problem with real effects. Maybe this isn’t everyone’s experience, but my group of friends is a loose collection of experts. Most of us have degrees in wildly different areas of study and all of us have large collections of facts in our brains we’ve collected about various subjects we’re passionate about. We love finding and sharing new information and 2 of us read research journals for fun. If someone at the table has heard it wrong, we want to be called out.

  33. I knew some people who got addicted to heroin like this. To prove that they were stronger of will than the weak drug addicts they knew.

  34. I know one person who said they quit heroin cold turkey and I’m not entirely certain he wasn’t bullshitting me. It’s a measure of how he carried himself that I believe it’s possible he did it. He said he locked himself in his garage with food and water and just tried not to die. I happen to be passing familiar with the symptoms of opiate withdrawal because my mother accidentally super rapid detoxed during her last losing bout with metastatic cancer. It was not pretty. I have a wealth of respect for people who get clean. I’m fairly pro drugs, which is to say I support the decriminalization of them. But between the anxiety and depression tag teaming me, I’m not in control of my mental state for a lot of the time, I’ve no wish to be in less control of myself.

  35. I use mushrooms for life elixirs. Imo because fruit trees can be obtained easily later but mushrooms are always a pain in the ass to find, I choose mushrooms.

  36. I believe aop should report him again but this time his concern should be that this interviewer may be preying on vulnerable potential students.

  37. Could it be some roundabout negging attempt? Your application sucks, your extracurricular suck, you suck. Here let me help you not suck. Also suck my dick.

  38. Since a bunch of other people answered the question, I’ll provide some simple examples.

  39. I use R Cards that have double type for exams but I also suck at exams and that could be why. 😅

  40. YTA. My kids use utensils, they also use their hands for finger food. Having a different definition of finger food is not bad manners. You were ignorant of her culture and unnecessarily disrespectful about it. Children not eating with their hands is a wierd thing to clutch your pearls about. They’re two. If you want to make sure they use utensils, practice with them. That you didn’t notice this until now makes me think you leave the majority of the parenting to Lola. And if so, you need to roll up your sleeves and get involved before you tell anyone they’re doing it wrong.

  41. Yup. It seems extremely unfair to take a pregnant woman to a sushi restaurant.

  42. When I was pregnant, we would go to our favorite Japanese restaurant so I could get ramen and/or teriyaki chicken rice plate and my partner would get sushi. But that doesn’t sound at all like what is going on here.

  43. They just filtered the people with double initials

  44. I would believe that Zola’s algorithm discovers the double initial thing and no one acknowledges it’s credibility.

  45. It’s watching the hole so that when something comes out, it can eat it.

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