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  1. I'm going currently going down this rabbit hole and trying to make sense of my memory of the man, So 12-13 years ago I would observe this Australian guy who literally lived at the hotel I worked at, I was fascinated by his chameleon behaviour and slightly suspicious of the business he conducted. I was curious as to how legit the line of work he was involved in was because he had a jekyll and hide persona which eventually became obvious after months of watching him.

  2. Bipolar mixed with weed quadruples your chances of psychosis, there's thousands of studies about it online

  3. It is interesting that CLA flew into the rage (that ultimately got her sectioned ) after not being able to obtain marijuana via Modeen / Amio. I do think you need to look into how you word and present your "hunch" as there is a key difference to a substance explicitly creating psychosis, as opposed to said substance triggering it in those whom already possess a predisposition to the disorder:

  4. Fay is a racist bitch but uses it as a “joke” to bypass her racism towards the Asian community

  5. Odd as they make up a large part of both her and modeens fanbase

  6. Yeah 100% she is trolling.. and Fay has a big platform. She does prank calls. And other things. She has her own following ..

  7. She was Number 1 in the UK rankings this morning 🤷🏾‍♂️

  8. These dark corners of tiktok are a shelter to some peculiar sorts. Flicking through the human zoo out of intrigue is one thing , but the oddballs actively enabling and financing these vile characters at any cost is simply astounding 😕

  9. Wow she assured her subscribers that this was a lie.. when in fact she is the liar caught in 4k

  10. Done it multiple times, she did one a while back with a cardboard tube and then went "this is Allah" and started stabbing it 😕

  11. It has been screen recorded.. she completely DENIED it ever took place but unluckily for the damage limiting islamaohobic that she is.. it's been caught in 4k 🤷🏾‍♂️

  12. it’s so funny cos modeen seems to have quite a lot of rich friends who clearly want to help him win, he’s miles ahead and all he does is sit in silence with a balaclava on looking confused or eat massive portions of food.

  13. It's surreal.. for a right giggle read the comments in that old lady's live 🤣 absolutely slating EQ

  14. Here's me thinking this post was a tongue in cheek pisstake 🤨

  15. 😕 where? I've seen memes taking the piss doing so, but show me an instance of where someone legit did that?

  16. Plot twist. The feeding premise was a front.. She nudged then abandoned her boy on purpose..

  17. You just said 50 people die of shark attacks per year in the US alone.

  18. They were pop artists who's team manufactured an album using some grime ingredients.. their vibe doesn't really resonate with me to look back fondly

  19. True.. but it appears he did when arsenal were sniffing around him summer 2021, but he stood firm for a Barca bid, hence us getting young Fabio Viera

  20. Patterns look pretty cool.. Its interesting on the eye, i think itd make a good texture for a print or canvas

  21. Insinuated the queen has enabled racism within hours of her death

  22. Channel 5 does show some good movies from time to time and the odd good documentary.

  23. That behaviour and her body language makes me feel she isn't functioning like most

  24. The entire floor coated in shells is common place in Europe's biggest stadiums, here is a report on european nations snacks, some of whom consume sunflower seeds In public stadiums

  25. Most popular snack in worldwide football stadiums.. I wouldn't cry about biodegradable waste..

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