1. I’m not a fan. I tried it but the hangover after tripping is heavy.

  2. You should be proud of yourself, the first step that really helps is just knowing that alcohol has lied to us, lies to everyone, and is a good liar. We’ve all been fed the false line that alcohol helps you “wind down” or “relax” but it really doesn’t. I have anxiety too and what helps me is distracting myself with something else, like a hobby or going on this sub and reading comments or posts. Reading “This Naked Mind” helped. The flaw in healing is that sobriety is a positive. It is not. It is removing a negative, which is not the same thing. I have to use sobriety instead as a tool, not as a goal in and of itself. I use my sobriety to clearly look at my life and surroundings and make changes accordingly to build the life.

  3. I agree with this completely. Im you have to find ways to fill that time. And that completely changed my life. After medical detox, I would do models, I would read, play guitar and drive Uber. Instead of poisoning myself and wasting the days away, I was enriching my life. Instead of spending 30$ a day on alcohol, I was learning, I was building things, and making extra money. Since I quit I can afford to do so much much. Both financially and fine wise. I can think clearly and enjoy reading. I can enjoy spending time with my girlfriend, instead of only thinking about not being able to go somewhere because there isn’t alcohol there. Totally changed my life.

  4. I tried it with failure. At first I did good. I pulled back from a bottle to bottle and a half of vodka (25-35 drinks). It pretty much made me drink more. But I had nobody holding the liquor. I would try to drink lightly through the day. But I’d still wake up every hour and a half needing a drink. I just end up getting pissed off at myself and checked into medical detox. 25 days sober so bar.

  5. Ya Idk if it's really helpful for me to hold the liquor for him.

  6. I always suggest medical detox. It saved my life and cost me nothing. Do you live in a bigger city? Some have free ones, others are insurance covered. I was only there 4 days so I waited till a Saturday to go so I only missed 2 days of work

  7. I would say listen to your body. If you’re tired, sleep. Quitting is hard on you mentally. As for when you’re up, I say the biggest key for me was keeping myself busy. I’d clean the house, play guitar, play video games, read, go walk. Anything to keep me busy and moving and mentally engaged. When I would feel the urge to drink, I would go drive Uber. I always liked listening to music and going for drives. Instead of spending money on liquor I was making money.

  8. You’re over the hardest part! You got this! Find some hobbies to keep you busy and find new things to do when you feel the urge. That’s what I found to be the key.

  9. Then I would say your best option is to find a job with insurance and hold on until you get it. Or take the plunge and further your debt. I was lucky enough to have it covered by insurance. I would also look into free medical detox if you live near a major city. I was a bottle and a half drinker of vodka a day for years. I tried tapering. I tried everything. I think tapering made me worse. It felt like more of a way to drink all day with the Sinclair method. I just woke up one day and was so mad at myself and pissed off that I couldn’t quit. So I checked in the next day. I was only there 4 days. I checked in after not drinking for about 3 hours and still blew a .26. They give you benzos. You feel comfortable and actually get some sleep. The whole felt quick. I left feeling like I had my life back. It was still hard. I still had urges to drink. But I had to learn to deflect it. Instead of spending 20-30$ a day on liquor, when I felt the urge to drink. I would go drive Uber. Instead of spending that money I was making money. I bought a guitar because I hadn’t touched mine in years because of the debt from drinking and having to sell them. I started making models. I’ve always been a space lover. This isn’t to gloat about myself. But I had to find ways to keep me busy. Things I liked. And I think that is the key to stopping. Whether you go cold turkey, taper, or detox. Stay busy. Keep your mind active and engaged and learn new habits for when you feel the urge to drink. Go walk. Go drive if you’re sober. Play call of duty. Find what you have to do and give it all you have.

  10. Go to detox man. My insurance covered it and I was only there 5 days. I was drinking a bottle to bottle and a half of vodka a day. Even if you don’t have insurance. It’ll be worth it I promise. Now instead of spending every spare second getting blackout drunk on my couch, I’m doing things I like. I have money for hobbies. I have time to spend with my girlfriend. I have no anxiety. I sleep great. I’m finally a free human being again.

  11. I'm glad for you! I don't have insurance and have no clue on how to find a detox program in my area. Plus I cant leave my girlfriend to take over our rent. If I could do detox I would but its just out of my price range.

  12. Then it’s a fight. And it’s going to be a hard one. I found them by going to the doctor. She gave me a list of all the detox facilities near me. There are free ones out there available. Just do a google search on detox near you. I missed a paycheck but started driving Uber to make up for it. I’m actually making more money now than before.

  13. Detox saved my life man. Was only there for 4 days. Fully covered by insurance. Came out as a free human and never looked back.

  14. Your post is really inspiring to me as I re-set. The stomach issues are real.

  15. Dude. I can’t tel you how much better you’ll feel. Make the move. It’ll change your life.

  16. I got a lot. Just wondering how much you’d drink.. How long did it take you to get withdrawal symptoms if any? And how bad they were.

  17. I drank 1-1.5 bottles a day for several years. I’d get withdrawals, shakes, tremors, sweats, and anxiety within about 6 hours since mt last drink.

  18. Yeah that’s a lot! So did they monitor blood pressure & temperature? Any medications? I’m worried about the next few days but so far I just shake a little. Anxious and sweaty. Not much of a headache and I’ve been taking a lot of melatonin to sleep

  19. They will check you in and monitor all your vitals. They will wait until you blow a .00 until they give you benzos. I drank at 4 am, got there at 830c breathalyzer at 1230 and still blew a .22. So you just kinda have to wait till it’s all gone. Then they benzo you up and you prettt much just sleep for a couple days and monitor until you’re weened off then when wait 24 hours until after your last dose till you’re stable.

  20. I know this is going to sound simplistic, but one main thing is to just walk away from the drinking and never look back. If you never again take that first drink, so much then takes care of itself. I know, sounds to easy, and I get than can be hard. But if you can get that part to click, it just happens. Then take all that time and energy, and focus on growing as a full person. But yeah, obviously need to sort out our emotional lives and all that, why we drink, etc. But if you can walk away and remove that variable from your life, the rest can start to get a lot better. Chin up and give this your best!

  21. I drink because I’m just so bored. I’m quitting my job to finish school for aerospace engineering. I am so ready to give this up so I can be successful. I want to give it up.

  22. Can you tell me more about what it was like. I am going on Friday.

  23. No problem. So quick backstory though. I had scheduled the detox starting last Wednesday. I ended up drinking a lot Monday night and woke up early Tuesday morning with a full blown sweaty panic attack. Could barely move. After about three hours of that I was able to call the facility and get in a day early.

  24. It does help thank you. I do have a plan and am going to stick with it. Just need to get past the detox part. Thank you for your input.

  25. Hey! I am actually going to rehab on Friday. As for work, I was just honest with them and told them I have a bad drinking problem and I need to take care of. They were very understanding. As for expectations, I just know they’re going to detox you the first week or so with some meds. I can’t wait until Friday so I can turn my life around.

  26. I don’t have tips about medical detox, but I believe you are making the most difficult decision and taking a huge positive step. Way. To. Go.! Safely detoxing will give your body the start it needs. I hope you let us know how it goes! 🤍

  27. Anything Radiohead, Silversun Pickups, and old Modest Mouse

  28. I know exactly what you’re saying. I did 9 years in the Marines and when I got out, I was so bored. I was used to working on fighter jets everyday for 12 hours, to working a desk job. Life was so gray. I got out March of 2020 in the very beginning of COVID and just drank all day. A bottle of vodka a day just to kill the boredom. I still go to work everyday at 0530. Still pay my bills and go to school. You’re used to parties in the barracks and going to work with the same guys everyday. Tapering is what I’m working on. I’ve gone from 25 drinks a day to 15. Which are both a lot. But I try to decrease by 2.5 everyday. What I do is keep I record in my phone of how much and what I drank and what time. It’s easier to do if you drink canned drinks. For example, I drink a 12.5% margarita every 4 hours. 15 drinks. Tomorrow I will have 1 every 5 hours. And so on. Then have one every other day. It’s the only thing I’ve found that I can actually do. I get those liver pains at times too. It’s a mental wake up I need to get my ass in gear and get this shit taken care of. Do it for yourself. So it for your family. Whoever you have to. When I see a drink I think of my girlfriend that I love very much. How I want to have a house and kids some day. And if I continue drinking that will never happen. At least healthily. Sometimes you’ll have to grit your teeth. When it’s been 2.5 hours and you’ve had 2.5 drinks you’ll fee like you’re going crazy. You just have to push to hour 4. Then the next day push to hour 5, then 6. Take it in 10 minute increments if you have to.

  29. Homie ya need to taper and go see a doctor. I’ve been there done that and it’s not fun. Try looking at the Sinclair method and getting a doctors appointment and just be honest with them.

  30. I’m still doing AA, counseling and such. But it’s really helping so far.

  31. You described my life to a tee. I hope to join you very soon. Any tips for the first 3 days? I just hate that crippling anxiety in the middle of the night.

  32. Not OP but my drinking was similar. One month sobriety turned into two then I wanted to reach 69 days and the goal and enjoyment of being sober continued to grow. The early days were hard. I made sure to always have a drink in hand. Stocked the fridge with plenty of N/A beverages, bubbly water, soda and tea. I indulged in ice cream and junk food. Always priding myself on not enjoying sugar was a lie since I was drinking it by the gallon. I was hungry and thirsty and I indulged with abandon. I found my sugar craving and appetite has calmed and the weight has dropped. Expect to think about alcohol a lot. I did. Could no longer listen to country radio since all the songs are about drinking. I downloaded sober podcasts, sober apps and set up weekly therapy apts. I used melatonin and magnesium to help with sleep. The first few days ARE the hardest but it does get easier! You can do it. There will be plenty of time on your hands so stay busy and enjoy being able to drive at night. It's one of the many, many, subtle gifts.

  33. I have followed a similar path. I listen to podcasts on the way to work, go to therapy every week, I take naltrexone and hydroxyzine for sleep, go to AA…. I have been working on tapering. At my worst I was at 25 drinks a day. I am now at about 10 and continue to decrease everyday. Had to fight off a Xanax withdrawal too so it has been a ride. Hoping to be alcohol free within 5 days. It’s just the sleep that kills me. Waking up at 2 am just gasping for air, sweating and riddled with anxiety. Slowly chipping away at this so I can actually enjoy my life.

  34. We love you. I hope to join you for day 3 soon. Just chipping away at it. Lemme know if you need somebody to chat with.

  35. My only experience is with Xanax. Highly don’t recommend. The withdrawals are so much worse than alcohol. Alcohol but 10x worse. I was desperate and just wanted anything to help but it only increased the problem. I just hope it was through your doctor because it only made me way worse.

  36. I haven’t quit yet I am still working on it. But my why is that I just want to enjoy things again. I want to enjoy a day of nice weather with my girlfriend. I want to enjoy waking up and not feeling like death. I want to have a bad day and come home and feel ok because I have my people and dogs that love me regardless. I just want to feel ok again with just the things I have. I want to not feel the need to poison myself for the sake of feeling numb. I know I’m fighting hard but it is hard. You will want to give up. But you got to keep on pursuing. Best of luck to you my friend.

  37. It’s going good. It feels like an up and down progress. I taper down to like 5. Then the next day I’m bored and have 10. But overall I feel good. Like I read once. It’s not a linear digression but a downward trend and that’s what is keeping me hopeful. I’m feeling good

  38. Getting to zero is the hard part with tapering. But it is important to actually get there. I am committed to hitting zero. I may call day 1 tomorrow since I am down to 4 today and feel pretty good about it. Worst case I will go buy 2 - and only 2 tomorrow. But I am gonna be done after that. I hope you join me when you can.

  39. It’s been a bumpy ride for me. Lots of ups and downs.

  40. After you get some sober time in, sleeps gets a lot better. And then keeps getting better. I cannot recommend enough ditching the drink and getting on with living in a way that is actually living. Because getting loaded like you speak of (and I understand) is not living as far as I am concerned.

  41. Oh I agree 100%. All I want in my life right now is a clear head, and some sleep. Idk if you’ve looked into the Sinclair method like I said, and this isn’t me just trying to defend anything. It shuts off your body’s ability to enjoy drinking, until you stop. If this doesn’t work, I am checking myself into rehab.

  42. I have read about the Sinclair method, so am aware of it. But no first hand experience. Right now I don't even crave drinking, which is nice. That said, it was a long haul to get to where I am at, but for some reason it seems to be sticking this time. I think part of this is that I finally feel connected with myself and am sort of happy even, not things I could say were really true in the past. Just don't see a reason to get wasted at this point, maybe part of it is my age. Anyway, give whatever a shot and keep trying. It really is better this way, at least I can say so for myself. And you can always keep reaching out here as you navigate things!

  43. I’m just having a hard time deciding between just white knuckling it and powering through and just wanting 1 drink so I can sleep

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