1. Bartender here. While it’s true that a lot of this stuff is annoying, the sign is stupid. No reason to alienate your guests. You’re in the industry of dealing with some shitty people, just pretend they don’t suck until they go away. This is my approach to each of these:

  2. I’m AA but I feel you. I have 10 years of aircraft experience, and a pretty good resume but keep getting turned down after making it to the final interview. “Need more experience” has been then reasoning. Like yea dude that’s why I’m here applying.

  3. If it didn’t work the first time, switch it up. Do some research on good letters. Ask friends or people on Reddit to see maybe some examples. Learn from what maybe you said that didn’t get you in

  4. They can’t. They’re too busy staring at their phone. Definitely far more important.

  5. Just depends on how good you are with math. I found 208 to be pretty easy and 224 had some challenging parts. Watch some YouTube videos on the subjects and see if they make any sense to you.

  6. To give ya some quick answers. No your major is not guaranteed. For the engineering majors, your freshman and sophomore years are going to be pretty much the same. Except EE which has a few different ones. About halfway through your sophomore year, you apply to your major and rank your choices. I was a weird case, I got accepted to AA (aeronautical and astronautical) engineering in 2021. I had to deny my acceptance due to personal reason and re applied in 22. I applied to ME and AA and was denied my #1 choice, AA, but was accepted to ME. Luckily, the advisor suggested I write a petition to my denial and was luckily accepted at the end of the day. Most likely being denied due to giving up a spot the previous year. But I pleaded my case and explained why I dropped and was ecstatic to make it. Moral of the story, it’s not the end of the world if you don’t get what you want, just focus on learning the content, getting some good grades and activities that are applicable to what you wanna do, and don’t give up on it.

  7. Hello! I’m currently a junior in aerospace engineering. If you got any questions feel free to shoot me a message. I’d be glad to help ya out.

  8. Oh my apologies! I’ll transition on over there thank you.

  9. I had no side effects at all. I'd recommend talking to your dr, you might need to taper onto the medication. I also wouldn't advise drinking alcohol on an empty stomach while starting a new medication (or at all for that matter).

  10. It is inappropriate because it breaks two of our rules: one, the rule to speak from the "I," and two, the rule against offering medical advice.

  11. I didn’t break either one of those rules either. My comment did not use the word “I” and I offered no advice I just asked a simple question.

  12. The whole point of the speak from the "I" rule is that you are supposed to speak from the "I" and not focus on what the other person is doing or not doing.

  13. I apologize for not bowing down to your holiness. Please forgive me from this stricken punishment.

  14. It took me about a week or two before I felt like my normal self again. I’d say find something to engage with. Go play some basketball, exercise, build something, entertain yourself with a hobby.

  15. I wouldn’t say it’s a bad idea. I smoke and take edibles because I mentally don’t have the urge to drink when I’m stoned. Works great for me. Sleep well and doesn’t interfere with my life like alcohol does.

  16. There’s an apartment complex on Roosevelt right next to the 1 line. It’s called the rooster. Super nice, new, and fits that price range. Lots of stuff round and you can hop in the train quickly

  17. None of my final grades were in canvas and still aren’t. I don’t think many professors go by canvas. All 3 of mine from last quarter said they use their own spreadsheet.

  18. I’ve flown hundreds of times. I was low on money and decided to pinch Pennies and fly spirit. I can’t express how much it’s not worth it. It’s 80$ for a checked bag for every flight. I missed my first ever flight after they changed the flight time to 5 hours early. The absolute worst experience I’ve ever had. If the CEO of spirit ever reads this. Fuck you and you suck.

  19. Pretty much, yeah. Don’t waste your time if they aren’t interested in your at all.

  20. That is so frustrating. I was so stoked to talk to this person and couldn’t have gotten less enthusiasm.

  21. We’ve all been there my friend. I had a quarter where life was not going well. I was in 4 classes in one quarter and ended up withdrawing from all 4 because it was just too much. Granted this was community college. But, I ended up retaking them and getting 3.7s and 4.0s. The biggest advice I can give you is to first tackle your anxiety problems. Make sure you’re taking time to decompress. Do something you enjoy, go to the gym (highly recommend the gym for anxiety), read, walk downtown and go somewhere new. Set up time windows to allow yourself to worry. And of course study. Realize that there is only so much you can do and learn in a day.

  22. Also, I still ended up making it to Aerospace engineering at UW with those withdrawals.

  23. It really just depends on how hard and often you drink. And of course even so, everybody is just different. For me the nausea would only last like the morning of the next day. Just keep pounding water and try to eat something

  24. I personally would reduce to 5, and if you feel ok after that, then completely cut it out. Of course I am not a doctor so be sure to listen to your body and seek help if you need it. However, I did cut back in a similar manner. I’m still working on complete sobriety.

  25. I’m sorry you haven’t received a response yet. I’ll weigh in what helped me.

  26. Thank you for that advice. I’ll hear relentlessly that exercising will make me feel better. Feels so weird where I am today. I used to be a competing bodybuilder. Didn’t drink for 5 years. Then I got laid off due to covid, and look like I haven’t touched a gym in years. I guess I need to reignite my brain wit the dopamine from that.

  27. Great job dude. I’m on day 41 myself and you only start to feel better everyday. As you progress, don’t let this lightening feeling fool you. Great mindset so far

  28. Thank you to everyone for their advice. I have decided to not even think about going down that road. Too much to lose.

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