If humans really knew how powerful we were this whole charade would end. We have divine co creative abilities. The Elites know this. They hijack these abilities by manufacturing fear and getting us to believe their narrative. Do not disempower yourself by giving into fear. Choose the love and light.

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In honor of today's Supreme Court ruling, I just want to say "Fuck Christianity"

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  1. You haven't offerred any substance to your reasoning why an ancient diety cannot also be a fallen angel. Some hebrew traditions say that demons are the disembodied spirits of the offspring of the fallen angels from mount hermon. Otherwise known as nephilim or "giants".

  2. I guess if we want to play esoterica, sure, if any of these mythology beings were real and not metaphors, or genius loci type spirit worship.

  3. So there is an absence of evidence for a religious object made of bronze/brass. There could be many explanations for that, including someone used the material for something else, or it was important enough to transport and upkeep it. We also haven't dug up every square inch; so it is just an absence of evidence. That's the object or alter.

  4. I take most things in the Bible with a grain of salt and that is being generous. Some researchers even attribute him to Baal and later syncretic thought turned him possibly into Cronos.

  5. You can’t say he did, saying that is a hundred percent certainty, you have no idea.

  6. This is true, I’ve been approached. Cops are investigating themselves up here. I’ve been at war with these kid fiddlers since 2015 now.

  7. You haven’t been at war with anyone. Money says you can’t walk up a flight of stairs without praying to Jesus .

  8. You gonna make me pussy? What are you going to do? Name drop all the episodes of the x files in order?

  9. Weird that California is communist but they are the richest and take less money from the government than most other states.

  10. Shills and nerds? How about you make a new subreddit to vibe in and jerk each other off with meaningless drivel that you think is deep?

  11. If it worked everyone would be doing it. It isn’t replicated.

  12. And you’ve personally read her 400+ page account of everything and found it to be lacking?

  13. Don’t need to, it’s garbage, anyone can write anything, same as Michele Remembers, it is the same, Illuminati drivel with zero proof or evidence of anything. It is weird you don’t see this.

  14. If you haven’t read it then how can you be certain she didn’t provide any evidence? To dismiss someone’s account of something without having properly taken a look at it only makes you look dishonest, not the author. And since you still cannot come to a conclusion on what would be sufficient for you evidence-wise to believe someone, I think maybe you should stop being so critical of others until you figure that out.

  15. Your kidding right? Learn what evidence means, take some time to get educated on what it constitutes.

  16. There were a lot of lies told to scare people into taking the shot, but yeah, the fallout is a very real shit storm

  17. Name three scientific lies. Look up what a lie is before you list word salad.

  18. Would you be willing to add a gym and use weights to your goal? You will see much faster progress if you combine the two.

  19. Oddly, couldn’t get my head around this one. Wasn’t for me. I see on Reddit people saying to give it a shot all the time.

  20. I hear you! I teach in Orange County as well and if my safe space sticker is not on my door when I go back, I have literally 100 more in my closet!

  21. 1-3, no one is asking for anymore, 1-3, it’s not even a don’t say gay bill, that’s a made up term to stir up shit, it’s parental rights bill.

  22. Doesn’t matter how many skills you have, bronze can’t carve out basalt and granite with the precision found in history.

  23. Fuck Capitalism and Christianity. Both complement each other like shit and flies. Capitalism's thirst of infinite growth on a finite planet is not sustainable and has accelerated exponentially climate change to the point of no return. More reason to never have kids. We have to starve the beast of capitalism by not birthing future wage slaves for capitalist theocratic fools.

  24. Lmao, you can fuck capitalism, I won’t, just because you haven’t used it to accomplish jack of shit is glaring in your tone, me, I am living large.

  25. Roe v Wade being overturned does NOT ban abortion. It means you can choose where to live, in California where abortions are allowed up to and including birth, or Texas, where abortions aren't allowed after a heart beat is heard.

  26. You know they don’t. It is just virtue signaling based on their personal mythology.

  27. Have you seen the latest platform of the Texas GOP? It is just Christian fascism. Any Republican atheist is kidding themself if they think there is a place for them in the New Order the Republicans are trying to bring about.

  28. The texas GOP is off the hinges but that is the Texas GOP, you can’t wrap multi millions and millions of people into one side ethos of republicans.

  29. You can't take the platform of the GOP for the largest GOP state and make some conclusions from that?

  30. I know the Republican party, I have voted r forever, I don’t pick my votes based on what some ethos has, I and a lot of others pick our votes based on what we can see is the greater personal good, second amendment is a big deal for me and voting blue cancels it out as one example.

  31. something something the devil is responsible not God bla bla

  32. A friend of mine got burned really bad when she got hit by one of those explosives.

  33. Green tea helps lower hemocrite and of course the old stand by to give blood.

  34. Proviron is amazing for lowering that shgb. If you find it is a blood sugar issue you can look at berberine or metformin

  35. I think you are right, but I don't want to measure anything 😂, if I make working out this hard on myself before building the habit I will end up not working out at all!

  36. Like everyone has said multiple times, at your weight and for exercise, thirty grams is nothing. If you don’t want to listen that is on you. But clearly you are getting more then that.

  37. Yes, many ppl seem to say this

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