Andrew Tate: Romanian police to hold influencer for 30 days

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  1. They do this for their own extremist followers, but it’s a losing battle for them. It just creates more resolve to fight back.

  2. Americans don’t get thrown in jail for internet stuff like this, because it’s under the guise of free speech. You’d have to prove in a court of law that his hate speech was a direct result of a couple of crazies taking action because of his messages. They’re much stricter in the UK for this. It’s most likely because of their vulnerability to terrorism a lot longer than the U.S.

  3. My understanding were grocery store chains that upped the prices of eggs, kept those profits all to themselves, and in effect; rendered the farmers too broke to replace the birds needed.

  4. 100% facts. They are the junk food of vegan eating. I see it as a treat, not whole nutrition.

  5. That man probably has alcohol induced dementia by now. There’s no turning back for him. He’s beyond help.

  6. Face recognition is very flawed. They’re going to arrest women mistaken by the tracker.

  7. Considering that China’s population is at about one and a half billion people, that’s “seems” to be about 500 deaths per 100 thousand people, but I don’t think that will be the case after this peak in deaths begins to ebb.

  8. Although that is a factor, let us not dismiss the fault lies with American citizens and their voting choices (including not voting). Dark money influences people, but it does not entirely deprive us of our choices in life.

  9. Look… it’s partly true what you’re saying but, you’re overlooking the gerrymandering, making it an uphill battle or disenfranchising people to where their democratic votes no longer count.

  10. He looks like one of those men you’d see in an 1800’s photo in the background on some field next to a moonshine still.

  11. He’s due in court in a few days. With terminal cancer and he can’t sit up without assistance. Somehow, they’ll have him show up on Zoom. Maybe the judge will be lenient in his case. If not, it’s time to vote for legislators who’ll speed along the legalization of cannabis.

  12. “Ukraine's military resistance against the Kremlin had reinvigorated a belief in values across the world.” - Exactly!!!

  13. There are more liberals than conservatives in Louisiana. They need to find each other and vote.

  14. The owners and CEO’s need to put up these people financially and to stop booking flights knowing weather predictions are bad.

  15. Even if this never happened, the people he jailed and tortured didn’t get empathy.

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