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  1. He actually fits perfectly there. He’s turned into nothing but a mouth who makes excuses for poor play

  2. We don't do enough rating badges. IMHO, Chiefs should wear ratings badges on their collars like CWOs do. Knowing who is the HM, or the DC, or whatever, could save lives in a real emergency.

  3. The bathrooms at balboa park have a unique homeless vibe to them

  4. Little man syndrome + some rank and this is what you get…it’s a pandemic in the navy unfortunately.

  5. Ha, if you think Jimbo isn’t lying through his teeth then I don’t know what to tell you. He’s as big a crook as any of them. A&M fans would sell their children for wins.

  6. We leave tomorrow, and we're already down two watchstanders

  7. The Chaps are as desensitized to mental health as the rest of The Navy. I don’t know why they are recommended so much

  8. Not a Starbucks fan, but I still go so I can point out I’m not a fan.

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