1. You’re on wifi. There’s no much that can be done to smoother out your experience. Between wifi, other people probably on the network, router buffer bloat, and other issues. I doubt you’re actually at a solid 50.

  2. It just started recently before it was very smooth and it’s mostly me on the WiFi. Do you know if it’s an epic issue?

  3. Which GPU? You could try undervolting and probably get better temps in the process. Maybe even better performance, I did with my 3060 Ti.

  4. I have a 4070ti got it for £800 and it buzzes 😭

  5. My asus 4090 was really loud for a while until it worked its way out with use. Best thing is to limit fps, set in nvidia control panel your max frames to whatever your monitor can push.

  6. Ideally swapping out the PSU and GPU with alternative hardware and see when the sound changes. Otherwise, just put your ear next to each component and listen closely to see when it's louder.

  7. Can’t changing pcu get rid of it in some cases

  8. Is scale applied? Are its normals facing the right direction?

  9. Just to note the domain is there just invisible and for some reason this works fine when the collider is an object that I have modelled and not an object that you can add in.

  10. as others say coil whine. You can mitigate high pitch whine by capping max FPS in your GPU driver control panel as it tends to be most pronounced in high FPS

  11. It’s a brand new gpu 😭 iv capped my fps to 60 it’s a lot quieter

  12. age of PC, make and model of PC and any added graphic cards ? Windows 10 or 11 ? When you say "I have reset" - do you mean an actual Windows OS reset or do you mean a reboot, powercycle, or restart/try again from an error screen ?

  13. Age of pc a few days windows 10 Just added a 4070ti then reset Full reset removing everything and re-download from cloud

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