1. Well, modern-day Russia is 40k except for the people of Moscow and St. Petersburg the entire country lives in the 1960s Soviet Union with no progress in development and people see their children in some areas as financial benefits.

  2. Waiting for Amnesty saying Ukraine killing Russian soldiers who are only staying inside obviously civilian facilities and also accuse Ukraine of war crimes of Targeting these once civilian facilities that are turned into military bases and ammunition storage by Russia.

  3. I mean some are true but at the same time he is wrong and admits it again we need to wait I believe we will see some major battle in Kherson and in Izyum.

  4. So Ruzzian still didn't learn their lesson of mass armored assault is futile.

  5. This is going to annoy Putin. He still has hospitals and kindergartens to bomb.

  6. Seljuk and his brother showed middle fingers both to Putin and his father-in-law.

  7. Seems Seljuk's father in law also showing some fingers as without his permission that is impossible. I really wonder what is going on right now between Russia and Turkey that made Erdogan give permission to open a Bayraktar facility in Ukraine.

  8. Again TB2 is just one of many weapons that Turkey has given to Ukraine they provide Ukraine with a lot of tech components that modified a lot of Ukraine's military equipment one good example is this one

  9. The same goes for Armenia. They want full control of Karabakh as well. That is pretty much a deadlock unless you got an idea to resolve this conflict. It is not one-sided but both.

  10. Not only Karaback but all the surrounding District and then they also want cities like Ganja and Berda. This kind of mindset will never result in peace.

  11. The problem with only one country keeping the land is that it will later spark a war, originally Armenia had won back in the first war, but then our oligarchs and corrupt gov made our money disappear and our military was weakened so the Azeris pushed. The thing is that will continue to go on over and over

  12. This can stop by some options like giving Karaback a special status and Armenians from Armenia can visit freely while Karaback is part of Azerbaijan and a demarcation of the border will solve a lot of pointless skirmishes resulting in deaths of soldiers and civilians from both sides but the Armenian Reddit banned me for saying such things.

  13. They don’t want to get dragged into it since they still haven’t recovered from last year.

  14. it's just pointless death plus PJI is anti-Saudi making Hamas choose a side between Saudi and Iran. And by the looks of it, Saudi money is the side that Hamas wants to be.

  15. Russia must have dozens if not hundreds of satellites, do they need the shitty Iranian thing for spying??? If they do Russia is worse than I thought.

  16. Well, that's because Ukraine and Kazakhstan were USSR's most important research and space exploration and satellite sending sectors plus Ukraine used to be one of the best weapon manufacturers and aircraft and jet engines of USSR and Kazakhstan was good in Orbital satellite program.

  17. Amnesty is basically blaming the victim for being victimized. It is pretty disgusting.

  18. I read one of their tweeter post where they say Ukrainian soldiers who are fighting defensively are harming Russian soldiers. I mean like what is going in their mind.

  19. I do like the body color scheme for Ukraine F16 once it is being operational by the UAF.

  20. Hard Labor now plus once this war is over all Traitor should be arrested and will have to rebuild Ukraine with their bare hands.

  21. This comment section criticize Turkiye but doesn't see that Turkiye helped Ukraine a lot since 2014 the problem is Turkiye is going some had economical struggle same goes for a lot of EU countries like Germany that still buy Russian gas. Yes Erdogan is cozy with Putin but in no way he will side with him as Ukraine international borders is far more important to Turkiye then his friendship with Putin.

  22. Again yes it is bad deal but you need to see the Turkish economy you cant blind eye this while Germany need Ruzzian gas for their own economy to flow.

  23. Mobilizing men who are recently conquered and likely still loyal to Ukraine can in no way backfire.

  24. Amnesty will blame Ukraine because they are killing loyal Ukrainian despite Russia who forced them to join the dead army.

  25. If this is true then again it shows how amateur Israel’s government and media is at ability to present a balanced picture of life in Palestinian territories. It’s not like Gaza is more difficult than North Korea to interact with and it’s mission impossible to show images of daily life with luxury cars and KFC and wealthy Palestinian life as you say. The world understands Gaza to be a tiny land with extreme poverty, generational refugees living in slums because of Israel’s occupation and harsh blockade.

  26. Not all are filthy rich but some definitely are plus if things like Hamas and PJI didn't exist this would be a paradise land as no waste of money in making rockets that are defective, ineffective, and most of the time get shot down by Iron doom and there is a large natural gas reserve underneath the seabed of Gaza.

  27. Well, their anti-Saudi and pro-Shitte rhetoric makes them more hated by Hamas.

  28. The amount of Copium is out of order their counter-battery experience is shit south Korean cremated their asses back in 1999

  29. Taliban hates Putler and Ruzzian. Plus Cuba is no longer in Putin's stupidity so they passed while and Assad isn't a legitimate leader.

  30. NATO needs to intervene only to secure Nuclear power plants in Ukraine I simply don't trust Russian and Putin to handle this with a delicate hand.

  31. But what if we want to not have a nuclear war

  32. Simple send NATO troops to warn the Russian to leave Nuclear plants set up a perimeter and that's that. If the Russians resist or attack just blow them to kingdom come and pretty sure Putin will not use his nukes for this.

  33. Not gonna happened it was already passed with some conditions.

  34. I thought House / Senate blocked it again, but I could be wrong.

  35. Well it was until some agreement like not to violet Greece airspace here is a link

  36. That will ultimately end with war with Turkiye. As much as Erdogan like Putin aggression against a Turkic nation will result in war.

  37. The question is what T90 variant is an A or M? Still seeing such big massive explosions with such advanced models makes these tanks practically worthless and flawed by design.

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