1. He mentioned on four sided dive I think that he has plot threads coming together that he's planned since the beginning

  2. I'd steal that one guys idea for $1 grilled cheese food truck. Kraft singles. White bread. Cash only, you get no change back.

  3. When I worked at buffalo wild wings, whoever opened the kitchen was responsible for cleaning the bathrooms

  4. Metric is used where it needs to be used, and by whomever wants to use it. But for many things imperial is a little more intuitive

  5. All good options, but for something different you could try a lacto ferment

  6. Go to is just brown sugar and cinnamon. Sometimes do overnight with skyr and maple or something. Guy I used to work with turned me on to more savory style with kind of pumpkin spice type mix and red miso

  7. Read whatever you like, but the EU wouldn't exist without heir to the empire

  8. They're kind of like the bass instruments, or some of the random percussion instruments in an orchestra. They add to the overall symphony but you don't really notice them until they're not there

  9. With optimal conditions the dragon can take out about 200 of the characters in one round. So it really comes down to how smart the characters are, and the class composition of the group

  10. It's not a culinary trend but the one that fucking pisses me off is restaurants lying about what is on the menu then when called out on it blaming it on supply issues or labor cost.

  11. Worked on a farm to table place for a bit. It was on a farm, and attached to the farm market, so the menu said farm grown produce all over it. Problem was, the CSA got first pick of the produce, then the market, then the restaurant, so it was just easier to get the bulk of the produce from actual suppliers. At one point the only produce that actually came from the farm was fuckin cabbage

  12. In combat there's a lot of variables so yes, rolling a 1 means you miss. For skill checks rolling tells me how well you succeed. If you have a +10 to history there's a difference between a minimum and maximum roll. For example, on an 11: you know this thing happened in this year and involved these people, vs a 30: this was a hyperfixation for you and you've read almost everything that has been written about this event.

  13. Worked at buffalo wild wings one summer, mostly on the wing station, and the double and triple glove was standard practice

  14. On Food and Cooking, and the Food Lab are going to be your top two. I also like the Flavor Matrix and the Science of Spice for the flavor science side of things

  15. Just for something different: Life Cleric 4/Celestial warlock x

  16. Honestly that's just something you have to do by rote memorization. If you really want to learn them just make some flash cards.

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