1. Probably not. Weird question but are your bm's solid and regular? If not, you might be eating something your body doesn't like. Pay attention to what you ate when it happens. My body hates soy. Which is in everything. A lot of adults cont tolerate dairy which definitely gets stomach grumbling. Look into an elimination diet and try to rule out different food allergies/intolerances. Make sure you give it a few days or a week. Even longer if your guts are always torn up.

  2. drinking carbonated drinks make the tummy gurgle or after a big meal

  3. there are 7 comments. how come they disappeared?

  4. are child brides in rural parts of the Philippines or does it happen in Manilla too?

  5. But that is only if you live in the Philippines and a citizen there right? if they immigrate to other countries then they divorce? is divorce still seen negatively in their culture?

  6. anyone have luck seeing granulation through filtered white light binoculars or telescopes?

  7. I liked that darker central portion of the sun before it was cool.

  8. some astronomers used to think that maybe the inner layers of the Sun are darker and cooler, and sunspots are like broken parts of its skin

  9. Huh, sort like what we use to do with my grandma (except we spoke English to hide stuff from her).

  10. I have a feeling that his kids definitely spoke English as well.

  11. Meaning primary language at home is Chinese. Maybe he could have learned a bit if he tried?

  12. Are plastic reeds more resistant to mold? Since I read you shouldn't keep regular cane reeds for too long

  13. Let's be honest, Regina doesn't have much going for it in the tourism department. Can't fault them for getting a little creative with what little they have.

  14. what is tourism revenue for Regina? what percentage of economy?

  15. Nobody allowed in. Only me. My clubhouse is my unit. My activity is homework. There are no benefits

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