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  1. His leg is degloved in the video damn I never noticed that to now

  2. I use a bag shaper are in my never fall and also an organiser. It’s a personal decision but I hate a “sloppy bottom” I bought the base shaper that’s made of vachetta, I love the structure it gives my bags

  3. I'm confused. What is there to be upset about over a bag organizer? Is she going to be upset about purse hook too? Some people just have nothing else to worry about.. what a life lol

  4. She’s the type of person who doesn’t want anyone to have or do more than her and complains and compares herself to you and whatever you are doing it’s sickening because she can afford the bag she’s just being a butt about the situation and I’m over it like I told her it’s a 1700 bag with tax why not try and preserve it ,a 26$ organizer isn’t going to hurt the bag if anything it’s helping me and that’s all that matters but I’m being called rude because I said what I said and left the conversation alone lol 😂 some people are just simply weird

  5. I already have a neonoe in caramel and a YSL toy loulou bag in black so I’m kinda worried that getting an alma would be a third crossbody that’s not that useful. If you were in my position would you go forward the neverfull or the alma bb? Thank you!!

  6. Did you just get it? I’m trying to decide between the neverfull or the alma BB and can’t decide :( everyone says the neverfull is so basic but I love it

  7. Yes ma’am I did and to be honest I was told the same thing but it’s not about what they’re saying it’s about we want love and that’s what I did got what I wanted

  8. yeah it is unbelievably rude. i mean it would break my heart if someone do the same to me while i was having one of the most... well where it is going?

  9. I know you’re happy !! Congratulations on your new bag 🥳🥳

  10. So if they were so concerned about a gotdammit curse in the 6th door why open the other 5 not knowing which door has the supposed curse? 😕 probably already unleashed the fucker

  11. Oh my god why did it play automatically! MY EYES

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