1. Just to confirm, adding the apple watch plan for $5 means that the watch will then work on its own, without need for the phone to be near or, or even on, correct? My phone # will ring the phone and watch at all times (unless one of them is turned off), correct? Or, as another posted suggested, does the phone have to at least be on, even if not near the watch?

  2. added and removed without a problem but the plan itself is practically useless -- if your iPhone is turned off or the battery died messaging don't work, only calls and iMessage. not visibles fault but still

  3. I thought a Watch plan is literally a separate plan for Watch and Watch would work even away from phone.

  4. Visible is the best option IMO for price and network coverage (but I’ll say speeds will likely be slow). I switched from TMO last year, Verizon gave us a total of $2400+ in credit to switch, I’ve been using it solely for paying the service bills (we migrated our devices and avoided upgrading), but we only have a couple months worth of free service before we have to start paying - which totals $172/mo for our devices, it’s insane.

  5. Thank you except I just realized that it's actually $40 + watch plan at Visible, not $25 + watch :(

  6. With Visible, it’s $25 with party pay + your $5 Watch service so it would end up being $30. Just join any party and your bill will be $30 monthly in perpetuity.

  7. Thank you. Upon further searching I see that it's pretty easy/safe to join a random party (as I don't otherwise want to move other lines to Visible).

  8. It's when you don't use an iPhone in conjunction with the watch. Rather, the watch is setup with its own cellular service by a family member.

  9. Hi there! As our self-help article states, smart watches that use a SIM Card and are compatible with major cellular networks will work on Red Pocket Mobile.

  10. Does it also work on an apple watch series 3 using an esim? online chat said yes, but so far I can't activate it and phone support doesn't seem to know much about it.

  11. Your pup is transitioning to its adult coat, so the puppy hairs and the adult hairs are tangling up together. Honestly it’s probably best for the next 6 months or so to have her clipped shorter. You can have her groomer take her down to a 3 or 4 on the body and she will still have that teddy fluffy look, without the tangles. It’s about 2cm long (I think that’s like an inch or so). Also make sure you are brushing with a slicker and then following it with a metal comb afterwards right down to the skin, but it is really hard with the transitioning coat to keep it tangle free, just try your best.

  12. Great, thanks so much for the info, and we'll be sure to discuss this with the groomer.

  13. Where Apple support hasn’t been added yet. Supposed to be coming soon.

  14. Do non-apple watches work? For example could I buy something like this and stick a USM sim in it:

  15. actually bad example, this one doesn't have a sim slot. but if i find a smart watch with a sim slot, could i just put a usm sim in it?

  16. Yes, it's still set to autospin. And again, it says it sees the stop and shows the icon as if it's spinning.

  17. What city are you in an which network (Black SIM/Warp/Verizon or White SIM/GSM/T-Mobile) - the are some outages on T-Mobile and Verizon so may be related.

  18. Which of these Mewtwo should I invest in/power up (for general raid purposes, and/or if I might ever need one to battle a Giovanni balloon, but most likely just for raids)?

  19. How many do you need for a team?

  20. Is this the mobile hotspot that they charge $5-10/month extra for? I am having the same issue, but figured it's because I didn't pay the extra for the hotspot option.

  21. No, I have the pooled plan where hotspot is included. Customer service fixed it for me

  22. Contact chat support. I had the same issue and they sorted it out for me on the carrier end. I don't think there's anything you can do to fix it on your side.

  23. Anybody else having issues right now? I'm stuck on the very first screen (Niantic, the Pokemon Copmany), blue/green bar doesn't move.

  24. It’s only for unlimited lines, pooled plans not affected. The only thing I am not sure on still is if pooled plans are eligible for mmWave as they went back and forth on and it seemed like some people got and others didn’t. All plans get c-band but only those that are capable of getting mmWave show the 5G UW/UC logo.

  25. I have an iPhone 13 pro max which is definitely the most advanced phone in our pool and I often see "5G" when I'm out, but not a UC/UWB logo.

  26. Ok it could be your 5G is always low band OR you are not eligible for mmWave. Open Apple Field Test mode (phone app *3001#12345#* then press call) and check if you get band n77 or n78.

  27. At home, where I get a mediocre signal and LTE only, the Band Info is 66, Radio access is LTE and TAC is 16643

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