1. Color scheme is fine I’ve done black and polished. Black and silver/grey as well. But the tyrant designs stuff I absolutely hated it, slide release pieces actually come off and did while was shooting lost a side, mag release sharp edges doesn’t feel good at all imo. After trying extended oem, some other manufacturers, and the tyrants I wound up running a zev gen 5 mag catch and Kagewerks extended and raised slide release. Gen 3/4 mag catch I’d say go cross armory.

  2. Last time was 2k-2.5k rounds without a clean or drop of lube. Now it’s about 500-1k rounds.

  3. That’s actually not bad mad props bro looks clean.

  4. I have this sight pusher it’s complete ass tore up two sets of sets and messed up the finish on my slides

  5. Man wow....we think a lot a like. While I almost never post my stuff for paranoid reasons, I do check out the new posts everyday and frequently check yours out and it's crazy how often I see things we do alike. The reshaping of the trigger guard here. I cannot STAND the stock p80 pointy guard. Glocks are boxy and lots of straight lines. Curves and points don't fit the aesthetic. I do typically flatten mine completely however on the under side. Like a straight line from undercut to front of guard. Then the integral comp. I did this about three years ago with a g33 slide and threaded barrel on a g32 frame with an agency arms comp with a profile that matched the slide and allowed you to put the front sight on the comp. My big thing for the last few months has been getting fde, cobalt, odg frames and dying them black. Then using an end mill in my drill press and locking the height right above the frame, like less than a mm of clearance, and then slightly lift the frame till it touches. Mill out the grips as close to the lines as you can get and finish off with an exacto knife to get the borders perfect and crisp. This reveals the original color from under the black. Once you stipple it, it's beautiful. And unlike the cerakoted frames that accomplish the same look, your not gonna accidentally scratch it enough to mess up the color pattern. You'd have to really fear I to the black to reveal the fde accidentally. A cerakoted frame will quickly look like balls. Idk there were other things I had observed we had done or thought similar. It's neat when that happens. Keep on keeping on compadre, life's a garden; dig it. - Nero

  6. It fantastic. One of the ones that are steeper would give you better leverage for recoil mitigation I think, but with the thumb rest I can get the exact same grip 100% of the time when I fast draw. It also has a 5oz brass weight on the rail which it attaches to, which helps with recoil and balance.

  7. I know how they work I have a gas pedal brand gas pedal on my 34 and ran across Toni systems stuff recent and was wondering

  8. Got a ways to go on that slide for a mirror finish if that’s what your goal is

  9. Yep I know bro. Any recommendations? I’ve sanded with 500, 1000, 1200 then polished.

  10. I ran 1,000 grit to 10,000 wet sand by hand then I’ve used diamond lapping 40w to 0.5 micron. Also some flitz on a actual polishing wheel. Took over 100+ man hours with pure elbow grease it sucked but paid off in the end lightest weight I’d use on sanding would be 800 grit because you’ll have to pull a lot of scratches and pits out for a mirror. Go on Amazon get a pack of 1k-10k wet sand paper make it two actually good luck.

  11. Honestly I just got all the parts this past week. I will let you know after I shoot it this Saturday.

  12. You’ll love it I have a 45 or had a 45 with the radian barrel. I actually put the 19s slide and comp into a 17 frame just for shits and giggles

  13. Nice 👍 some set screws little bit of knowledge of the firearm is all you need. Good job probably did a little bit more which I usually do to but that’s the basic way.

  14. Can you do the same scalping of the mag release and the finger groove under it to a 19 Gen 5?

  15. The scallop on a gen 5 is a negative. And he probably offers a gen 5 “enhanced finger groove a lot of guys offer it some don’t go all the way back around where they cut the groove in but rather hide where they did some of it. Because one it didn’t look right or is uneven and two is hard to keep consistent like he does. He does awesome work but how dramatic that finger groove is I doubt it on a gen 5.

  16. It’s definitely doable, I do them pretty regularly. Just not as pronounced on the newer gens.

  17. Yeah I know you do them I do it as well I guess I worded that a little wrong my bad. Just way easier to get the pronounced very like out there in your face with the gen 3s my first one was a gen 3

  18. Different red dot then light, would be my suggestion first.

  19. Got the same one until I switched to the ramjet. It’s a solid barrel love it now it’s sitting in my parts bin waiting on it’s donor.

  20. I scrolled waiting to see the pattern then never popped up damn. Lol 😂 looks good so far though hope too see a pattern laid out.

  21. Says it on the description of the part gen 5 Glock 19. My guess had frame work done by someone they know or if they have a stippling department probably by them.

  22. Basket weave is one of the hardest patterns too keep consistent and straight even with the basket weave tip takes quite a bit of practice. I can’t even fully do it correct yet.

  23. Sheeeeessshhh. Yeah it can be done need to take a completely flat tip take all that down if you can or atleast the raised parts. Go in make new boarders around take a sanding drum sand down inside your boarders then redo it with your preferred pattern hopefully not that one jk. Good luck

  24. Looks like it may be a wagon wheel tip pattern.

  25. Yeah that's what I was thinking.. I have a wagon wheel tip, I should try it out and see, cause I like that pattern.

  26. Yeah try it on your Glock box or any other piece of plastic laying around that’s about the same. Do a big enough spot so you can justify doing it to your gun

  27. Still a nasty ass build bro definitely one of my favorite cz I’ve seen

  28. Best way to practice boarders is on your Glock box to make consistent depth gap, straightish lines. Keep at it you’ll get it

  29. Ohh man did not think of that🤔 thank you!!!

  30. Don’t worry I’m not great either that’s why I don’t try for these boarders and leave them. I cut them into the frame see how they look then go back and make recessed boarders until I think I’m good enough to leave them.

  31. Let’s not because I originally had this idea awhile back it works too I know it does. Pretty sure I even posted the idea here and everyone hated on it hardcore. But it is what it is lol

  32. I’m shocked it’s not receiving as much hate as I thought it would.

  33. I know when I posted the idea it was hated so much and just a bunch of bs so I removed it

  34. But it’s not a Glock🤷‍♂️ lol jk nice

  35. This was done by hand it was black hand sanded 1,000-10,000 wet sand then 40w to 0.5 micron diamond lapping

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