1. I believe it’s 18m this year as his contract was front loaded. Not saying that’s better, but at least half of his salary is off the books after this year instead of a third

  2. Hope he finds his stuff but it could end being a situation like the Mets did. They ate the rest of Canó’s contract just to get rid of him.

  3. 4-5-6 went 0-11 with 5ks and 1 BB But I thought Bo was the problem according to a lot of people

  4. Chapman: Rally-killing GIDP and 3 strikeouts after being promoted to 5th spot, but he’s safe from slander ‘cause his name is not Bo Bichette 😇

  5. Yep. There 4-7 batters went 0-14 with 5 k’s last night. The only one I see getting ripped apart by fans is Bo who had 3 guys in front of him who were way worse that game.

  6. I suspect he’s gone in the off-season, but an in season hitting coach firing is rare.

  7. He better be gone in the offseason This team has made almost no adjustments in their hitting approach and are constantly being dominated by bad starting pitching

  8. That bases loaded 1 out inning is looking worst and worst

  9. This was dumb on all of us. But in little league I got in a rundown between first and second after a kid dropped a pop up. So basically I was in a rundown while my coach was just telling me to go to second and they were trying to tag me while their coach was yelling to just step on second.

  10. Ya I can’t blame anybody on that play Vlad made a good effort and then I’d request any of these people to catch a 90+ mph one hop rocket from Vlad while trying to tag the guy too

  11. This team is just flat out not good enough. Everything is so streaky but the bats have to be the biggest concern. No patience, no execution against quality pitching for most of the year. Yeah I know the “stats” give them high marks but until someone shows me their numbers vs contending teams I’m not hearing about how good their offence is anymore.

  12. Not to argue the fact, but does that include early season games when they lost to a team that was 3 & 2. 7 & 6 etc for example?

  13. I believe it’s team that are currently at .500 or better But I also wasn’t listening super close to Blair and Barker so don’t quote me on that

  14. Just me or is it weird that we’ve gone a full week without a lefty in our pen

  15. What is the record in the last 50 games that Jays need to get to make the playoffs I’m guessing like 32-18 But I’m not convinced they can do that

  16. Trading Jansen at the deadline and allowing Moreno to come up would have maybe been a good call. His value was as high as it'll ever be and he's really coming to earth offensively recently.

  17. Jansens trade value was a half eaten Kit Kat But not even breaking apart Kit Kat, someone who just takes bites out of the whole thing

  18. … look Berrios was bad tonight and was bad for 7 other starts. But to say that he has been bad the entire season is disingenuous and stupid. 15 starts where he had a sub 3 era and no amount of barking from you dogs is going to change that he has pitched more good than bad games.

  19. The issue is that when he’s bad he’s real bad. It snowballs and gets away from him

  20. Even if he pitched a 1-0 cg what would it have mattered? The team's offense was embarrassing last night.

  21. Oh don’t even get me started on the offence So inconsistent and their approach has not changed all season. Even high school teams could figure out how to pitch against them at this point

  22. Everyone is blaming berrios but not going to win games with only 3 hits..

  23. Bichettes second at bat sums up their plate approach Strike one Strike two Strike three swinging at a slider 1.5 feet away from the strike zone

  24. Bichette is fine, but the problem is there are too many similar hitters.

  25. That’s what I’m saying There has been zero adjustment by the hitters the entire season

  26. As do I. But he’s still a human being who deserves to be treated with respect.

  27. You can still treat him with respect but boo him as he’s leaving the field. Just leave it at the stadium

  28. Ok in Berríos’ defence, Ramirez had absolutely no business even getting a bat on that. What the fuck.

  29. That was a bad call and I'd feel robbed if I was the twins, but WE TAKE THOOOOOOOOOOOOOSE LETS GOOOOOOO

  30. Wasn’t a bad call Whit was sliding before Gary caught the ball and was lowering his knee right in front of the plate

  31. Does Romano get a blown save, a win and a save all in one game

  32. This is an insane amount of middle middle pitches that I’m seeing

  33. I’m convinced that Jansen makes a huge difference to our pitchers

  34. I don’t even think you have to be convinced You can see it on the pitchers faces when throwing to him

  35. Just tuned in. First thing i notice is a trail of white shoe prints from the plate to the mound LOL

  36. I dont disagree it will payoff, but considering Mitch was sent to AAA and Peacock recalled to cover, not sure its exactly the argument you think it is.

  37. White can be recalled at any time due to some rule of options after trades. So they optioned him today to get another bullpen arm but will bring him back up for Saturday I think it is, when Strip was supposed to start

  38. I follow rugby and this was a thing when players got head injuries. A lot of the time it's a players choice on if they want to release medical information. Wonder if it's the same in this case.

  39. Ya the vagueness of it makes me think it’s a lot worse than they’ve let on

  40. Ya it’s quite clear when they make a trade for a right handed bat who can play CF

  41. Merrifield has a .290 OBP this year and a negative WAR. Not sure this was even worth it

  42. Never said it was worth it. It’s a safety measure because clearly Springer is at like 50%

  43. Is Victor Reyes the equivalent of Mountcastle against the Jays Meaning he hits well against us but nobody else

  44. BS that we’re down. but bats need to score more than 1 run regardless, lots of game left.

  45. Zach Collins does what exactly?? Dudes a waste of a roster spot

  46. He’s the just in case catcher Which I think only a few teams carry 3 catchers

  47. Is the audio muted for anyone else? I'm watching on bell fibe. As soon as the actual game started the audio cut.

  48. Bo had a really hot May and then a tepid June. July seems to be a lot better so far, and I think moving down to 4th will help him.

  49. I don’t know if this is true but he seems more patient when he’s hitting in the 4th spot than he did in the second spot

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