Iranian Shahed drones are ineffective in cold weather, says Ukraine. The drones which Russia planned to launch to strike Ukraine had been assembled from not frost-resistant plastic parts and appeared to be useless in winter

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  1. Okay, please read my entire comment before anyone crashes down on me. I’m posting this book as a resource that I’ve read and found some value in. I don’t LOVE the name of the book. I’m not picking a side on gender stereotypes. I’ve read a lot of books with a lot of different perspectives.

  2. I'd argue is somewhat hard to spend 100 billion quickly. If you make contract anywhere near these amounts, the legal stuff takes quite some time.

  3. Exactly. Did we learn nothing from Brewster’s Millions?

  4. Not sure if you’ve ever seen Mathieu Stern’s channel on YouTube, but he does all sorts of filming tests and experiments with antique, bizarre, obscure, and repurposed lenses…

  5. It’s true, I consume at least three servings of concrete at every meal.

  6. Russia condones abortion, but only starting in the 75th trimester.

  7. You're all wrong. Someone slipped a little something extra into her lunch. That's a spicy meatball!

  8. I demand the developers patch the game so that everyone can all play Pete. And rename the game “The Four Petes.” And then name the sequel “Four Petes, Two Fourious.”

  9. 🎵It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…🎵

  10. Swamp gas from a weather balloon was trapped in a thermal pocket and reflected the light from Venus.

  11. As an expert on antimatter, I could agree less.

  12. That's true it's more of a screenwriting question. I apologize if I posted it in the wrong forum.

  13. Thank you very much for the input. This makes sense. however, not everyone agrees with the cures I come up with, so how do you know which cure is the right one, if there is no consensus on the cures?

  14. IMO, there’s no real solving for that, other than trusting your own decisions and paying attention to the results you get from those decisions. There aren’t any shortcuts, in my experience.

  15. What happens in Jurassic Park stays in Jurassic Park.

  16. It’s a cool idea and I think you pulled it off as well as you could; the problem is that in the types of videogames you’re replicating, the impact animations are highly exaggerated (buckled midsections, jaws wide, eyes bulging out, hair flying, etc).

  17. So thats how they find me. The use the scanner for “backpack”

  18. Ukraine needs to demilitarize the ACME storage warehouses.

  19. I’m suddenly picturing UA drones dropping anvils on orc soldiers.

  20. With a loud whistling sound effect ?

  21. Orson Welles stole the idea for Citizen Kane from me. And the bastard had the nerve to do it several decades before I was even born. You just can’t trust people these days. Or those days. Any of the days.

  22. If I recall correctly, Cameron actually stated in an interview that he’d ripped off the idea for The Terminator from a Harlan Ellison story.

  23. I came here for the Fortnite comments and was not disappointed.

  24. There’s a zillion of them. If it’s not, it should be.

  25. Leopards were thisclose to eating his face.

  26. How about “we can dance if we want to, we can leave your friends behind…”

  27. But what if their friends do dance? Do we leave those friends behind?

  28. This feels like something Pinky would say to Brain…

  29. I collected comic books, drew a lot, played video games (original NES), hung out with friends, went out in the woods behind my house and just wandered, and yes… I spent many happy hours with the small stash of playboys I kept hidden in my room.

  30. (Sorry, realized getting lost in the woods was not something I did IN my room, obviously. And by playboys, I mean Playboy magazine, which it’s now occurring to me may be a lost reference for the young folk. It was a magazine with pictures of naked women… but of course, I only read it for the articles. 😁)

  31. Another rural USA person here; I grew up in a house where we exclusively used two kerosene heaters through cold, long northern winters. We usually only ran one; it had to be damn cold to bust out both of them. And this was a pretty large, two-story home.

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