1. Might be the mannitol, one of the “inactive” ingredients used as filler. Can you try another brand of levothyroxine with different inactive ingredients.

  2. Scooping is much much easier than figuring out what to do with a poop covered contraption you spent a small fortune on that just made a giant mess. And you really want to send it back and get all your money back, but it’s big and awkward and has poop all over it because instead of putting the poop in a sealed compartment like it was supposed to it just vaguely flung the poop in the direction of the compartment, so the idea of making the nice people at the post office transport it back to the assholes who charged you all the money just seems cruel. So you just keep investing more time and energy into the damned thing trying to get the stupid rake clean, dealing with the little containers that are disgusting and you don’t want to touch. You keep trying to make it work, buying it various types of litter, because it was so expensive and not using it would just be wasteful.

  3. My orange boy was curled up with me when I started that video, and he immediately got so excited. I told him it was just a video, and showed him the screen, but being an orange boy he is looking for the other cat.

  4. Yes, when my TSH is off I have serious mental health issues. When I start feeling depressed or anxious, I go get a blood draw and then get my levothyroxine adjusted. When my thyroid levels are stable, I don’t have issues.

  5. Tirosint is Levothyroxine. Tirosint is a particular brand of levo that just has way way less of the fillers that are in other brands of levothyroxine.

  6. Do you take thyroid medication? I am considered sub clinical so no meds just retesting. But positive antibodies for hashimotos. Any advice? Right now they told me to try elimination diet. Which feels like everything gluten, dairy, caffeine, sugar, and alcohol

  7. “Try the elimination diet” for a condition unrelated to diet is often doctor for: I want you to shut up and go away and stop annoying me about treating your actual condition, so I’m going to give you a long complicated task that will make you feel like your symptoms are your fault because you aren’t doing the complicated thing well enough.

  8. The glass looks broken. Still might be worth it if you want a project and it’s nearly free.

  9. It depends on your location. In the US, with the exception of southern border states, rabies is pretty dang rare..

  10. Professional antiques dealer = eccentric asocial can’t get a job anywhere else

  11. As an antique dealer, I can confirm the accuracy of this.

  12. Most of the time I make a loop out of scrap yarn. I am bicraftual (really pancraftual since I also weave and spin [ok, felt, tiedye, ceramics, etc {no I don’t have a problem}]) and do use markers more when I’m knitting than crocheting, and most of the stitch markers out there really don’t fit above a size 4 needle.

  13. My family actually had gay/bi cat couple, and it was different. When gay top-cat mounted, bi bottom-cat never turned and tried to leave like the stripy cat in the video did. Bottom-cat would crouch down and purr. There was also lots of cuddling too.

  14. yes if hormone substitution counts as natural, otherwise no

  15. Yeah, the standard treatment for hashimotos isn’t particularly unnatural. It’s just supplementing a substance that occurs naturally in the human body, because we have trouble making that substance due to our failing thyroids.

  16. Before diagnosis, sure I had physical symptoms, but those were minor compared to my psychiatric ones. On thyroid pills, I am basically sane.

  17. I feel like the asl version of this word probably started out based upon a crass hand and tongue gesture.

  18. There is movement to both of those that is missing from both of the still drawings. The movement is different.

  19. I don’t know it’s original purpose, but that back story makes me suspect that great-great-grandma kept her “medicine” in it during prohibition.

  20. Oh the KP is as a result of dry skin from Hashimotos.

  21. Dry skin doesn’t cause Keratosis Pilaris, it’s an over production of keratin that blocks hair follicles.

  22. Since you mention hinges, my guess is that it might have originally been the lid to something. Picures of the back, particularly the hinges would be informative. It was almost certainly either made somewhere that was under British rule at the time it was made, but of course that doesn’t narrow it down a lot.

  23. I have absolutely no idea why people are telling you this is from the Middle East and you should talk to the Egyptian Museum. Everything about this makes it 100% clear that it's referencing the British monarchy.

  24. I too found the suggestion of Egyptian extremely strange when the lion and unicorn are so very obvious.

  25. Euthyrox is just one of the many brands of levothyroxine. Levoxyl, Synthroid, Tirosent, all are just levothyroxine.

  26. I was so so upset when BK replaced their veggie burger, which had been the Morning Star Farms patty on a regular bun with the usual topping options, with the Impossible Whopper. I can’t eat it because I can’t handle anything that greasy without a gallbladder (Had it out almost 20 years ago) and my kid just thinks it’s disgusting. Since kid has been a life long vegetarian, he finds the smell of meat nauseating. He complained loudly that they smell too much like actual meat the time we tried them.

  27. Does BK not have veggie burgers anymore? I know the impossible whopper is more popular, but I thought they still have veggie burgers on request.

  28. The Impossible Whopper replaced the veggie burger at every BK I have been to. The are franchises, so I can’t say whether or not it is a chain wide policy or not.

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