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Sadly, this screams "INFP" to me

THIS right here! Join together to give multiple This awards and see the award evolve in its display and shower benefits for the recipient. For every 3 This awards given to a post or comment, the author will get 250 coins.

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  1. this is one of noel burch's key arguments: what we conceive of as normal film theory is utterly socially-economically-culturally contingent

  2. Good video. I’m not familiar with with Noel Burch but wish this sub had more activity as this is an interesting question and I’m not quite educated enough in film theory to give anything beyond a speculative answer. I would think it would be somewhat significant that film theory came about significantly later than western music theory (and cinema is obviously a much newer artform/technology than music), roughly popularized around the advent of early mass media/culture. So Europe, Russia and Japan were early to the punch in developing the language of film and could share ideas almost instantaneously. It’s still overwhelmingly white, though. I suppose later players like India, China and African filmmakers, etc. inherited this, even if they added some of their own hallmarks to filmmaking.

  3. A lot of conservatives watch your basic blockbuster Hollywood films while simultaneously complaining about Hollywood. At the risk of stereotyping, I’d assume many aren’t artistically curious enough to venture outside what is fed to them by mass media. It’s like people who complain “all music is crap these days” by reducing it all to Top 40 pop...some don’t care to acknowledge or explore things outside the mainstream.

  4. law and order is too spicy he definitely watches NCIS

  5. A lot of women do express things like this to each other, either privately or publicly! Some cruder than others, but 100% absolutely it happens, yes. Not fiction.

  6. I get that. I guess my perception is that it’s become more common in entertainment in the last few years. I was debating in my head whether it was a recognition that we all have these thoughts/conversations or another case of women in entertainment having to joint the “boys club” out of necessity (which is also a thing).

  7. Almost looks like you painted over the water with watercolor paint

  8. Awwww @ the gay penguin couple who raised a chick together

  9. There have been a few recently. I think there are a couple of lesbian pairs and gay pairs, and some have chicks. But those two were like the first that went famous

  10. Consumption as an identity is exactly what the capitalists want, it reinforces fanatical brand loyalty

  11. I'm positive I've seen this somewhere on reddit before

  12. I think this is just one of those images that feels familiar because there have been a number of similar paintings and photographs in the past, particularly from the Magic Realism genre (think Magritte of de Chirico). It also has that uncanny familiarity of dream imagery. This isn’t meant as negative criticism btw, excellent photo.

  13. Not the only ones that spew hatred after a few drinks alone :)

  14. The thing I love about analog is things shot 35 years ago could pass for today. It's quintessentially timeless in quality. When I saw this photo, I immediately thought it was recent (admittedly those shorts on the left do give away the date) but otherwise the classic Adidas and everything else could be today.

  15. I’m happy to hear your successes I just hope this isn’t a covert ad

  16. I am 90% turbulent, they should have an alternate photo fro turbulent lol

  17. A starving poet burning his pencils and paper for warmth

  18. Just more activity! I will add some tunes. Cross posting songs from

  19. Well I'm infp n studying for law. Send help ._.

  20. I think it’s debatable whether individual personality can be completely divorced from enculturation. For example, there’s a pretty clear geography of personality within the US that predictably follows regional norms of behavior. I guess the distinguishing feature is whether this behavior is a social persona or genuine....for example I’m an INFP in the Southern US where Fe is much more accepted and I can put on that face and vent though it’s a strain for me. However, I don’t think it’s completely clear...and the personality psychologists debate this endlessness...to what degree, in any individual, ones culture is inseparable from their innate personality.

  21. singing bowls are just a scam for new agey spiritual tourists. They are not a part of buddhism in any way.

  22. What are they? Those bowls people trace with a rob to make a noise?

  23. This made me a bit emotional....the score made it feel a bit like

  24. Thanks for the high praise — yeah I was debating on having a voiceover through out all of it but I really wanted to have the sound design of each location to be more prominent

  25. That definitely was a good choice. So, I have zero experience in filmmaking but I like how the text has an analog look as well (as opposed to obvious sharp digital text superimposed over analog film). It looks quite natural. How did you get that look?

  26. Not a chef but I wholeheartedly agree. It's the only cooking show I watch for the same reason.

  27. I wholeheartedly agree, but I find that reading to be problematic, because it can be read charitably one of two ways- Either:

  28. I got ya. Usually when people talk about “the shadow” from a Jungian perspective it has to do with drives and impulses. For example Jung got himself in a heap of controversy for suggesting the potential for Hitler’s Germany resides in all of us. When it comes to dry, factual takes of economic theory...I don’t see that as a conflict of the unconscious. Some people are just ignorant. I don’t think it’s true or useful to say the left are fighting their inner impulse to exploit the working class.

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