1. Ya ditto. I stated facts lol. No feelings involved. Are you 10? Smh. Not sure how that hurt your butt but whatever.

  2. Remember your not the only one trying to buy something from them... High volumes since the " full kit ban " is scaring everyone...

  3. But they aren't even selling "full kits" anymore. They haven't had a lower on their site in weeks. The volume they are dealing with should be massively lower than it was when they had full kits and their website still worked. I understand high volume and website issues but they haven't even posted anything on the site saying they have issues and don't respond to message after message.

  4. Sexy AF I see you with that armorally frame!!! Nice choice on slide and frame you going to slap a red dot on that badboy?

  5. Yep they finally came back in stock lol. Not going to slap an optic on just yet, maybe on down the road I'll throw an SRO on or something.

  6. I ran the Rockey Brass slide on my 20 that I just did last week. Very similar feel. I may like this v4 slightly better though. Well see how she runs.

  7. I would like to make a P80 10mm but I need another handgun like I need a hole in the head.

  8. I have never owned a 10mm. I was super tempted during the last black Friday sales. There was an ODG P80 45 frame for under $100.

  9. 220grn hard cast underwood ammo is getting like 3' of penetration in ballistics gel. The off shelf target ammo/run of the mil 10mm doesn't kick at all really.

  10. That's great! I just finished a 10m build as well with that slide. Love it

  11. Very sexy. How do you like that holosun? I've started running those as well and love them.

  12. Yep. The 43 build gave me more problems than any other build for some reason.

  13. Thats pretty nice had you practiced before?

  14. I've done two other full size frames with the same pattern. I've tried other patterns years ago but like this one best because it helps me keep a high purchase on the gun with the horizontal stippling.

  15. Why can I not find a replacement for the horrible charging handle they come with? I've already cut the hell out of my knuckles from the rail. They supposedly have a Metal Folding Paratrooper Charging Handle? I can't seem to find where to buy one anywhere though. Anyone know?

  16. Idk why people hate on olight I have several that have been put through the ringer and they still work amazing..

  17. Not my proudest Fap...

  18. It looks like there needs to be a lot of finish work still done. I would check your firing pin channel etc as stated above, then remove everything and clean the frame up. Then put your rails in and flat sand/polish them, then I would polish your firing pin safety (make sure it can move freely when pushed down). Polish your feed ramp. I've had some issues on different slides also where the firing pin hole is to small or has a bur and the firing pin gets stuck in the firing position. Make sure it moves freely back and forth and isn't getting stuck out.

  19. Have you ran it yet? How do you like the slide? Have been looking at some of those.

  20. Zaffiri Precision is wonderful give them a look, all of mine run very well. No mix of parts will run perfect right out of the box, most failures to eject/feed should figure themselves out between 100-200 rounds, most of mine do with one 50rd drum. Polish feed ramp/trigger assembly and put up with the failures for a little bit and it will run for you very well in the future.

  21. I went ahead and got one already. It runs flawlessly. I posted a pic of it a couple weeks ago on here.

  22. Did you ever get this figured out and running smoothly? I am wanting to do a similar build and was wandering what they figured out.

  23. Where are you at? You should definitely make sure it's legal where you are before beggining. If it is, I would probably start with a Glock 19 build (compact frame) since that has the most available and affordable parts. You should take some classes on firearm safety and marksmanship before getting to far into it on your own if you are new to guns.

  24. Ive seen a video on YouTube and he was trying out 3 types of Glocks the Glock 17 Gen 4 Glock 19 gen 4 and the Glock 45 and he said its not such a big difference but the 17 has a 4.5 inch barrel and a bit lower recoil then the other 2 and i like the 17 model cause it has a bit longer handle and barrel, before this i watched vids of Glocks on YouTube and i was really licking the Glock 19X model but i dont know the barrel size and handle size.

  25. 9mm recoil isn't a big deal. Just learn the fundamentals and safety. Sounds like you may have to educate yourself on those things if there is no place the gives training there.

  26. Man mine I’m planning is literally gonna look like this just with a tungsten slide. You have great taste lol!

  27. You sir have great taste. Make sure to post pics of that. I wanna see how it turns out. So far I'm impressed with the slide and barrel. They did a beautiful job on the cerakote. Some tolerances were a little snug at first, but that is expected.

  28. What weight of recoil spring did you go with? I've got a finished 17L that hangs on every other round it seems.

  29. I just used a regular wood burning fine tip on its side tomake the pattern and overlapped them. Kind of tedious and precise if you want a consistent pattern, bit I like the finished look.

  30. Sorry if this has been covered, figured I'd share my first 26 build anyway.

  31. Thanks for that review. I was eyeballing that exact upper. Still not a deal breaker but at least I'll know to have an extra guide rod and spring laying around just on case.

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