1. "oh no, I can't manipulate gym creation because someone else is manipulating gym creation"

  2. If you only think like that without thinking about cheating by multi-accounter and they not even help nominate even a stop in area and snatch the benefit of people in the area who help nominating. It's up to you.

  3. What's your proof of them multi-accounting?

  4. He usually raid in an area with many phones with him and ID with the same name except difference number after.

  5. I hope it’s only T3. I’m not meeting up with people.

  6. Serebii says it is to be a 3 star raid.

  7. Oh, if it's 3 stars raid, even it boost a bit, it's not too hard to duo. Thank you for the information. :)

  8. Didn't know you lucky (to see 2 by 1 DAI) or unlucky (to lose 2) but that's it. Anyway it's the new information that you can see more than 1 by 1 DAI.

  9. Is there an up to date list of PVE attackers by type like this one? This site used to be good but I think it’s out of date now.

  10. I use this one. On the left tab, you can choose best pokemon by type. It will show you pokemon list by type that can sort by dps, tdo and total which help you find pokemon suitable for PVE.

  11. Using the new IV filters how would you filter to show 98% IV pokemon?

  12. You can either flip using an ADA refractor (if you don't have one let me know and I'll look for a code for you to submit to get one), take down the new resistance portal and rebuild as enlightened.

  13. Ah, so that's it. I've never use these 2 items before. Thank you very much.

  14. sure thing. a few points (though you should probably read up on them to make sure you have all the info):

  15. Oh, thank you both of you very much for the detail answer and sequence to do.

  16. For me as an office worker whose only have around 2 hours after work to raid (work end 5pm and take 1 and a half hour for transportation to home area), around 50% because 1,3 stars raid doesn't attracted me to go to raid where 5 stars raid not appear nearby home in the time I'm free. And even if it appear, sometimes I can't find people to raid together (online, in-person) so I manage to do raid around 50% that much.

  17. Raids should be 24hours with set hourly intervals. My buddies get off at 11pm no raids

  18. Yes, there are many players who work in the night time, but that's it, niantic haven't care about them anyway since the game have raid system and others (such as community day, etc.).

  19. Does anyone know, evolve after event still get special move or not ? (Does 8 hours after event evolve still active this round ?)

  20. How do you search? I tried your code and got nothing, and I know I have at least 8 nundos.

  21. active only ver 0.243.0 (if older version pls update game app, for samsung version the update version not released yet)

  22. If you search 98% does that bring up those specific mons or do you have to specify the att/def/hp?

  23. Nope, now you can only search like 3attack&4defense&4defense and it will bring you pokemon with 11-14 atk iv/15 defense and hp ivsomething like this. No search string like "98%" except you named pokemon name like that.

  24. Ah, so that's it. Maybe I used this pikachu to do power-up quest. Thank you everyone very much.

  25. As leekduck events page, it also have Magmar, Patrat, and Foongus and their evolution. But I didn't know it's new or not. (I just returned to play)

  26. It depends on what alternatives I have, and I try to keep at least 6 total options for any scenario.

  27. I think like that too that some type can substitute in the raid (even it's not the same efficientcy in some terms) but the number of player in raid is not lack and not too hard to finish raid. Thank you for the answer.

  28. I keep one for each GBL, All 100%, all 0% and Legacy moves 96% and above. Said no one ever but we try... Plus it'll take me 200 days to trade some of my legendary Pokemon!

  29. Maybe I should keep the minimum 96% above like you. Thank you for the answer.

  30. Only a few people come to raid in person (by daily free raid pass). The others don't do any raid now, maybe due to raid not attraction, nothing new. Some did remote raiding alone with their own accounts (every person in my community are all multi-account and multi-smartphone).

  31. Yes, frequently. Force close and restart usually gets it going again immediately.

  32. Anecdotal evidence, but I'm not convinced it's not based on phone. I used to get it every single time and since I've upgraded phones, it's not happened once.

  33. I guessed like that too. It should be some problem between connection to niantic server because everything seem fine except ligon to the game.

  34. No, glyph hacking can get up to 3 (4?) keys in a single hack (excluding any multipliers from frackers or epoch)

  35. Does glyph hacking that can get up to 3 keys is related to level of POI or not, or does it random from 0 to 3(4) with perfect gylph hacking? How about fail glyph hacking?

  36. No it's unrelated to the level of the portal.

  37. I run simulation of shadow iv 0/0/0 snorlax lv 50 (cp 3168) and normal snorlax iv 15/15/15 lv 39 (cp 3179) [not exactly cp 2500 and not exactly equal but for easy to compare] and the result is yes. IV 0 shadow snorlax better than hundo snorlax with the (nearly) same cp.

  38. Yes, but it's take more time to make simulation, so I easily simply the question to 0 and hundo. OK, if it's wrong to not make exactly answer to the question, next time I won't make any answer and wait for others. Thanks

  39. I think the way to incentivize in-person raids is to make chat system or some other system that can gather people who want to raid to communicate and can make an appointment to raid together.

  40. Oh your answers are very detail and clear. Thank you very much for your answers. :)

  41. I think the event is OK but I always annoy about the starter pokemons's (include pikachu) catch rate (especially the event that boost these type of pokemon). I try to throw curve with great or excellent but it still hard to catch and make me loss too many balls.

  42. I have got 1 shiny out of 18 raids. Wish you good luck and get it soon.

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