AITA for telling my teen she can't go to a dance because I need her to babysit and she's my only option?

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  1. I believe this too and if you actually watch the scene where Sally dies, she’s crying.

  2. I think we should wait for NYC to finish before it gets a ranking. The last 2 episodes could blow us away.

  3. Also people who say Violet changed him…that shouldn’t be Violet’s responsibility. In the last episode of Murder House, Violet intervenes between the altercation between Tate and one of the new residents of the house. Tate should have wanted to change for Violet, not have relied on her.

  4. Not sure if it was the character but Emma Roberts hasnt really caught my attention as an actress. Her characters arent likeable to me.

  5. Emma Roberts best character was in 1984 because in my opinion she just doesn’t have the acting range to pull off being a badass like they tried to do with Madison.

  6. I agree, on my recent rewatch of Asylum I skipped that scene. Makes me uncomfortable.

  7. The Orphans episode of Freak Show had me absolutely sobbing to the point where my husband made me turn it off and go lie down

  8. Cult is my second favourite season after Asylum. I think it ebbs and flows depending on your personal preference. My least favourite season was Hotel but that’s also a lot of peoples favourite.

  9. I loved Roanoke but was disappointed that Lee was the final character left and the last episode basically revolves around her. No offence to the actress but I found Lee as a character very bland and irritating.

  10. The Orphans episode of Freak Show literally made me turn the show off and sob in bed for the rest of the night.

  11. Okay so I’m half way through 1984 so this is my ranking of the first 8 seasons.

  12. I didn’t hate Coven, I really enjoyed it. However, I absolutely loved Asylum and because I am only new to AHS I was binging the show and I just think that Coven let me down because of how much I loved Asylum. I’m currently watching 1984 and when I finish this and Double Feature I plan to go back and watch Coven again to be able to appreciate it more.

  13. I’m only watching through AHS for the first time and I’m up to Season 9 (1984) and I honestly can find something I love about each season. My least favourite so far is Season 5 (Hotel) but Season 7 (Cult) is probably my second favourite after Season 2 (Asylum).

  14. I think it was scarier because it’s a very real possibility but I also found it fascinating. I’m about 8 episodes in to Apocalypse now and it’s not living up to Cult lol

  15. Don't worry, politics is definitely a theme but the season is just as strong without any America-specific stuff.

  16. Just finished Cult and I think it would have to be my second favourite season!

  17. I’ve only just started AHS, I’m currently half way through Freak Show. In my opinion I’ve loved all of it, but after how hard Apocalypse hit me it was hard to be as equally entertained by Coven. I still loved Coven though but Apocalypse is definitely my favourite so far.

  18. If everyone just adopted any dog without looking at their personal circumstances, living arrangements, finances etc. then dogs would be just as miserable outside the shelter as they are inside it.

  19. ESH. OP shouldn’t be leaving their children, particularly in a time where they need so much support and the daughter should be more supportive. I know missing the dance must suck but sometimes in life you have to sacrifice a dance or a party or an event if it means helping family. I would never leave my children in a situation like this but I would also never leave my siblings in a time of need for a party.

  20. I'm a lows fan! Can't be bothered putting on a pair of mids tbh. I just like to slip my feet in and go!

  21. Not bad for a first try! :) Try the old acetone and tin foil trick and they should come off. If I could make a suggestion, get a good quality peel off base coat to use while you're still learning. That way you can just pop them off once you're done with them without having to subject your nails and skin to so much acetone. They won't last as long with a peel off base coat but it's just a good alternative when you're starting out :)

  22. The actress is nice. Ive seen her In several shows, she is good! But her character has lots of bullshit. Majority of People are tired of that stuff In real life, and seeing same dickheads on the screen make them dislike the character

  23. I think that's why my MIL dislikes her but I like to take everything in and analyse characters in shows like this. Maybe I'm the weird one lol

  24. I love Lou, to me she's the third best antagonist on the show after The Freak and Jacs.

  25. I do have to agree with you. I am so hyped for this season that I've also started rewatching earlier seasons too and I was only thinking today that in my opinion Jacs is the scariest antagonist. All the others have traumatising events that have in a way helped mold them in to the people they are today. However Jacs never had that. She married in to a crime family so I suppose she may have had some pressure on that front but all in all she was just a terrible person for the sake of being a terrible person and I think that is terrifying.

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