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  1. So, are we to assume she ripped a hole in her pants? Context people!

  2. I have the S21U as well, and still question how this is possible! Crazy amazing photo!

  3. Don't hold yourself back. You have ambitions and dreams you hope to fulfill, and time fucking flys. You're smart for recognizing a need for change! Hope you can find a healthy balance of boundaries and finding new friends!

  4. Sounds like letting air our of a compressor loo

  5. Cali here and same. Unfortunate when companies don't have follow through. Never works, mobile, desktop and different accounts. Still nothing! Fucking ridiculous.

  6. Guy seems like a prick tbh. He has such a horrible reaction to a friend pulling a prank.

  7. This is wrong on so many levels, I don’t know where to start.

  8. I'm glad someone else said it lol, my brain is broken

  9. Damn, there's even two roots set up to trip you TWICE before you careen over the edge LOL! Looks like an exhilarating hike! Watch your step and have stay alert!

  10. He thought it was a piece of white leather or something himself!

  11. Lolol! This is fucking hilarious! Imagine what the neighbors think too! Thank you for the laugh!

  12. A couple weeks ago I sprayed some weeds - rain. Last week I sprayed for bugs - fucking rain.

  13. I just treatedy lawn for critters and it's all washed away...

  14. I feel this way, have been very unproductive lately because of a horrible sleep routine, and some lingering depression. My spouse gets calls/notifications throughout the nights with work. If I take a sleeping pill i have a better chance of getting some sleep, but risk feeling groggy in the morning.

  15. One of the many little species in the sheet-web family family Linyphiidae, probably the dwarf spifer subfamily

  16. So nothing to be worried about as far as them getting larger or venomous?

  17. No, this is as big as most get, they're absolutely harmless. They stick their abdomens in the air and release a line of silk so they can be carried away on the air currents (called 'ballooning').

  18. First off, what the hell? Second, what the hell?! Blindness?

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