1. My sister went there in 2009 they faced racism back then, from what I noticed turks are really closed to foriegners

  2. Not really about “foreigners”. It depends on where you are from.

  3. I don’t think it’s racism, since there are 10 million refugees and illegal Arabs and Afghans are in Turkey.

  4. Leave it. Learn the lessons here And use the container to farm fish.

  5. As in the title. In the alien containment, the creepvine doesn’t grow, it stopped at 54% and when I try to cut it with a knife, it doesn’t work as well.

  6. I don't know if Turks are aware of this. I only see many (most?) of them them cry all the time about being treated unfairly by "the West".

  7. We are not taught this kind of history in schools, so it’s not known by many.

  8. I said there is no chance that yellow slippers guy would beat the other.

  9. Kimbilir hangi yandaşa kaç para gidiyordur.

  10. En güzeli seçime kadar böyle yerlere gitmemek.

  11. Beyni yıkanmış bir teyze ve beyni yıkanmış bir çocuk

  12. Dedi ayın ikiye bölündüğüne, falancanın uçtuğuna, falancanın şeh şıh mıh olduğuna inanan kişi.

  13. beyni yıkanan bir çocuk daha... ya atatürk ya erduvan. biris de hz. peygamebr resullullah dese :(

  14. Short hair girl has very slow rams.

  15. As a foreigner, I think Taiwan is way better on this compare to Korea.

  16. I like Taoyuan airport. Nice decoration and interesting things to spend time.

  17. It’s my first time to see the word “khaleeji”. I just checked dictionary and found it… I am bit ignorant I guess.

  18. Eğer iddia ettiği doğruysa sonuna kadar desteklenmeli.

  19. literally most civilian casualties after Vietnam is documented. this meme makes no sense with its whole "undocumented" crap.

  20. the fucking american and iraqi governments, the UN, and some non profit organization im probably forgetting about.

  21. Same organizations found “chemical weapon” in Iraq, and the same government “bring democracy!”… So…

  22. I always surprise whenever I see US people ask/confront Bush or others about this.

  23. Another way is using the radar to locate the teeth.

  24. Yeah prior to this I built a scanner in the middle of a kelp zone and maxed out the range but tooth drops were still rare.

  25. Interesting. In my case, my radar is close to safe shallows, and when I turned the radar on, directly it indicated around 10 teeth… It was very enough that I turned off the radar…

  26. I know people who would give preterm birth to just collect the 6000 NTD in Taiwan.

  27. turks always say that arabs betrayed them in 1916 so i'm using their logic

  28. This is a lot of people's experience with South Asians in the business world.

  29. I have similar experience with Indian customers omg it’s just trash liar. It’s very hard to have business and just waste of time and resource.

  30. I don’t think they would agree, since most of Muslims want to emigrate non-Muslim countries.

  31. Body, I suggest you to not refer Wikipedia for any series discussion, especially history topics, if you are sensitive about correctness of books and proofs of historical facts.

  32. Well as you like what your book says it is true ,Are you happy now ‾⁠.⁠‾

  33. I am not sure why you feel offended and what you are trying prove.

  34. Bursa yobazlarındanmı kendileri?

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