1. Hope it doesn't happen to u man! Not a good feeling already being raped on prices! Than get shorted almost 9 grams on top of that! Fuck team Certified

  2. Know your weed, if it’s dry a quarter turn on that grinder is probably enough, that grinder is highly underrated. I’m a long time user and it’s been my go to for at least 5-6 years because of the large amount that I need to grind daily, don’t give up on it it.

  3. It’s fine. Micro crystals crashing out. Once you start vaping it will be good to go 👍👍

  4. My pod was coated with the crystals when it was done. Worked well and the effects were dead on!

  5. You can warm that up and melt them down for some more oil available. It's a tiny amount but good to the last drop right? :D

  6. Sorry to hear that man… I got some of their rosin and it’s fantastic 😅

  7. For some reason he keeps buying Firelands products and complains about them every time, says he'll never buy another one and yet here we are again! And now he wants mo$ again. It just sounds like a vicious NeverEnding Circle. LOL

  8. In "YOUR" post from 3 Months Ago! "I guess I Won't Be Buying From Them Anymore" Remember posting this? Loser!

  9. $97.20 with discount, $135 regular. Columbia care Dayton

  10. Is that a dabbing material? Sorry I'm not that knowledgeable on hash

  11. I can taste it now... This is the downside of working nights and browsing reddit! Have a gooder!

  12. Haven’t listened to them in ages. No one else sounds like KC. Enjoy!!

  13. I've had it for a year and a half and haven't regretted it for a minute!

  14. Did you do this yourself, or did Ade sent it to you like that??

  15. I took the album to a concert and had him sign it afterwards! The herb is on my part!

  16. I grabbed some of this for 105$ otd at verdant last week. Great stuff.

  17. Couldn't believe $92 for an ounce w/discount. Probably won't happen again. Lol

  18. Lol the red piece is literally Fenton.

  19. Just a heads up I would prepare to wait in a line wherever you go. It seems like everyone goes go pick up their medicine on sundays so a lot of places get SWAMPED. Columbus really needs more dispensaries given the amount of patients they serve.

  20. LOL Literal response they gave me when I was reached out with poorly trimmed bud. “We hope you continue to be a loyal member of the Galenas TRIBE”

  21. Have fun my friend! You're rocking the same haircut I did to prom in 1978!

  22. It looks like a minut piece of leaf that got caught on that piece of nylon trellis. Jmo

  23. So I saw these on the Harvest site last nite and knew they'd be on sale today. The site made no mention of them being smalls and the tender didn't say anything just "Firelands Tallymon". Got home and opened it up and was like WTF? The price sticker was on the top of the lid and the tender stuck the dispo receipt label on top of it so I couldn't see what it gave for the description. I'll definitely look closer next time.

  24. Any 11.32 from Fireland Scientific will be smalls. Always has been always will be. Nothing was hidden.

  25. What!?! It's amazing. I was shocked how good it was actually. I wish they had it in half's. Bought 4 - 10ths of it just from reviews on here.

  26. They had half's. Someone will probably chime in on if it's around still. Your harvest date was in Nov.

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