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  1. For those of us with very small amounts of capital to invest (less than 5-10k), I’m guessing that fig leafs + selling calls and PMCCs are probably the best instruments?

  2. FYI the Tradier CBOE Options summit is going on right now and it's pretty interesting stuff.

  3. CLVS - this one popped up on my scanner this morning showing a bullish move and I thought of you guys. If any of you bought in last Thurs/Fri you would've doubled your money. Anyone get in on this price action?

  4. Nice post. I definitely underestimated the emotional management required for this biz when I was first starting.

  5. How are you liking trading futures? Switching to mes/ es made me never wanna trade short term spy spx options ever again.

  6. I really enjoy trading futures. I only trade /MES for now. But it is extremely difficult and there’s no edge, but I love the leverage, liquidity, and ability to very quickly enter/exit a trade. I mostly trade 1 contract to practice reading price action. I use Ninjatrader because their commissions are $0.82 each way if you subscribe to a data feed. Once I have a good enough winrate I plan to switch over to TDA, then negotiate a lower commissions rate once I’ve traded enough.

  7. Sounds awesome man! Yeah futures are so fun. Lately I’ve liked setting a trailing stop and just letting em run.

  8. Hah yeah I finished Elden Ring a month or so ago, man that was a long one and absolutely grear. I burned myself out putting 10 hrs into a certain late game optional bossfight. absolutely brutal. Great game but it’ll be a while before I pick it back up

  9. I think China is in the middle of a credit crisis rather than being at risk of one. That topic in and of itself is a whole series of books.

  10. Thanks for your take. JPow doing a good job being real with it.

  11. I cannot fathom why they refuse to drop the legacy stuff. You have literally an entire universe to work with and you continue to focus on this one small time frame and setting? Why? I thought you liked selling merchandise Disney?

  12. Corporate has no imagination. Corporate needs no imagination.

  13. My guy needs to hit the gym and work on himself first.

  14. Developing a personality is a lot more important

  15. I mean at some point he should consider showering, right?

  16. Along these lines, does anyone have any resources for practice tests on market/trading knowledge? Like options, futures, market/economic stuff, etc etc? I didn't see any in the Wiki and would like to test my knowledge to see where my gaps are.

  17. Today looks like it will be a very interesting and volatile day in the markets, with yesterday marking a new post-COVID crash high on the MOVE index (ATM IV of US treasury yields--sort of like ATM-only VIX for treasuries).

  18. Played an experimental Strangle on SPY today just before the fed decision, and a second one right before Powell spoke. My thesis was algos would swing the price 20-30 pts (as in prior fed speaks) over and under the prior-to-decision-price-level (~$378), so I took slightly OTM options at around a .4 delta to make sure I captured a chunk of those moves, assuming a $1 move in SPY was very likely. I set limit sells of $0.40 right after purchasing the options. It worked very well and I could have set wider limit sells, but didn't want to be greedy.

  19. Does anyone here use a sector strength indicator in TOS? I'm struggling to find one. I'd like to be able to pull up a stock, and have 3 trendlines comparing relative strength of SPY vs. Stock vs. Sector of Stock I'm looking at.

  20. Very happy to be part of this amazing, supportive community. Last summer I was so lucky to stumble across one of Hari's posts on that other trading sub thinking, "I wonder if there is a way to make a living doing this..." which led me here.

  21. Anyone thinking of buying calls around Wednesday? Feels like a crypto unwind although scary, is unlikely to happen now (just a gut feeling) and with that it also feels like a lot is being priced in already. Plus, feeling like JPow gonna stick to 50bps this meeting, while firming up on those 75bps "sometime in the future, given the data". Do hold a small put position, but the current mood kinda makes me go contrarian.

  22. Counter-trend trading the market is not recommended. We are all below all SMAs on SPY, just gapped down for the second day in a row, and the fundamentals around the economy haven't changed. So I would say that buying calls is a very low-probability play.

  23. What’s your favorite options broker? I tend to move a fairly high amount of contracts (like anywhere from 1000 -5000 contracts weekly) and thinking of the fees from something like TOS etc. adds up to a respectable full time jobs salary.

  24. Like the Professor said - and this works for commissions on stocks and futures. They have a scale where if you trade enough volume within an ongoing time frame, you can ask for a commissions reduction and get it. I think Futures are something like a 0.05c reduction per 50 contracts a month you trade, or something like that.

  25. If NetFix survives its "wokeness" experiment, and becomes significant again, maybe. Otherwise,. I'll wait for it in dvd.

  26. With all that mouthbreathing I bet your laptop has more DNA on it than your family tree.

  27. I loved Dark, so I’m down. But where’s the date?? They said “coming soon” for The Sandman and that was like 8 months ago.

  28. Kerlin’s is great, but their hours are limited

  29. In light of FTF, I’d like to start a discussion regarding the state of the market as it relates to this and other subs I follow:

  30. Well I wrote out a long comment and reddit mobile promptly wiped it… sigh.

  31. How do you measure a capitulation low? I've always looked at technicals + volume. What are your criteria?

  32. I'm looking for full-on panic in the media predicting endless doom and gloom while on a technical basis the market goes so low it looks like it's never coming back. Quite literally a selling climax. On the SPY D1 I want to see a bullish hammer with a very long tail and follow-through buying of stacked green D1 candles with little pullback. While everyone in the media and on reddit is calling it a false bounce, asset managers will be buying every dip.

  33. Your win rate and your profit tells everything you need to know, you don't have a good risk management, that's it. A 73% win rate and brake even, that's pretty bad . I don't want to be mean, but that's the truth. If many of your winners are actually trades that went against you big time and you just held on them until they became slightly profitable, it's not a good strategy.

  34. I’m sorry but this is very bad advice. A 73% winrate and break even in this market? People are losing entire accounts. Volatility is insane. Many days in May were not worth trading at all. OP is doing very well for a newbie trader. In fact restricting his trades my be the best boost to his PF.

  35. Is there an explanation for the RRS indicator anywhere? I see the post where Hari asked if someone could make it,

  36. Wow this is great. Thank you for writing all this out. Definitely gonna pick up this book

  37. I couldn't find this in the Wiki so I wanted to see what you guys do in your journal for documenting trading setups. Here is a list I came up with, anyone have others?

  38. On major trend days like today do you experienced RS/RW traders have difficulty finding good entries?

  39. Yesterday was more of a dull day with not a lot of movement after the initial move. Lots of mixed candles on low volume. Compare that to last fall and January… not a good trading environment

  40. Hey my dudes. I know we want Hari to stick around but let’s keep in mind that he has more than earned a break from Reddit, which we all know can be a total cesspool.

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