1. Hopefully not related but it makes me think of kids in horror movies where they keep drawing the monster that befriended them

  2. You'll always be my prime choice, baby. I wouldn't select anyone else

  3. My only worry for any means necessary is infinite pallet stuns. However my thought process might be flawed but my thought is that the killer can't interact with the pallet when any means is in play, so idk if it will be capable of infinite stuns if the killer is stuck there but that's just a theory and I could be very wrong.

  4. I think that's wrong. I asked someone else in this comment thread somewhere, and they said the killer break pallet action can interrupt AMN

  5. As an avid Any Means Necessary user and supporter I genuinely wasn’t expecting the buff and when it did I was genuinely so overjoyed you might as well have opened the box

  6. Hilarious metaphor aside, can I ask how much value you get out it? Or if you have any tips to get more value out of it?

  7. That's happened to me once 😂 or when you're running along and a survivor just leaps out of a corner and takes off. They thought they were spotted but they just scared tf outta me

  8. How'd you know where I was with no info perks?

  9. No cross progression between consoles and PC, sadly.

  10. Might have to stretch the dress a little bit but I think it could work!

  11. No more infinite lullaby, everything sloppy butcher, or guaranteed giga 3 gen on RPD? wow survivor sided patch smh lol

  12. Survivors needed it, that gen spawn on RPD was hilariously insane. Surprised they didn't killswitch the map until that was fixed.

  13. Still got paired with survivors that didn't struggle with that.

  14. Accidentally ran down one too many flights of stairs in RPD while being chased be Pinhead. I just stopped and stared at the basement hooks. When Pinhead caught up, I slowly turned my head to look at him. We stared at each other for a few seconds and he left.

  15. True to the original media, The Twins game pieces will have springs loaded into the base of their models, which will sporadically eject them from the game.

  16. Me, the easiest survivor to catch as soon as possible:

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