Honestly.....this place is f*****d

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  1. Lads, are all the forums down? I can’t seem to get onto the ‘most popular’ two.

  2. Fuck I know I’m gonna get ripped to shreds for this but oh well , about to run my first cycle of test and thinking about doing 250mg per week for 12 weeks , is there anything I need to know before I start ?

  3. A lot of people cruise on 250. You’d probably be better off using 500-600 testosterone

  4. Well all I’m saying is that my grandfather says we should vote for fine fail, so I’m gonna do that without thinking.

  5. HGH vs Tren for cutting body fat? Reading old threads saying tren gets you most the same benefits without the costs but I'm a bit skeptical. Thanks

  6. I’m currently slimming down well on an actual trt dose of testosterone AND 40mg Tren E a week. Yes, 40mg.

  7. Is the trt self directed or physician based? If so, do they know about the tren.? Thanks for sharing.

  8. I legit said this joke to my brothers like 2 days ago off the top of my head lmao

  9. Question for guys that blast and cruise: do you always stick with time on/time off as a hard rule?

  10. I usually find that people that ask this question are only looking for selective answers. Time on should at least equal time off. It’s all about longevity. You ain’t gonna look too good when you die from it if you keep repeating and being reckless.

  11. All I’m saying is man, the earth is 71% covered in water and personally, I’m yet to encounter a carbonated sea or ocean. So the earth is flat.

  12. I preferred the other comment that said “The life of a male bee; Honey. Nut. Cheerio.”

  13. Why is that penis so big? Because it keeps On Dublin.

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