1. Looks good so far just trim the bottom leaves and mulch so soil doesn’t splash up on em

  2. What kind of wood did you use for these posts, and did you use a stain? The setup looks nice!

  3. Sorry didn’t see this sooner...it’s a pressure treated 4x4 since nothing will come in contact with them

  4. I loved his defense attorney's reaction. "Stop talking on the phone!" He can't even wait to talk to him in private.

  5. Heard Law Talk with Mike credit you for a lot of his good clips, glad to see you're striking out on your own. There's always room for one more!

  6. Came here to post "this explains why LTwM kept saying "old squishy gardener" hahah I had no idea he was crediting someone for the clips. Sub'd

  7. Grew broccoli for the first time last year and I have never been so excited to see a plant produce a vegetable. I was so flipping proud of that broccoli. When the next one flowered my daughter, knowing how I excited I was for the first one, ran in the house and said "Mommy, Mommy, we have another one!"

  8. That second year is a BIG turning point if you really learned from the first season...

  9. I think I did...I guess we'll see! The first year was a big old nothing, last year was able to get both broccoli and cauli but brussels are still grumpy with me. I think my timing has been off with them. Hoping to continue that cauli and broccoli growth because our family eats a TON of broccoli.

  10. You should definitely pot those up...maybe a big grow bag... as far as cooler weather stuff...start early indoors, crop smaller brassicas by early summer then start a fall crop indoors mid June to July and get out with 6-8 weeks before first frost. Brussels go in later in spring then will crop in late fall thru early winter...

  11. While onions can be densely grown like that, those are probably way too small of containers for that many onions and you are going to need to feed em regularly. Most areas of the US are warm enough to put onion outside in the ground...

  12. Awesome, lots more on growing all major crops in both my IG and Reddit profiles

  13. Yup. If u keep growin em like that u are gonna need to rent a post hole digger to plant em deep enough to fix that...

  14. Each track will have a grub in one end of it...squish em and keep an eye out for new ones and squish any of those u see. If u really get an infestation outdoors u can buy teeny tiny parasitic wasps (beneficial insects) that will take care of stopping an infestation. They generally don’t tend to hurt the plant, just make leaves inedible for crops like beets etc.

  15. Got a lot of posts in my profile from seed starting thru processing your harvest and everything in between if it helps...

  16. Looks good but I’d trim off any leaves near enough to the soil to get splashed by rain or droop and touch it...soil carries a lot of nasties...

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