2. Do any books offer team home runs or is the only way to devig it would be all players yes/no lines?

  3. I didn’t devig all of them but many of the SuperBook ufc boosts look good. Zero hold or arb lines to many other books

  4. Looks like they're in the 4-6% range if I used the devig tool correctly using Multiplicative method.

  5. Same, I have 6 of them to be good the main event parlay, the go the distance and the single fighter boosts to be good

  6. Might not matter anyway. Good chance of rainout/delay for the Mets game tonight.

  7. It may make the play better though, they would payout if game ends early if it wins and void if full game doesn’t play

  8. They opened a name your boost promo then got shocked when they got good bets to boost lmao

  9. I think another issue was that not too many people were tweeting them so they had to boost all of them they got. They didn’t really have a selection of bad boost to pick. If fanduel or dk did the same promo they could choose worst bets because of higher interaction

  10. For the SuperBook tweet your boost promo, it seems doing pitcher k parlays is the best choice. The best value has come from these

  11. CZR Bet $75 on the ML for Astros/Red Sox and get a $25 free bet for each run your team scores in the 7th inning (max $100 free bet).

  12. Anyone have a god choice for the top 3 insurance for the nascar race? I would assume just choosing the favorite is the best thing to do

  13. Nobel idea, but would be tough in practice. The the best thing we can do as a community for poster of the day is contribute to this board when we see something. Even something as small as pointing a promo you see that hasn’t been highlighted on the board yet is helpful, because someone out there surely missed it.

  14. I agree with you, it felt pretty good to see a lot of us win after hitting that boost

  15. They only have one run line/ml/one total and doubles/home runs/stolen bases for the sgp, am I reading that correctly?

  16. Yea, I’m not really sure how it stays in business. I don’t see a reason why someone would use it over any of the main apps

  17. SuperBook is doing their name your boost on Twitter. They usually boost them to a few percentage points +ev, so if you want anything boosted tweet at them

  18. They posted them, Mariners one is at least a no hold with DK. The rest of them blow

  19. Yup not great this week. The odds boost for Yankees Mets is a few points ev though

  20. Hell of a time to find out I must have lost VIP status...

  21. What’s the rough betting requirements for dk vip?

  22. What’s the overall take on +ev bets on non main markets. The basketball tournament has ~10% ev if you compare to different books before each game but I assume non of the lines are sharp

  23. Dk has a direct arb to kambi for the basketball tournament game at 8.

  24. Derby flash boost (FD) maybe targeted. Not sure if it just me or NY, longest homer over 493.5’. Boosted from -120 to +125. Can’t tell if it’s a +ev but seems like a must hammer.

  25. Action 24/7 in TN has place a $50 +400 mlb parlay get a $25 free bet

  26. Burns boosted to +200 on SuperBook, 7.6% ev according to dk

  27. Ohtani and Javier both +10 ks 2500 on SuperBook, it’s +1689 on fd. Seems +ev. They have other good boosts too

  28. For their Wednesday boost, SuperBook takes them based on tweets they receive so if anyone wants a boost you should tweet at them. They usually boost the replies into pretty high ev bets

  29. Not sure if it matters but you’re essentially taking Baltimore at +425 or Minnesota at +105 depending on who wins if you take both two teams boost. Both of which would be highly ev

  30. SuperBook dodgers and Yankees -1.5 +300. 7.7% on fd

  31. Golden state on super book +100, on dk heat +100. Could use 1 k free bet there

  32. That would be an awful use of a free bet, odds should be like +300 or more

  33. Anyone have luck placing the DK $1k free bet? Tried on three different money lines and all limited to like $200-$300. Asked CS to split up to ten $100s and they say no over and over again.

  34. I was able to get it on a plus money moneyline but I was not limited before on dk

  35. Dodgers + giants +220 boost on SuperBook. Fanduel gives +159

  36. They also have stars and Phillies to win at +400 it’s +337 on fanduel. Decent value there too

  37. OMG these SuperBook boosts. If this was FD y’all would be losing your mind.

  38. In a good or bad way, I only took the Astros and rangers one today today

  39. I did not get the token back for the voided fight. Was hoping to use it one of the headliners.

  40. Same in the description of the voided bet it says it will be returned. Hopefully it will be in the next 15 minutes so I can use it

  41. Super book: Yankees, braves, dodgers to win +260. It’s +213 on pinnacle

  42. The SuperBook name your boost all look good Dodgers + angels +150 Red cubs o.5 1st +120 Reds over 3.5 +115

  43. Looks like sb bonus wasn't valid for TN

  44. I was going to contact support, the terms show Tennessee

  45. This fanduel promo is 2+ goals and nyc to win, is that the same as over 1.5 or 2.5

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