1. I just moved in and im not confident my mental health can survive the homesickness let alone the law school shit

  2. Yeah I was in therapy before I came to school: not sure I’m in the best mental space to take this on

  3. If you wait a few weeks, somebody will undoubtedly decide they don’t want to be in State College for this semester and will be looking for a sublet, sometimes at a discount/credit towards rent. Then you already have roommates, you just need to fill the extra spot.

  4. 3 of my great uncles died on the eastern front you privileged twat.

  5. anyone here move to a completely different state for law school? just wondering how that worked out financially, with the living situation. I want to go to law school right out of college and go to a completely different state but idk if it’s actually feasible.

  6. I am because I got a full scholarship and the COL is cheaper. It’s a better offer than I got anywhere in state I was willing to go (one really bad school)

  7. My cousin went to Sweden and really enjoyed it-he also is gainfully employed

  8. Good for her but the 35K or so she’s earning with a masters degree isn’t enough to put up with this crap.

  9. My money is on a Secret Service agent. Essentially anything a President does is classified and subject to executive priviledge, and the Secret Service cannot generally legally reveal any of it. The actions and words of an ex-president do not have the same protections, and Trump may have mistaken law following for personal loyalty and spoken in front of his detail too much.

  10. The secret service has been shown to be compromised and essentially a Trump Praetorian guard. I doubt it

  11. The idea that everyone in the SS is loyal to Trump is ridiculous. Like any agency, they will have a mix of values among their staff.

  12. We all know if anything is pursued from this it ends with Clarence Thomas and Alito saying the president can declassify whatever he wants however he wants right?

  13. I’m really glad Mike and Aubrey talked about the “Europeans have it all figured out” thing - while they kind of joked about it being an early 2000s relic, it is extremely alive and well on Reddit. Any post in this sub becomes Fat people are fine, sure. Now let’s move on to the thing we all really want to talk about: eradicating obesity with a walk to the outside vegetable store like they do Over There.

  14. So you think stroads and suburban sprawl are good? Because thats what the ability to walk places is getting at.

  15. American tourist dollars will pressure the holdouts in the Caribbean to let in unvaccinated Americans to spread Covid among the vulnerable people on the island.

  16. I’m fine at F1 22 if I just use adaptive ai with all the assists lol

  17. I mean, yeah. Trouble is, Planet Coaster and Planet Zoo still work despite that because at their core they are about creativity and sandbox-gameplay. And for that, their tools are fantastic - Building coasters is incredibly fun and in-depth, the ways in which you can build habitats are essentially endless. With both these games, you could rightfully reply to criticism of "it lacks management" with "Well, that's not really what this game is about".

  18. I’d say look to Jurassic World evolution for a comparison to this probably

  19. I’m fine with buying DLC for frostpunk 2, the last autumn was perhaps the best dlc I’ve ever played

  20. if there was a valid search warrant there isn't a whole lot FB can do, is there? Or is the article correction being inaccurate and really talking about an administrative subpoena?

  21. It's in a corporations interest to work well with fascists. Elon Musk knows this and sucking up to the right might be the smartest thing he's done. Disney on the other hand is treading in dangerous waters challenging the future likely last elected president of the US/first grand Inquisitor De Santis.

  22. I believe corporations do well if they get cozy with the state.

  23. Landlords are taking bids for rent now. There are people offering hundreds over asking rent and months in advance.

  24. You mean their interpretation vs the label after it has been challenged? I would say make a policy on it and include that if you get a certain number of challenges, the book gets flagged as adult. Stays in the library but higher consent.

  25. So every book that pops up on Facebook as having queer characters or talks about race gets shelved in a "Dangerous" section. Brilliant

  26. My library had 100K books, we received deliveries daily, and discarded books daily. Also books went missing, were damaged, or otherwise were lost every day.

  27. Qatar does not give a single shit about Palestine dude

  28. The Palestinians are the most useful cudgel for shitty middle eastern and African regimes to distract from their own corruption and inability to govern!

  29. Art is the only place I find my truth anymore. Tried religion and it lied to me. Tried science and it isn’t all bad but it keeps changing it’s mind. But art… there is undeniable truth there. Michelangelo’s David and “Smells Like Teen Spirit” will undeniably always be amazing.

  30. Religious art is basically the only place I find religion

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