Biden signs Inflation Reduction Act into law, setting 15% minimum corporate tax rate

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Matt Gaetz sparks outrage over hosting high school event: "Absolutely vile"

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  1. Why are republicans so against putting tax cheats in jail ?

  2. Non-American here, can someone explain why the CDC lost public trust and what the culture issues were?

  3. Because the GOP always needs a boogeyman to blame their problems on, and right-wing media happily goes along with toxic propaganda that helps kill the public.

  4. There's a post by one of the people trying to prevent this on Reddit, they spoke to the school superintendent and his attitude was basically "oh it's not that big of a deal" while the user was like "this man is being federally investigated for human trafficking, his best friend has already admitted guilt and is cooperating with the feds and your answer to this is 'sure let's let him be around kids'?"

  5. The superintendent is buddies with Gaetz. I’m sure on the side they’re laughing together how much they love how they’re “owning the Libs” over all this.

  6. CNN anchor Alison Camerota interviewed a Hageman voter last night to ask her why she was voting against Cheney. She said the election was rigged and Cheney was “left-leaning” for investigating Trump. Camerota pointed out that all of Trumps appointed judges agreed there was no evidence of election fraud. Voters response was “I don’t know about that but I got other trustworthy sources”

  7. I was watching that and the Hageman voter also referenced how she was upset Cheney voted for the CHIPS bill.

  8. Polling at least is still showing that the house more than likely will turn red. Abortion gave the dems a bump (and slowly rising) but I'm not confident yet that it will be enough.

  9. Yup, unfavorableHouse maps may be tough to overcome for the Dems unfortunately. But there’s some hope at least compared to a few months ago.

  10. The twitter deal was just a ploy to rig the stock market. This is likely no different.

  11. According to Elon, it was to ‘own the libs’.

  12. He went on Fox and even Newsmax multiple times a couple weeks ago yes.

  13. How arrogant have they gotten that they thought that giving him airtime would be to their benefit? Cause lord knows they typically only allow opposing views airtime when it's presented by someone like that anti-work mod.

  14. Surprisingly they once in a while will have liberal panelists named Jenna Arnold or Jessica Tarlov on their day time/early evening programming who have held their own going against multiple other assholes trying to shout over them. The best is when one of them is on Harris Faulkner’s shitty show and Harris gets so damn triggered, you can see the hate in her eyes when one of them talks.

  15. Wasn’t Beverly Hills 90210 the Dawsons Creek of this category before Dawsons Creek?

  16. Even as a kid I had to ask my older sisters why Andrea looked like she was 35. Dylon , Bill’s favorite character, was old too.

  17. That's nice and all, but on the flipside, their House forecast is stressing me tf out.

  18. It will be a big challenge again based on how the maps are drawn and small number of competitive districts overall . Fwiw, I think it was around 87% a month or so ago has been creeping down since then, so that’s one positive at least. Usually a lot more polls start coming out after Labor Day and so will probably have a better idea after then.

  19. I know it’s early and polls don’t guarantee anything yada yada, but I sure have been enjoying seeing the

  20. This is a historically significant bill. It probably should be a mega thread. I see Manchin is at the signing now.

  21. Except Coach Senator was Auburn, not Alabama. And his Auburn team was not particularly good under his tenure. But none of that matters because football.

  22. According to a tweet by Matt Gaetz, him and the Superintendent are friends.

  23. He said in 2018 that Trump wouldn’t be leaving the WH willingly which cane true. His recent one is he’s pretty certain Trump doesn’t actually run for re-election, and has been saying that the past year. We’ll see…

  24. Maybe he got the nickname from it. I wouldn’t be surprised if Michael Cohen is on

  25. Is this going to be the GOP platform in 2024 if they finally have one?

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