1. Here's the thing- most restaurants operate with small margins, unless they are giant corporations. If they wanted to pay living wages without tips, that would translate almost directly to consumer cost. But if the competitor doesn't HAVE to follow suit, they wont- and they will LOSE business. This absolutely has to be changed at the legal level- change minimum wage to an actual, liveable wage. It would be a huge economic disruptor. It could have dangerous side effects, not least of which would be blowback from the capitalist class trying to protect their interests.

  2. Here’s the thing: other countries have restaurants too, and don’t have the absurd tipping culture the US has. Let the businesses that can’t afford to pay their employees die off.

  3. Cringe how? Shit gave me nausea, same as some VR games. OP is bobbing his head back and forth for no reason ruining the entire video.

  4. Why does it bother you so much, are you watching it full screen on a TV..?

  5. You didn't answer the question.

  6. I don’t care what your work history is, you’re rude af out the gate why would anyone want to listen to you

  7. Include those in the edit! That opens up Germany for example. If you do your master's there you could probably get on the route to permanent residency, though I'm not sure what the social sciences job market is like, and you'd probably need great German for that.

  8. Cologne is very LGBT friendly and the state of NRW has great universities and is close to France and the Netherlands. I recommend it 🏳️‍🌈

  9. I have to change my opinion on Trinyvale… I did NOT know on my first binge that each episode came out sprinkled between 4 episodes of season1… I listened to them altogether back to back after completing season 1 and was like “wtf? I like wacky but this complete tone change is too much!”

  10. I skipped every Trinyvale episode because I binged like the first 100 NADDPOD eps. Then I went back and binged Trinyvale and loved it. I rank it behind the first few NADDPOD arcs in terms of quality and it’s really entertaining to hear the different voices Caldwell can perform.

  11. Yes, being a foreigner/minority, but not specifically Asian. Issues that could arise from it can also happen to all other immigrants / not bio German looking folks.

  12. Asian people dealt with a lot of racism the past few years because of COVID.

  13. No I am not ignoring it. I am recognizing it. But you stated that I can't say that I am european and my experience does not matter.

  14. Maybe you got bad grades in school and your parents hid them from you to keep you from feeling bad 😉

  15. I remember one early one where Caldwell wrote “has a boat” as the description for someone and before he could finish Murph just went in on him roasting him

  16. What a happy picture. I miss my cat, my friend. It’s been almost two years since he passed. He looked a lot like yours.

  17. Makes me feel good inside that I saw this post and it could've been from any one of like 4 subreddits I follow.

  18. West Germany was'nt as pathetic militarily during the cold War as it is today, but whatever, they actually gassed every Pole and Russian in the territories

  19. Tune in to find out! Same Kirkland time, same Kirkland channel.

  20. Ironically/Sadly, I believe another mega merger (HBO and Discover) ended up in the show being removed. But I'm not 100% sure on that.

  21. Luckily I’m multi-classing as an internet pirate. Arrr, matey! Hoist the sails… there be torrents on yonder horizon! 🏴‍☠️

  22. Aachen is really amazing. Lots of history and old cafes. Cool museums.

  23. This is gorgeous. Apple II vibes. Love all the little references and details. You nailed it, down to the typography and spacing.

  24. Don’t get me wrong mass shootings are awful and better gun control is needed.

  25. You're right, it's better if we say there have been 2,801 deaths from guns so far in 2023

  26. Not sure where you're seeing BS like 20sqm for 1500 Euro.

  27. There it is. In every single Reddit thread there is always a comment shitting on the American right wing. Just like clockwork lol

  28. It’s not even that they’re wrong, it’s just not remotely related.

  29. Mit welchem Land würdest du Deutschland vergleichen?

  30. Beautiful dog! Did you get him at a fricken bake sale?

  31. Most crops are ready to be harvested once a year, typically in the summer or spring.

  32. Have you ever frozen and thawed a grape? They’re like mostly water. They weren’t frozen they were just shipped.

  33. Was just there recently, amazing history. If you’re visiting Aachen, be sure to visit the history museum. The city has a lot to offer.

  34. "AfD" and "die Linke" oppose all weapon deliveries to Ukraine and are against Sanctions on Russia, because they are the typical far right/ far left parties that think like this: "US Bad, Russia good" "Why should we suffer for another Nation" "Weapon deliveries will only prolong the Suffering, just let Russia win so the war ends quickly" etc.

  35. AfD and die Linke are just two sides of the same braindead coin.

  36. Not even in this scenario. Pretty much any one-way ticket is instantly flagged higher in risk than a round-trip ticket. Aside from theatrics, you'll almost always see TSA spend way more time on inspecting people on one-way tickets than round-trip. There was a time in the past where TSA would only require certain passengers to take their shoes off, and during that time it was almost always one-way tickets holders.

  37. This is correct, not sure why you are getting downvoted. It’s not even just TSA, I was put in secondary holding for several hours in the UK when I entered on my US passport with a one-way ticket.

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