1. I think she's stuffed her face full of fillers she can't even smile

  2. Hatchet face is way more amazing than that disgusting woman

  3. Yeah I really like the fact that he talks to her like a person and not a baby. You can tell it definitely helps kids learn to conversate early.

  4. My daughter is in kindergarten and she made friends with two sisters "Khaleesia" and "Arya"

  5. My coworker named his daughter khaleesi and he hadn't seen the last couple seasons yet. I felt bad I didn't want to tell him. (This was years ago)

  6. Definitely deep South USA so I would say louisiana, alabama, or Mississippi

  7. Holy shit how many ppl gonna copy this joke

  8. That's the first time I've seen it but I wouldn't doubt it

  9. And may I also add for all the offended people in these comments. He definitely got pissed off when that guy called her a side chick, so obviously they have a good relationship and joke around with each other.

  10. Bro I just wanna say, I think you are super cool for all that flying you did and you say it was easy??Wow you are very cool. Also, she was being funny and roasting him. Looks like he could take a joke and who knows maybe he roasts her too point is, you don't know their relationship. I thought she was hilarious.

  11. EXACTLY.... We don't know their relationship and then it seems like that's pretty standard. Have fun with your partner and sometimes that means embarrassing them! Keep it spicy!

  12. So I been creeping on this subreddit for a while and I still don't know this crazy ladies name or where to watch her trainwreck. Someone please dm me the details? I wanna watch for myself!

  13. Do yourself a favor and enjoy his Tiny Desk performance. Changed my view in him completely.

  14. Wait. Tpain is a rapper tho. The guy wasn't wrong. He just couldn't think of his name, no? I understand tpains argument but the guy literally recognized him.

  15. Take a look at lil Wayne. He looks nothing like T-Pain. That's crazy to think they look alike!

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