1. Michigan State is looking like a 5 or 6 loss team, but still what Minnesota did to them is what top 10 teams do to mediocre teams--dominate them.

  2. Yes, but only if she catches him off guard or he's not fighting back. It's made clear that while she can pretty easily pop an ordinary human's head it takes a little more effort and time to do it to supes (except for Shockwave, for whatever reason)

  3. I can’t see how this team gets a single point in the WC group off anyone but Iran.

  4. Why does everyone think Iran is the weakest team in our group when Wales is right there?

  5. Something seems wrong about Spooky’s torso. Like it seems like they have a back instead of a chest, like their head’s on backwards. Is anyone else seeing this?

  6. I see it too and all I can say by way of explanation is Jeph doesn’t know how to draw femme characters without tits

  7. This is the most contrived and agonizingly telegraphed forced introduction of two characters I’ve ever seen. Jeph has outdone himself

  8. I don't think anyone really argues against Soldierboy being a compelling character.

  9. Batson was alive during the loss to Japan. #Batsonout

  10. Penix always had a high ceiling at Indiana but he was never consistent and often got injured. He might finally be flourishing and finding his potential in a less hazardous environment surrounded by better talent.

  11. Don’t mind me just throwing up some stats:

  12. In fairness to Stroud, he hasn't needed to make big time throws.

  13. Color me shocked an Ohio state offense doesn’t have to do anything against the collection of cheese farmers and directional community colleges otherwise known as the big 10 conference

  14. Lol, I'm sorry but are we really going to pretend like Wake Forest, Furman, GT, and LA Tech are more impressive defenses than Wisconsin, Notre Dame, and Toledo?

  15. If he couldn't win shit with Belgium's golden generation, what on earth is he going to win for us ?

  16. As a Belgian-American and fan of both teams I have to check you here.

  17. I recently played it for the first time (Iorveth path).

  18. If you think Coach O is somehow worse than Scott Frost, then you need to take off the purple glasses.

  19. Idk. If Scott Frost had the recruiting base that Orgeron had at LSU he'd have done a lot better than he did in Nebraska where the 20th best 247 composite player most years is a sentient tumbleweed.

  20. There's surely not anyone in the world who could score that 5 / 100 times... Maybe on the training pitch with a watered down setup and spoonfed passes

  21. Ibra maybe could score that 2 or 3 out of a 100. Most everyone else would be lucky to manage it once if you gave them 100 tries.

  22. A self-imposed $5,000 fine sounds like (a) a rounding error for a major university and (b) a form of embezzlement.

  23. Nothing will change. Just like nothing changed after February protest. Whatever opposition there is in Russia its too outnumbered and too scattered. And criminals who run the country have too much power and influence

  24. There's plenty of reason to be pessimistic, and you're probably right, but all that said, things can change dramatically if the right kind of people get angry.

  25. This dynamic feels more real than their relationship in the actual comic.

  26. I am not that sure these vehicles will be worth it for Ukraine.

  27. Doesn’t Ukraine have loads of old Soviet weapons caches that might contain lots of still usable 105mm rounds?

  28. I call it the Darkseid pose--it's a classic comic book villain pose, the antithesis of the broad-chested, fists on hips iconic Superman pose. Where the latter is an open, bold pose that displays charisma, vigor, and trust, the former is a closed posture that suggests isolation, calculation, and distrust.

  29. Without NATO involvement, USA is just one state. It would have no strategic locations, logistical support, allies, etc…

  30. This goes both ways. The majority of NATO countries' security situations are for the most part tenable because of the assumption of American support and protection. Look at the Baltic States, who can afford to ship out huge quantities (relative to their supplies) of military equipment to Ukraine because they know the USA will have them covered. But this is even true of larger nations like Japan, South Korea, and Canada, who have decent militaries of their own but operate under the assumption that if shit hits the fan America will protect them.

  31. If the Russians drop even one single tactical nuke the West (and the US isn't the only candidate) should give the Ukrainians their own nukes and restore the status quo back to before the Budapest Memorandum which Russia broke.

  32. This won't happen precisely because for decades now the USA's stated position has been that they don't want any new countries getting nuclear weapons. It would undermine US policy with Iran, for one thing.

  33. They had a RB score 5 TDs. We have 5 rushing TDs from 5 different players. We are not the same.

  34. I'm so ready to build Akron into a playoff contender.

  35. UMass-Eastern Michigan national championship wen

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