1. I’m not implying stealing everything, just the idea

  2. Do understand that unique "processes" and "systems" are patented and protected, for example a recent patented process is Ford's "Auto Reposession".

  3. Welcome to husky life and the twice a year coat blowing, yes this is normal, 2 years old is when it really starts.

  4. Huskies can be very thin, my friend has a couple that look like this regardless of how much they feed them. They’ve even tried switching their food several times from Raw to Fresh Food and several different kibbles and they’re just thin AF.

  5. A few suggestions for your friend for helping their huskies gain weight from someone who has had to deal with the police due to "emaciated" dogs. The first is eggs, I would give my husky/mal mix 4-6 a day roughly 1 per 20lbs (sounds like a lot but he averaged 100lbs most of his life and running was his true joy), I know they have gotten expensive some places but if they can find someone in a more rural area that has chickens you'd be surprised how cheap they actually are (my parents neighbor sells them for $1 for 24). And the second is to try Ol Roy dog food, it's the Walmart brand but it's produced by Mars Pet foods, the original blend was developed to be a middle ground for working dogs, so it has decent protein but for this case it's the higher fat and carbs that it has that helps put on a few pounds.

  6. I would say it's pretty normal, they are pack animals so eating with their owner wouldn't be strange. Both of mine always have food, but they will generally eat most of their food when I am eating as well.

  7. For $95 they better be hand forging it, it's just a single walled steel jug, hell apparently the leather strap is not even strong enough to hold it when full based on the description.

  8. You may try contacting companies like ULine and WERCs, these are both product testing companies and would have these types of stats for millions of items. From there it would just be how many categories you want to have.

  9. Obviously the Toronto is a boo boo because no package gets from Vancouver to Toronto in two hours. This type of stuff happens all the time. Better than my package which arrived in Toronto, went to Richmond, back to Toronto, then back to Richmond, then Vancouver, then Burnaby, then Surrey, back to Richmond and they deemed it undeliverable.

  10. You read it backwards, it "departed" Toronto and "arrived" in Vancouver haha

  11. The yellow color means it's likely some type of dermatitis or scab from a scratch. They can get skin infections/hot spots if water gets to their undercoat and not dried completely. If it's just a single spot you can try washing the spot and thoroughly drying it. But if its more wide spread a vet visit is needed to get it under control faster.

  12. They are known to be very picky eaters, my 2 won't touch chicken or turkey based foods but they devour anything with pork or red meat like beef and venison. I learned this through trial and error.

  13. Huskies ideal of personal space is that all space is their personal space.

  14. Husky thought "I'll just erase the lines and redraw the yard BIGGER!"

  15. I don't know why people are saying the 10 hours away is an issue, that's just a normal work day, 8 hours at work with 1 hour commute both ways. I have 2 huskies and they have no issues being home every day that long, although instead of them playing and using up their energy during the day which was the plan as they have a dog door and good sized yard, they just rest and conserve energy to attack me when I get home haha.

  16. I'm guessing that 5 min guideline is more a general rule covering all dogs and definitely not specific to high energy working dogs like huskies. I have started walking both of mine basically from the day I got them, with probably the shortest time being 30 mins. Starting them walking on a leash this early made it easy to train them, and a tip if they resist the leash bring a toy and hold it in front of them while they walk to get them going. And neither have had an issues even my 11 yo has not developed any joint or hip issues.

  17. Thank you for the all the advice here! Really appreciate it. Glad to know my instincts weren’t off that 15 minutes was no where near the limit for him at this age. I took him on his first walk this morning and kept him to the 15 minute cap and it looked like he really just got finished warming up by the time I was taking him back in. I live in a high rise apartment so finally getting to take him on walks was a huge milestone to finally reach and I was a bit dismayed when I saw all the info online that I had to be so restrictive on duration. 15 minutes is nothing and 5 mins/each month would mean he couldn’t even reach an hour until the 1-year mark which just seemed wildly insufficient based on what I feel he’s capable of

  18. Ya with my first one, I definitely learned that when searching online, always make sure the advise is specifically targeted at huskies. They are definitely a very unique breed and every one of them seems to be their own variant as well. And as my vet told her training techs when she found out my male husky "purrs" with a low grumble when he gets butt scratches, never judge a husky based on anything other than that husky.

  19. So I can't talk to anything specific for a white husky, but I can provide some knowledge I've learned while owning huskies in Arkansas where temps get above 100F.

  20. I've done this on a snowboard with my older husky when he was younger, and he loved it and made walking back up sledding hills much easier too.

  21. Super heated distilled water. With no suspended materials to start nucleation, ie boiling, the water is able be heated above its boiling point, when the disturbance is caused it breaks the surface tension it allows small amounts of air in starting nucleation, and you'll notice the boiling start at the top of the water and moves down.

  22. You have now officially joined the "I've tried to bring my Husky inside when it's cold and failed" community haha. It's a lesson we all learn, they are happiest when it's cold. A few years ago it got to -30F with -50F wind chills and I still had to chase my husky down and carry him inside, and he still threw a tantrum and gave me his death stare.

  23. And if the same commercial keeps interrupting multiple videos, I swear a blood oath to never purchase the product.

  24. And now you know why good marketing uses an "annoyance factor" to prevent this from happening, repetition is only good marketing to a certain extent.

  25. And what do you do when audiences are very easily annoyed because they're watching an ad

  26. While it tends to be harder to track, banners have shown better conversion rates when they have been fully tracked and implemented correctly. These are far less obstructive so people feel less like they are being "sold to" and exist at the eyes peripheral points so even if people don't directly see it their peripheral vision is registering it throughout the video, so instead of 5 secs your message could exist for minutes.

  27. If dad were mistyped as AB, then the sisters couldn’t be O and be his offspring.

  28. I think he is talking about the Bombay gene which prevent A and B antigen creation and causes antigen tests to show as O but genetically the person can be AO or BO, in this case the mother could be BO passing on either type. You also have cis-AB blood type where AB exist on 1 chromosome allowing for things like AB-O which could produce an O child from an AB parent, but this is mainly found in Koreans and to a lesser extent Japanese populations.

  29. I didn't see anyone mention your mother could have the Bombay H gene which means she could be BO genetically but antigen tests would show her as O. And in rare case type A can naturally mutate to type B, this is how type B originally came about and while rare it is not unheard of for it to independently mutate.

  30. So what is the equation to end hunger for 1 person? then multiply by 8 billion... I like it!

  31. "Locally available and sustainable food" x 8B = End to World Hunger

  32. Didn't Musk ask a world organization to discover that formula? I swore he did, saying he wanted to solve the issue. Then, when the organization presented him with the data, he chose to buy Twitter instead? Am I remembering that wrong?

  33. He asked them for what the number and plan would be to permanently "solve" world hunger, the organization only came back with a plan to provide food each year for $6b yearly, and had many shortfalls. Musk was looking for an actual long term plan where areas could become self-sufficient and would not need outside support.

  34. He was in Fayetteville, aka Fayette'nam. We've all had stories like this (except the part about being the heir to a multi billion dollar throne) .. you never see the Waltons or Hunts pulling shit like this around here though.

  35. You must have forgotten Alice Walton's '98 DUI wreck, after hitting a gas pipe she screamed at the cop saying "I'm Alice Walton bitch"

  36. I am also a little concerned over the colour of his vomit like bright yellow and foam bubbles is that normal I have no idea

  37. Yes that's normal color, stomach acid/bile is yellow to greenish, what you should look for is stuff coming up that looks like coffee grounds as it's a sign of intestinal bleeding.

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