1. Shinji, Swiss Army Man and Eternal Sunshine are great movies and Joker is at the very least fun.

  2. can't believe this the game with Kanji in it and Yosuke still the gayest mf here

  3. This just proves that if you're evil and fucked up you're a certified cake owner

  4. me omw to trust someone else's thoughts on a movie more than my own (I have immense self doubt and am easily persuaded)

  5. Anything that would make her "irredemable" to me they couldn't really put in the show anyway. She could murder the entire main cast and I'd still root for her tbh.

  6. Lux x Jinx has existed since Star Guardians, so way way longer than Arcane has existed. Then the ship gained a popularity wave in the core universe due to the “you really got me” wild rift ads, depicting the two of them in a jovial, almost flirtatious friendship. But in terms of Arcane, nor Lux or Demacia as a whole have been so much as mentioned. This could change with season 2 expanding the scope of the world, but any kind of lightcannon adjacent relationship is certainly not going to happen. However that lack of cannon connection is where most lightcannon fans get most of their enjoyment, shaping the cannon to their own liking through fanart and especially fanfiction. But when it comes to arcane I would personally rather see Lux than Ekko in a relationship with Jinx because having 0 prior relationship is better than having an actively negative and violent relationship.

  7. Serious question, why do people like Jinx so much? She's the worst! Not saying she is a poorly written character, the writing and development for her is great, but she is the worst and pretty irredeemable in the show.

  8. Prolly when Mel caught Jayce and Viktor breaking into Heimerdinger’s study, I just find shit like that inexplicably awkward and uncomfortable

  9. the first Jinx and Silco scene in episode 4. It's when they were still trying to bait us into thinking maybe something gross was happening there (thankfully they dropped that real quick) but ugh that scene still makes me feel disgusting. Just the shot composition being used to frame the two, just disgusting.

  10. Sounds like it ends with all of Saul’s acquaintances in a circle, applauding him while chanting “Congratulations”, a la Evangelion.

  11. It would be hilarious if the series ends in a similar manor Eva eps 25 and 26, so many people would be pissed but I'd eat it up

  12. Reading fics is like scratching an itch, satisfies in the moment but only makes it itch more after

  13. as a relatively new player with few resources who purchased the paid track, its 100% worth it. It is so many cosmetics and rewards that its crazy

  14. Redeemed? Redeemed from what? From the perspective of Zaun Jinx is a hero, the only person willing to actually FIGHT against Piltover. Vander was submissive to them, Silco had a long winded scheme involving flooding the Undercity with harmful drugs and child labor factories, that did eventually almost bear fruit. Jinx though, Jinx cuts out the middle man and blows the damn Council to high heaven. Jinx is a solider, on one side of a two-sided war. And she's the best damn soldier Zaun has got. Its like calling a veteran a villain for serving their country. As for Vi, its up to her really. She can either love Jinx as she is or go back to fucking the cop topside.

  15. your Cliff is incredible, you must be his son or something

  16. “I can hear it now, the thunderous applause!”

  17. Yeah I do not think he is a good father overall but it is not all bad.

  18. Really Silco was just working with what he had. In his own experience, he took the things that made him suffer, pushed them out, and killed that part of him he thought was weak. And in that method he gained power, confidence, and followers, so it worked for him and he thought "well if this girl is just like me, then I must teach her the lessons I was taught by life". Unfortunately he didn't really have the full picture, and was too focused on his own experiences to really give Jinx the full help she needed.

  19. personally I see LoL Jinx as pretty much where Jinx is heading in the Arcane cannon. Big fan of property destruction, kinda cares about murder maybe 50% of the time, she's like halfway there already. Besides, LoL Jinx is outdated even in comparison to other riot games, Legends of Runeterra has a lot of interactions that feel a little more like the Jinx we know from Arcane.

  20. I think the basis of the ship started with the alternate universe

  21. the ship has been primarily associated with the Star Guardians universe until exactly this cinematic released and various other pieces of Wild Rift related media portraying the two together. Theres even this

  22. perhaps the most genuinely happy Jinx we've ever been given, very nice, very cool

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