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  1. I crosspost to the Mechmarket Discord server, which allows PayPal FnF payments. If the person found me from reddit, then yes, I would have honored the G&S requirement. But I don't ask every single person how they find me, so I have no way of knowing.

  2. Even if you post there, it doesn’t mean you can choose to not accept messages from Reddit, not following the rules in such a manner is a quick way for both platforms to suspend you.

  3. Why are you under the impression that I am "not accepting messages from Reddit?" I never said that.

  4. Probably because there were user reports regarding that.

  5. Yep, see where you are coming from on that. Has been an interesting convo.

  6. I think it's also important to remember that some of these people complaining about GB queue times joined when it was already well known the queues were long, and continued to join - the OP here was still joining GBs in March 2022, it's not like the queues will magically go from 2 years to 3 months - but it is fashionable to complain about GMK right now

  7. Yep. The only "group buy" i ever took part in was for a portable digitizer that had a 3 month lead. It had some time blowout as covid lockdowns started a month before ship so not their fault and they did their best in bad situation. Tend to avoid them myself

  8. Yeah, anyone joining a GB in 2022 or late 2021, especially when there are plenty of in stock alternatives available, should know what they are getting into, so it's hard to take the complaints very seriously - a very large portion of the GBs OP joined were these, a notable one being Dracula R2 - R1 of which was super notorious for taking forever before it even was submitted to the production queue because the designer went through like 5 rounds of colour matching

  9. Huh? No? Most of time questions go unanswered and just get downvoted. Right now people are helping a lot because there was a post talking about how it was useless and was pointing out the elitism in this sub.

  10. The main reason questions probably go unanswered is there are a lot of really specific niche questions - the same questions would go unanswered as posts too

  11. Thanks for letting me know, I found a low profile one, do you think

  12. All non low profile boards using standard MX sockets are not compatible with ANY Low Profiles switch unfortunately, you need to look for Low Profile keyboards that are specifically compatible, you may find some luck asking on

  13. Wait, but the various articles I read showed that Logitech MX Mechanical mini used Kaihl Voc Switch

  14. That is because they are using cherry’s low profile switches, not Kaihl, and are soldered. Doesn’t mean you can swap in Kaihl switches.

  15. You must use promotional flair when featuring your products

  16. Note this keyboard (Lyra) isn’t available anymore, while some local people got the board, the person fulfilling, Santigo, scammed the members of this group buy and the subsequent one Monoflex

  17. Tru Dat, but some people took that GB in their own hands and you can still buy it :)

  18. Ah, because of the Ukraine war I wasn’t sure if those efforts had stalled, regardless, Santigo is still a scammer if anyone happens to see them attempt more GBs

  19. Thats a shame because I specifically use Etsy for the transparency with reviews and having product made literally out of the back room of the house. Hopefully they receive enough negative reviews or reports to push the shop out. Even a 4 star tanks the algorithm for sellers with the new requirements.

  20. Etsy unfortunately has many dropshippers and people selling counterfeit goods, when confronted by the IP Holder their response was “Buyer beware it’s up to them to do their research” so they clearly don’t care about the law or ethics

  21. Their moves the past couple years have also increased the fee percent, but removed an available phone number for support buyer and seller. Even in the 3D printed accessory category theres some designs taken from readily available websites and sold as self made.

  22. Yeah up to you to assess the risks though many times counterfeits are harder to deal with on these platforms (eBay and Etsy), and even Amazon has dealt with many counterfeit listings before

  23. This is rather complicated for your desired $300 price point, you don’t yet have a working prototype, but do you have any manufacturer quotes or other pricing breakdown to substantiate your objectives?

  24. If they added Cherry Spellbook to the sale the could’ve yoinked me for $50 but is gonna be cannoncaps for me this time around.

  25. It says spellbook will be $65 which isn't bad for how new it is

  26. Yes, here are screenshots of the last messages we exchanged :

  27. Interesting, they were already blacklisted on the sub for the blatant selling of counterfeits, though it’s definitely not the right way to go about customer service with such hostility.

  28. Yeah, and it's especially sus how their tone changed on the chat right after I sent the first video showing how I firmed up and everything. It's like they were dead set on just not listening to and helping me. I thought about PP chargeback, I'll try that but I don't think they'll do anything considering I did receive all the items, it's just not functionning properly so Paypal won't really deal with that.

  29. It’s not functioning, your rights are you received goods as described, so you would use radon code for a credit card or PayPal Dispute goods defective or not as described

  30. Can you provide screenshots evidence of such communications by them dismissing customers?

  31. Dedomed 2700k's for the warm channel, and domed 5700k's for the cold side

  32. Nice! That’s definitely what I would do if I got one of mine modded, if the one Sofirn is making in the future isn’t those tints, would you consider modding an LT1 for others?

  33. Yeah I wouldn't mind, though it'd probably be a wee bit expensive for most. I'd have to do some calculations before I settle on a price first lol

  34. Yeah the LEDs themselves aren’t exactly cheap I imagine

  35. Thanks man. I messaged Barry last week and he said they had plans for the 519a.👍👍

  36. Would be great! It would be convenient over getting an existing one modded but if the tint range is narrow then modding is better

  37. I wanted to try out the 1800k GT-FC40 emitter because warmmmm, so I ordered an aluminum d1 and kr1 with the emitter.

  38. You’ll find if you search this thread there’s been many other users with issues with RAMA, and that company has attempted to brigades the subreddit and harass community members before due to the GB issues

  39. Yeah not looking to do anything below the belt, just thought there could be something more official that might force them to even give some updates. I’ll just stick it out, keebers gonna keeb

  40. Well, idk what you mean by “below the belt” but filing with the relevant regulatory agency and a credit card chargeback is enforcing your legal consumer rights they aren’t upholding.

  41. Interesting choice, larger cousin to the A8x, but why not get the E8 instead?

  42. Very easy. The Z1 is easy to disassemble, and you can buy this LED soldered to a 20mm star MCPCB, so it's almost a drop in replacement, no reflow needed, just thermal paste and some solder. Just be careful when reassembling the Z1, it has a tendency to destroy the rubber rings, and make sure to get the 5000K egg version (it's mislabeled as cold white), the emitting surface is

  43. You prefer the 5000k over the 3000k for this light? Because of beam strength and tint?

  44. Yes, the beam uniformity and intensity made a big difference for me. The 3000K beam projected all the roughness of the surface of the LED. It isn't terrible, but the 5000K has an edge on it.

  45. I see, do you have some side by side comparison shots indoors and outdoors?

  46. Coming here late but I had all the same feelings, anime like this and Erased I nearly skipped due to the art style with the lips but the story made them both some of the best I’ve ever seen

  47. For comparison purposes, what was the output for the lowest Moonlight setting on old E07x and NOV-Mu?

  48. You must use promotional flair for this content

  49. You must use promotional flair for this content

  50. I’m not RAMA? I think you replied to the wrong people.

  51. Opple Pro came in a week or so ago, but just got a chance to play with it today. Measured most of the collection (27 lights, definitely missed a few), and the negative DUV winner was my muled 6500K Thrunite T1!!!

  52. It might be your Opple, mine reads much warmer than it should on 4500k+ lights, and the reading constantly fluctuates

  53. That's exactly what I was thinking. I don't know for sure that that's the cause, but I always take my opple readings in a dark room with the opple inside a black fabric box to eliminate any stray light.

  54. I’ve had this issue with my Opple on 4500k and under lights reading much warmer than they should, so could be the device?

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