1. A leauge of their own is pretty good

  2. She did though 😭 she told Sullivan they wouldn’t do a good job something along the lines of the that. If the whole station knew that job was Andy’s then that should be your hint. maya was too green and it was clear that she was cause rigo died

  3. Because they wouldn't. And Sullivan as their previous Captain has seen them all in action. It was him who choose to make Maya Captain, after she made her case for it. Why shouldn't Maya apply for a job that was available for any lt to apply for, simply because it would offend her friend who felt entitled to the job. Just because Andy's dad was a previous Captain at that station, doesn't mean that Andy should automatically get the job. Had it not been Maya, then it would have been an outsider. Andy wasn't going to get it at that point. Andy wasn't ready at that point. Rigo died because he was a lousy firefighter, and because it's a dangerous job. It was only Jack and Andy who had an issue with Maya as captain. The others didn't care. And Maya grew into a good Captain, who the rest of her team respected.

  4. The others didn’t care? lol go rewatch.

  5. Her situation is extremely complicated. She's a woman living in a time when being gay could get her arrested, and she didn't discover her sexuality until after she was married.

  6. Hahahaha in True Blood she has like 2 lines and mostly just acts as a prop. I just started watching True Blood a few months ago. When I saw her I was like “huh she really moved up in her career.”

  7. The op simply asked what else the actress was in

  8. Especially if L/L would end up having a kid together, then Jess and Rory would share a relative

  9. Amelia wouldn’t have had a nice ending if she got married to Link. I’d imagine she’d be pretty miserable😅

  10. Especially because she didn't want marrige, so a marrige would have let to Amelia resenting Link, which would have let to Link resenting Amelia

  11. They were totally bickering like an old married couple. Cami was one of the few people who could speak her mind to Klaus

  12. It's pretty clear where the show is headed. They'll get together, probably during the season finale. It's a slow burn. The Main issue previously, has been timing. They never been single at the same time, and when they were both single, one or both of them was hung up on somebody else, but now they're both single and over their exes, and Jo has dated since Alex. Link is probably not saying anything because he's afraid of ruining their friendship, and probably under the impression that Jo no longer has those feelings for him. Teddy's 'advice' probably spooked him.

  13. I'd be happy with them together too.. I just thought for sure it was happening the first time and then they both got weirded out lol so idk if that's gonna happen again or not. Good point though, it probably will be a season finale thing

  14. I think it's because they weren't sure at first if the show would be renewed or if season 18 would be the last season, so they kind of had to rush it at first, but then the show got renewed for season, and they could gradually and slowly build it towards an endgame parring. At first, Link was hung up on Amelia, and then Jo dated Todd while Link wasn't sure on how he felt. But now, they're both ready, but both are probably afraid to ruin the friendship

  15. Nope. Blair would be exhausting to be friends with

  16. For throwback. They wanted some stuff to resemble the earlier seasons

  17. Why are they wrong to want another baby. They were robbed of the chance to raise, and wanted to be able have a baby they could raise. The daughter that they had to send away for her own protection was the same age as them when they finally reunited with her.

  18. People only notice it on a rewatch after he left. If he hadn't left the way he did, then no one would notice anything. It wasn't forshadowing, because they didn't plan his Exit years ahead

  19. I actually like him. I know It's an unpopular opinion, but I do.

  20. Agree. I don't even think she's spoiled

  21. Yes. They desvered better, both as a couple and as individuals. Alex desvered a better exit, than him turning into a coward, liar and cheater. Someone who knows that Jo has abandonment issues. Jo desveres better than to be abandoned by the one person she thought that she could count on, especially when she gave him an out, that he chose not to take. Alex and Jo desvered better than to end like that.

  22. Not a good fit. She needs someone more stable than that. Nothing against him, but she is ahead of him, in regards to milestones. I Also think that he is not in the right headspace currently, to be in a relationship. Jo might also have a slight issue with the fact that he had an affair with a married woman

  23. I don’t know his character since I’ve never seen station 19 but from this little clip I feel like they had chemistry. And I also like Link and Jo tbh I liked Jo and Hayes too but I didn’t see her as stepmom material. Maybe I just like jo with everyone 🤣 she deserves a win

  24. I mean, I think she could be a good stepmom. Maybe not necessarily to a couple of teenage boys, whose mom died. But she could be a good stepmom to Scout. I could never really picture Jo and Hayes together. I could see him as a sort of mentor/friend to her.

  25. It's a beautiful and classy dress. Although, black might not be the usual color to wear at a wedding

  26. I don't agree with all. Some, but not all

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