1. I wish they would put this info somewhere that’s easily accessible to partners


  3. Tbh kinda scared to open it. Can you tell me where to find it?

  4. Any feedback, HEB manager? How should I feel about the rudeness of your in-store shoppers that are more concerned with hitting numbers vs my in-store shopping experience. I'm not knocking HEB employees. I'm knocking the fucked-off corporate metrics that are employed.

  5. Tbf, we’re shopping for 12-24 customers. We kinda have the right of way

  6. Talk to your manager or one of your top store leaders. Hopefully they’re understanding

  7. Probably Iris dying. Remember he is a piece of Barry

  8. JLM is smothers Candice. Or absorbing her 😂

  9. Not sure about this one. The bigger one works well for me tho

  10. Oh I wish our store did that. One of our MICs just shoots them once the store closes

  11. when I get asked if I work here while wearing a jacket, shirt, badge, pulling a big cart and holding a iphone with a heb case on it 😐 as im grabbing product too. I really look at them like ????? 😐

  12. Although HEB has its flaws, it is miles better than Walmart

  13. That’s crazy. HEB is one of the reasons I’m still living in Texas

  14. My husband is a welder at a small business and makes 20 a hr. I was an assistant manager at a dollar tree making 9 an hr. We rent a 3 bed/2 bath, internet, Xbox, etc. We have nice stuff and up to date stuff but we save up and don't splurge a lot.

  15. Write your names on your water bottles. Please. For the love of God

  16. This is against policy. And it’s shorting them out of an hour (ish) off pay per week. Please advise them not to do this

  17. Pick up hours in other departments until you find something better

  18. What does this mean? You have to file a separate form just because you use the HEB debit card?

  19. Curbie in curbside is really easy to learn. It is physically taxing, if you haven’t been moving around a lot

  20. I wouldn’t worry too much about it. Just don’t do it again

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