1. What if it’s for a good reason like he’s still in school

  2. What gets me is when it says in 3-4 years is their timeline 💀💀 Are you mad?!?!?! Am I boo boo the fool? That is literally a whole degree? What are we gonna talk about for 3-4 years? Are we studying each other? Why even bother looking now? I just don’t get it wallah

  3. What if it’s for a valid reason, like he’s in school for 3-4 more years

  4. If I walk into a lions cage and get scratched. Is it only the lions fault?

  5. I don't really like it when people compare humans to animals. We are not like animals. We have rationale and reason. A lion that sees an intruder versus a human who (sexually) assaults a person are two different things.

  6. I think a lion and some men are the same. If we live in a world where women get harassed AT HAJJ, then I think it’s fair to use the lion analogy for some men

  7. When it comes to things like the books she reads / TV shows she watches / jokes she makes / women she’s been friends with longer than you; you can certainly calmly explain your reasoning why you think ABC and ask nicely for XYZ, followed by a practical discussion on how that might realistically play out and reasonably over how long.

  8. What if people lie though. I know I would be super transparent cuz I would rather be alone than divorce but I think many people just put their best face up in the beginning and show true colors after marriage. It’s why so many women keep healthy weights before marriage then let themselves go afterwards. Also why people modify their marriage photos with so many filters to look way better than they do in real life. Any sane individual would take realistic photos so their prospect knows how they would look on a day to day basis but no, majority heavily modify their photos to look as good as possible and deceiving others isn’t even given a second thought.

  9. no. its subjective, really to a person to person basis but generally conforming to the society you live in.

  10. no. hitler didnt THINK he did something wrong. other people did. hence morality being SUBJECTIVE AND NOT OBJECTIVE

  11. Seems to me that sex is the only reason most men are excited for marriage

  12. As an ugly person I tell you never use matches on tinder or any app to measure your beauty. I got matches on muzzmatch from people that were 10 and highly attractive but I'm a solid objective 3. Do you have any scientific/logic explanation for this?

  13. Yes. You in reality are not ugly but you have internalized your families belief that u are ugly and you’re basing the fact that you’re ugly on that. If u were truly ugly u would get 0 matches online. OP is correct. We are usually our harshest critics. My whole life women have approached men to either be friends or to marry. Its happen to closest of my friends as wel. Never happened to me. I genuinely thought I was ugly. Then I looked for marriage and ran into two sisters who I consider attractive and they found me attractive. Ever since then I realized we are our harshest critics and it’s very possible there’s millions out there, especially Muslims, who think they’re ugly when they’re not

  14. Same thing u do if your family is full of liberals and democrats, u keep your beliefs and preferences to yoursef

  15. It’s always g8 stuff man…why are these people so obsessed with lg tvs lol

  16. Gona go against the grain but if I was not in shape and she wanted me to be in shape before marrying then I would fix my health before marrying her. In Islam u have to do your best to make sure your spouse is attracted to you so it creates love between them and decreases chances of cheating and other stuff. I would also ask her to maintain a healthy weight during the marriage as well. Win win, both of us will b healthy

  17. Some women in the comment section want a man to open up so she can find him unattractive. Theres called being open and being honest. Honesty is good but opening up ain't

  18. Who said if u open up to women they will find u unattractive? Kafir red pillers? What does Islam say on the issue? Did the prophets and sahabas confide in their wives? How close were they to their wives?

  19. Interesting, i dont know too much about your beliefs. I had no idea you couldnt work in those places.

  20. Yes we are not allowed to assist in sin and most of those institutions operate heavily on sin.

  21. Please do indulge my curiosity. I get most of the things you listed but I'm curious about the banks. Is it because they lend money but collect interest, just as it was forbidden to Christians to do for a long time? I'm just asking cause I live in a country with a large muslim minority and none of them seem to have any problems using banks to store their money. Granted, I wouldn't know who isn't using a bank without tracking every individual. Anyway, I wonder: Is there a difference made between using a bank and working for one, or do these people either adhere to a less stringent Interpretation of your faith or put their own needs or comfortover their religious strictures?

  22. It’s virtually impossible to live without a bank account since majority of jobs do not pay cash. Furthermore if you run a business u require a bank account. Such things are allowed due to necessity.

  23. Watch Islamic content, remember Allah, praise him and make dua to him and talk to him. Instantly feel better.

  24. Fair enough, even though I disagree completely with your beliefs and lifestyle, I would still talk to you respectfully and not be hostile, but if u hate me that much, nothing I can really do. Have a good day my friend!

  25. If you abstain long enough, your erectile dysfunction will go away. However, I’d give you the following advices:

  26. Looks delicious good job. If there was a little more shora (gravy) it would be absolute perfect but nonetheless well done. Eat that with some pita or naan and it would hit

  27. Salam alaikum Yes alhamdulillah After about a year you don't even think about it. And you don't even care about it. It's completely possible I'm telling you this as someone who was addicted for about 15 years and is clean for almost two years now. May Allah guide us all.

  28. When does it get easier? My longest streak was 60 days and it was still a daily struggle. Also I never had a wet dream during my long 2-3 month streaks and my downstairs felt very full/congested/slightly painful at times. I wasn’t edging myself or looking at haram during this time so it’s not blue balls . Any tips or advice?

  29. You've fuked up your dopamine and reward centers, your sex drive is now a slave to novelty. The good news is the brain is plastic, all it needs is time to heal.

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