1. Yep theyre hanging around like a fart in a lift, it feels like evokers will be like monks though and not critical to storyline. Of course people might actually play evoker, might

  2. I am loving my evoker- I love all my (all the classes at 60…sue me I’m a nilla player I was a freshman in high school when wow dropped lol) but I think Evokers have so much RP value they can even realistically live through all the raid through bronze flight abilities to see what they have missed

  3. Yeah i mean after legion finished was a tad like waiting for your last guests to leave the party, with demon hunters, the legion is defeated fellas, go home go home, it turns out the demons weren't even a big deal just organised by an gaslighting intern of a vampiric sub whose nipply dom leather daddy wanted to fuck around

  4. If you engaged him in a fight, youd both be arrested and charged. But i agree it was right to go over and call garda

  5. Isnt just a charity drive/toy advert/ooh arent kids just so cheeky hoo hoo hee hee

  6. You would think if these racist irish pricks where so nationalistic they would know our history and fully accept a people who have been displaced by a powerful war hungry neighbour. But they lack that social awareness or any kind of human empathy. And are just fully fledged fucking cunts without neither the dept or warmth

  7. Um stupid question but how is it a fixed rate, it the rate isn't fixed and keeps changing

  8. Only for new people, not people who already have fixed rates

  9. Hes too old, but 20 years ago i would have followed him atop his mighty mountain dog mount into hell itself

  10. If you said black was black that dishevelled prick would say it wasnt, that it was white.

  11. I never understood why he was always wet in his music videos

  12. My fellow scholar of fried feasts, i am sorry but i must disagree, the vinegar is the glue which the salt attaches itself to the chip.

  13. You need to fry them sprouts in garlic butter and paprika, boiling them removes all the good flavours. Roast those carrots in honey

  14. I steamed them and threw them into the tray of chicken juice with some garlic for the last two minutes.

  15. Well then, lets see if you're all talk or not, let say your place at 9?

  16. Can you tell your sister that i left my watch on her nightstand, and if we are having breakfast the next morning again if she could get some almond milk, thanks

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