1. Do you want to enlighten us as to what in your background would cause an apartment complex to reject your application?

  2. My mail has gone through the Wynn Drive station for 30+ years, and I'm not aware of them losing a single thing belonging to me.

  3. So are you saying the Arkansas pipeline is a mixed bag?

  4. PSA to future homebuyers: This is why the address lookup tool exists on the MCS website.

  5. And don't trust what Zillow says are the schools for a particular house. Zillow doesn't know - it just picks the closest schools.

  6. Before self checkouts, there were massive lines behind every open lane. They're considerably more efficient for everyone.

  7. Walmart's slogan used to be "Where you're always next in line!". They gave up on that idea a long time ago.

  8. Ok thank you! Is the BTL office different than the Vbc box office?

  9. Yes, 256-518-6155. I don't think they will exchange the tickets for a different show, but doesn't hurt to ask. They will exchange the tickets for a different time this weekend.

  10. Not a good look, but like everyone else, he is innocent until proven guilty.

  11. IDC what everyone says the court operates on assumptions and presumptions. Your presumed guilty until You rebut them and prove otherwise. Just the act of taking your mugshot should be unconstitutional bc it places the thought your are guilty in everyone who sees it, even your potential pool of jurors

  12. That is an excellent point. I like the idea of not releasing mug shots to the public. In general, I'm also against releasing police body cam video to the public before a trial for the same reason you state - it can taint a potential pool of jurors. But our society seems to demand to see that video immediately so we can make a judgement immediately before a trial. I don't think that's healthy for our justice process. I'm sure Walmart has video of Mr. Keith shoplifting - should it be released now so we can pass judgement. Or should he have a chance to build a defense and rebut what's on the video?

  13. You can tell this subreddit is mostly young people. They think people over 50 (in this case 91) use GPS to get around town. That's the funniest and saddest thing about these comments.

  14. I kind of get the feeling this isn't someone who lives here, honestly. I mean, pretty much anyone who's been in town for awhile would know that Big Spring is a park with a pond in its center, but someone from out of town might not be hip to that.

  15. Agreed. To be fair, it was raining and both roads and parking lots can look like a pond and visa versa when they are covered with water. Add that fact the man was 91, and really no big surprise.

  16. Huntsville has been the Hockey Capital of the South for 40 years. Other southern cities may try to claim that title, but none have ever succeeded.

  17. Agreed, but there is still a very deep and committed hockey community here. From amateur all the way up to professional. Lots of support at all levels.

  18. Unfortunately what we know is multiple apartments were shot into and he was the only person hit. Nice apartments... It was unfortunately probably someone showing off how bad ass he is by shooting his gun. Which means I doubt he was alone. Most likely someone besides the perpetrator saw it. Unfortunately that person is now also a criminal. My advice to anyone who knows is turn yourself in. You'll get a super light sentence. And win the respect of everyone. They also have bullets fired from a gun. You might just be able to get someone else to tell the police to check the ballistics of the criminals guns and collect the money 💰. It's a win for everyone. Please

  19. I suspect cell phone data shows who moved into the area and who moved out of the area. These perps were probably not smart enough to leave their cell phones at home. At 3am there probably is a limited set of cell phones moving around. The cops have a list of people to investigate. An accessory to this murder would be wise to come forward and confess because you will be caught.

  20. Farm burger. Never had such a bland burger in my life.

  21. The use low fat beef. That's why it doesn't taste very good.

  22. If you really want to raise chickens, just move out to the county in an area where there are no rules. Simple enough.

  23. As someone that does live out in the county and drives to Huntsville often, i can say that is not so simple. The extra driving alone has been slowly killing me for years. Not worth it for chickens imo

  24. I had to give up on chickens when I couldn't keep the varmints away. The last straw was when something chewed through the chicken wire.

  25. A card? Credit or Debit? I'm not sure about the age limit, but I'd suggest you get her a credit card with a $500 limit. You will have to co-sign for it, but explain it's hers and she has to pay it. That should teach her responsibility quickly. It should make you feel better when she's away from home because she's got $500 to spend if needed in an emergency. To be honest, between a cell phone and a credit card, I'd rather my kid have a credit card for safety. Everyone has a cell phone. Not everyone has a credit card to pay for emergency expenses.

  26. You can just put your children on your cards as an authorized user.

  27. I wouldn't do that. Get them an account and card with their name for which they are responsible. I think I did for both my kids at 14. There was never a problem with it.

  28. Meanwhile the poor suckers spend extra gas driving to Tennessee, Mississippi, Georgia and Florida to buy lotto tickets and spend money on food and such there while doing so. Then those states spend the lottery revenue on programs for their poor people and enhancing their economies. Makes sense!

  29. Is there any evidence the revenue from lottery sales has made a difference in the states around us? Are their economies better? Are their people better educated? Are there fewer poor people?

  30. All 4 neighboring states rank higher in education. 3 of the 4 states have a higher GDP than Alabama, Mississippi does not. The poverty rate for Mississippi is also higher than Alabama but the other 3 states have a lower poverty rate. Although Mississippi just started their lottery 4 years ago and the other 3 states have had lottery in place for decades. Looks like they spend the money mostly on education, after school programs and the highways.

  31. I appreciate you looking up all those statistics. My point is that in spite of all the lottery revenue, nothing has really changed. If you were to look at education rankings and poverty rates in the year 2000 versus year 2022, I suspect everything would be about the same. From an education perspective, we've been saying "Thank goodness for Mississippi" for at 40 years.

  32. Take a nice drive to Story & Lee in Leoma, TN. This is where Huntsville shops for good furniture at fair prices.

  33. How in the world have we gotten back into this one? I quit watching at half

  34. Because if there is one thing this team is good at it is not giving up.

  35. I come here for news. If you haven't noticed news organizations in Huntsville (and elsewhere) are lacking. There is no longer a newspaper. TV stations only report stories for which they have video. No video = no story.

  36. I'm trying to scratch my head to a case where eminent domain was a help to the people. Even the arsenal if I recall reading was the us army taking over property owned by the masses of that community

  37. I would guess eminent domain was used to secure the land where 565 is today. That helped people, right?

  38. 100% of Americans have been born, but I certainly wouldn't say that the majority of Americans are being born now.

  39. I'm a fan of people that understand math! You get my upvote.

  40. Not local, but TobyMac is at the VBC Friday night.

  41. Kind of a dick to use your phone and drive 20MPH under the speed limit. But hey they did it.

  42. You realize it's a speed limit, right? You're not required to drive 40mph on a road with a 40mph speed limit. Especially when your driving a USPS van and the roads are wet.

  43. What I'd like to investigate is how high you set your thermostat during the winter months.

  44. A single drop of rain causes about a quarter of the population to drive ten under the speed limit.

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