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  1. What did you self reflect about? What part about that did you reflect on your self? The whole post was just a criticism of your “friends”. Nothing had to do with your own actions or behaviors. Having a good job doesn’t make you not a loser. You literally can’t even get a single guys number at speed dating. All you do is criticize other people. Everything about you screams insecure and over compensating. You’re the female equivalent of a lifted truck driver. You have the EQ of a middle schooler. The only thing you place value you on is money. You have a shitty personality and as you say you’re ugly. I am fit, with a good paying job, and my own house in my 20s. It’s really not that impressive. Everyone I know in their 30s has the same shit done. The only thing that is high value about you is your job. Other than that you’re immature, defensive, classless, and critical. You got told too many times that you’re important growing up. Everything you listed is a dime a dozen.

  2. Lol bitch whatever. I made a post and most people agreed with me, many thought the same. You're the one here having a rant abt my emotional intelligence blah blah blah. The one that's having a shitty personality is YOU, my dear. You literally spend your nights trying to be mean to people who dare to make a post. "You're ugly" etc. Geez, what a mean, unkind person. Like what's wrong with your life. Well depends on where you have the house, probably middle or nowhere.

  3. I never said you were ugly. You said you were ugly that’s why no guys at speed dating liked you. I’ve never seen your face, but I can tell you the reason why they didn’t call wasn’t cause of your face. I love how defensive you are. Stop projecting. You made fun of one of your own friends for being fat not me. Even if I did say you were ugly that’d be the pot calling the kettle black.

  4. I never made fun of her. She's still obese btw. That's just unhealthy. To point sth out isn't making fun. Now you made up a whole story about me. Like...get a life 🤡

  5. Monogamy has to be earned. Does he fulfil 100% of your needs? It's coercion. You're not a slave to be owned.

  6. How? Most women in their 30s either already have children or don't want them.

  7. Most men treat women we love better than women we don't. Many women struggle to accept options for relationships are different to options for sex.

  8. That's just my stance. Men cannot love. Yes, they can be physically faithful for a while and send good mornings texts. They can fake-pretend, yes. No denying.

  9. They brought this on themselves. They were alone in the club, provoking. They should have known better.

  10. Women are more jealous on average than men are. You also have a subset of women, like me, that are fine with “medium ugly” knowing the trade off is fidelity. Fidelity matter 1000000% more.

  11. Total deal breaker. Unless of course I’m totally destitute and have no choice but to share a man so that I didn’t starve, like if I was a slave girl on a Viking colony in 790AD.

  12. Companionship IS the problem. I'm not here to coddle your boring ass. Get a life, lil b.

  13. I’m not quite sure it matters until it does. The ED. The weird inability to connect during sex. The distance you feel in a quick fix fantasy vs enjoying the vulnerability you could have together. It’s that simple. Men create their own insecurities about sex when they make it a performance over a connection. If you’re honest with yourself, every kink, every fantasy, is borne from images you watched and created in your head based on what you think is right. You’re playing a script that has no real life application. Like I’m video games. That’s where it’s time to draw the line. Do you want to live your life in fantasy or reality? Up to you to take the “blue pill” or the “red pill” in the end.

  14. Maybe she's just ugly, and can't do it for him. It's a very normal thing. And you shouldn't be insecure about it.

  15. Only someone who thinks men are inferior to women would say he isn’t significantly more attractive than her

  16. Like what. He's not even the most handsome man in Hollywood while her face is literal perfection.

  17. Same. Like in general, it's a scam. Money is better spend on bettering yourself or your hobbies.

  18. I've only been wooed by women a handful of times. It didn't work out for one reason or another but I still remember them fondly. Most women make me feel like a monkey responsible for their entertainment.

  19. Square jawline. Low and defined. But not with long chin, this looks as if he was dumb.

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