1. i see revel ones now and then, i may snag some .

  2. I haven't tried revel yet; I want to, but at my dispo it's $60/g and I just can't bring myself to pay that.

  3. I remember being at the family values tour back in the day and being so mad when Aaron Lewis sang outside and Fred ruined it. 😒

  4. Pfff fucking Fred Durst. Just watched the Woodstock ‘99 doc on Netflix over the weekend. InSANE.

  5. I watched that this weekend too, and I thought, "wow! Fred durst was an even bigger piece of shit than I remember...I didn't think that was possible!" 🤣

  6. Idek why its this close. AR jealousy had no color to it and didnt smell like jealousy does from multiple other cultivators. At least my batch. Every Klutch jealousy jar ive had has been good its one of my go to strains

  7. Yeah, I fell in love with klutchs jealousy, and I've had great luck with ar extracts, so I was curious.

  8. Klutch for complete package, AR if you just want to be blasted and you don’t mind taste or smell. They are both finer choices In Our progrum.

  9. Yeah, I'm in love with klutchs version, but haven't tried ar, and the pics online look nothing alike.🤣

  10. Im a big AR fan, especially bc they have the cheapest concentrate that still works well, and the honey and coconut oil have been great for edibles!

  11. I was/am a huge ar fan, but check out the new line of extracts lighthouse just dropped. Much cheaper than ar, and so far, the terp creme, live resin, and crumble have all been top of the line!

  12. Ive been loving them! The hell on wheels has been a repeat purchase for me several times now

  13. I've got the hell on wheels crumble right now! It's amazing!

  14. Holy shit, I LOVED this! I actually still have a 1/10 I've been sitting on for a rainy day. Certified nailed this one! Nice smell, crazy good taste/effects. Forget the grinder with this! 🤣 It was so gooey it clogged my shut up good.

  15. I have a question, and plz, it's a serious question, not trying to be a dick...does your dispensary not allow you to look at your flower before you buy it?

  16. They do not. I have not been to any dispo in Ohio where you can see the product before you purchase it.

  17. Man, that sucks. Honestly, I didn't know our dispo would let us until like a month ago. I was picking up a jar, and when she brought it out, when she showed it to me before she rang it up, it looked terrible. So I asked her if I could change my order, and she said that I could always request to see the jars/bags before I purchase. So now I do. I go to gleaf in warren btw.

  18. I ve had shake from up North the other state so I figure I give this try. I don’t think I can give this away. Animal mints I’m 💨💨 as I text so let you know about that later.

  19. I really only fuck with fireland's usually mostly or all smalls or popcorn.

  20. Blueberry cookies, northern frostberry, orange velvet underground are also nice from galenas. If you see any strain they have listed as artifact it will be worth it to grab it.

  21. I was on the same boat with Farkas, but their last few batches of problem child were PERFECT! I'm glad I gave them another chance (honestly, the only reason I tried again was because lighthouse uses their flower and lighthouse extracts are amazing).

  22. Yeah, I'm a sucker for a good og strain, and imo this is one of the best I've tried in ohios program.

  23. Especially the live Halloween show from the bootleg series where they cover all of the talking heads "remain in light"!

  24. Had the GMO cookies smalls. Worst thing I've purchased in the program!!! Odd though I had a 10th about 6 months prior and it was gas!!! Just can't trust pow same happened with the blue blast!!!! Hell on Wheels used to be in my top 3 to scared to pick some up!!!

  25. I feel it...after I got burnt by the gmo smalls bag, it was a long time before I tried anything else from them. Still always feels like a gamble when buying pow.

  26. I love the animal face and blueberry cheesecake, but my favorite of theirs, hand down, is the true og. Best og strain I've seen in years...and people around me are still sleeping on it, so when the dispensary gets some in, they usually have it for a while.

  27. Just grabbed a jar of this at 30.2% @ gleaf in warren for $55. Very nice. Smells great, taste is nice, effects are definitely on point. This batch the cure seems a little off, but that's just me nit-picking. 😜

  28. Yeah if that had been a 3210 it’d be all good, other than the damage done to the concrete path

  29. Right?! My ex used to keep hers at the bottom of her handbag , kinda like a cue ball in a sock...same principle. Except I think the Nokia would do more damage than the cue ball! 🤣

  30. Yeah.. I hate wasting money trying new strains.. but if I didn't.. I would have never tried this. This is prob my new favorite.. my list ; #1 klutch Jealousy, 2 bullseye problem child, 3 klutch. bighead, 4 Verano super glu.

  31. Your list of favorites mirrors my own at the moment, except my new #1 might be a 3 way tie with jealousy, problem child, and this latest batch of true og from woodward. I love a good OG strain, and this one is the truth.

  32. Yeah, my dispensary had 1/10 jars for 20 a couple weeks ago and I ended up buying like 5. 🤣

  33. I grab a bag of this rough cut every time they get it at my dispensary. Probably the most consistent good deal I've found in the program. Always on point, and can't beat the price!

  34. Yeah, he's our claim to fame. We'll, that and we held the record for most murders per 100,000 people for like 3 years in a row back in the 90's.

  35. Yep, I used to work with the mayor’s daughter back in the day and I heard she was almost the victim of a drive- by…. But I could be wrong…

  36. Yep...sounds about right. They cleaned the town up nice thru the early '00s, but these fucked up wanna be banger kids got it all fucked up again.

  37. How is this batch i really like problem child.... Although I notice the terps are low for this batch especially the Myce etc....

  38. I thought the terps seemed low too, but it smells and tastes amazing, and effects are on point.

  39. I've never had any luck with patches, even doctor prescribed 5% Lidocaine ones. I think the adhesive is why I don't like them. Best and cheapest thing I've found that helps is Dr. Solomon's THC/CBD Balm. It's available in both THC rich and CBD rich depending on what helps you. I use the THC rich type and a small dab smeared on my low back reduces my ache a lot. I've had a jar for three months and not even 1/4 gone using it a couple times a week.

  40. That dr Solomon cbd rich balm is amazing! Knocks out my joint/muscle pain immediately.

  41. Just creeping the thread and had to say, I grabbed one and my oh my it’s something impressive. Clean, flavorful, leaves the banger clean and no cough. If you see it I’d recommend it over any concentrates in program rn

  42. I will definitely do that! Thanks for the tip. My dispensary never gets anything cool 😪... I'm still waiting for them to stock klutch's "baller jars" of concentrates. We got AR hash coins and hashteroids once since I've been in the program! Almost no good rosin ever comes thru (except firelands, which is amazing, but damn it's pricey). It sucks.

  43. Funny cause I think firelands is low quality(at least their baller jars) but damn. I wish ancient roots had their rosin baller jars around more

  44. I've really only had their tokyo sunset and grandpa breathstar, but I really liked them.

  45. Every artifact jar I’ve had from them has been pretty damn good. Blueberry cookies, snowball, northern frost berry are the ones I’ve come across. I’ve bought some half’s of 2nd breakfast and dual og and I thought those were nice too but the 1/10ths of the 4 i mentioned left a very bad taste in my mouth. I eventually threw them all in the same jar and they are rotting away in the cupboard with some old Woodward blueberry cheese cake and some OCL (I will never buy them again) strains. I’m not giving up on galenas yet but I’m going to be way more careful with them. There are still a few brands I haven’t tried at all and I need to give them a shot before buying more disappointing flower.

  46. Honestly, I think klutch is the only brand I haven't gotten burned by (yet). I love woodward, but I've only had their true og(top 5, for sure) and thier animal face.

  47. Klutch is great. They are probably the most consistent in the program and that is a huge positive for them. My only complaint is their lack of variety but you get a jar of some Klutch and you’re probably going to be pretty happy with your purchase. I’m a certified mark, they got me bad. Certified isn’t as consistent as Klutch and don’t ever buy anything over 1/10th size because their smalls are super small for whatever reason and everything but the 1/10ths are smalls. That being said, when they get it right they stand toe to toe with the best I’ve ever had in my life. They can be pretty damn inconsistent and expensive but my god the concrete jungle I’ve been grabbing from the botanist downtown cleveland is insane.

  48. I feel you with certified! ONLY the 1/10 and damn I wish they could get their cure game on point, cuz I fuck with a lot of their strains. The dark rainbow, tongue splashers, g soap, and certified cake select, when cured properly, are amazing! Don't EVER fuck with their shake's awful.

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