1. Features are very balanced so I see classic Lush lips and doe eyes - very romantic And then potentially a small amount of gamine and natural or even dramatic. ( but the small amounts are less pronounced)

  2. I think you are similar to tilda Swinton ( ethereal , dramatic with tiny natural and ingenue) but because you have more lushness in your features and more cuteness you have some ingenue and romantic in there also ( also your percentages might not be the same as tilda - but I see a cross over ) So think of a tilda swinton but with extra yin

  3. Ingenue but the cut has some romantic qualities to it ( ruching and figure hugging) I think it looks nice, especially the shape

  4. I think your blend leans classic, romantic, and small amount of natural and dramatic with maybe some ethereal. ( as another commenter suggested - but I am not sure about the latter) If you wanted to try ethereal styles look at Gabrielle arrudas videos on the essences ( she talks about blends also)

  5. I actually don’t think these florals are strongly romantic 1 - leans way more ingenue with classic 2- romantic natural with a bit of a gamine vibe 3 - a natural gamine vibe with a bit of romantic 4- probably the most romantic with some dramatic in there ( maybe even ethereal) So I don’t think these are all very romantic leaning outfits.

  6. Strong gamine ( your playful edges ) and romantic ( your rounded yet mature features ) with some ingenue ( wide eyes and cuteness) Anf maybe some dramatic ( just bringing back some of that intensity) Overall I think you lean yin with some dramatically playful yang. I could also see a very small bit of natural essence but not sure why.

  7. thank youu! Never thought of this very interesting blend (i was leaning to gamine), but I think it gives me a lot to play with, right?

  8. Yeh the wild hair could be a bit of natural energy sneaking in along with your Kibbe ID!

  9. It’s also about vibe , gait , voice, demeanour etc so personality is also part of it

  10. Yeah that’s true. I suspect I might have ingenue essence for a few reasons: People describe me as cute or pretty. I’ve also been described as teeny or small, even though I’m 5’5. I also have really girly mannerisms. But my personality isn’t ingenue at all. I’m kinda serious and no-nonsense and I like to get stuff done. I’m also really protective of others and I care about them.

  11. Yeh you can be no nonsense and also have an ingenue demeanour or vibe that is just one surface level aspect of your personality. My mum has strong ingenue physically and in looks but is also very dramatic in her energy, that’s the beauty of these things - you can be all of you with no boundaries :) Don’t feel you have to change who you are or anything like that - you can be a total cutie and a total badass all at once - I think that was kind of what the whole system was meant to embrace :)

  12. Essence I think is natural, classic with some tiny bit of gamine and some definite romantic Maybe a touch of ingenue also I would say classic romantic natural is dominant and then some gamine next and then a small bit of ingenue Not sure about Kibbe type, maybe a SN or a FN but I am not as confident with Kibbe.

  13. Personality - and by extension gait , demeanour , vocal tendencies are also part of your essence blend :) not necessarily as high as physical traits , but they are part of it all the same ! For example if you were the most dramatic to ever exist physically, but you moved like a cute dainty fairy and had a light and lyrical girly voice , and pulled very sweet expressions naturally and had a very sweet innocent ingenue personality, you would be 80 % dramatic and 20 % ingenue ( this is Ofc a ridiculously simplistic example but you get the idea :) )

  14. You look neutral - potentially olive even Hard to say , but I think silver is nicer because it’s more gun metal ( which suits olive / neutrals ) more than true silver ( although that can look good too )

  15. I see some romantic from your figure and mature yin, but also some small amount of ethereal ( you suit the wedding hair really well and you have some elongated yin ) , maybe some gamine or ingenue from your playful smile- I am leaning gamine because you have some sharpness - but potentially both and I defo think you have some classic - quite a balanced face etc. I would say romantic , classic, gamine/ ingenue , ethereal in that order :)

  16. Leo and soft gamine, I feel like it makes some sense My rising is also libra so together I guess it makes that vibe ?

  17. Unsure but I am seeing gamine , natural and romantic mostly And maybe some ingenue or / And ethereal but in smaller amounts :)

  18. You have a playful look about you and your body language for the gamine, natural from your casual yang but you also look like you have quite high yin in your blend. You have wide eyes - ingenue Full lips and a sensuality - romantic And some soft elongation which MAY be a small amount of ethereal I only really see that in 6 and 9

  19. Is angelic ethereal? If so it’s interesting to think of ethereal this way. I think people usually only associate ethereal with elf-like, alien like, or fairy like, but looking angelic feels different than those categories.

  20. Kitchener calls it angelic and also ethereal He also talks about mermaid type of ethereal / angelic He uses different ‘ethereal’ adjectives depending on the overall blend Like ‘posh striking angel’ or ‘earthy nymph ‘ ‘sultry siren with a sweet side’ There is also not always a rhyme or reason as far as I can see, just he tailors it for the individual

  21. So Kitchener says that colour also is connected and often correlates to essence but not always. He also sees colour types as matching up with physical things though ( like earthy rich also being more squared and broad) which isn’t always the case. So essentially he says there is often over lap but not always when it comes to colour and essence ( as colour also has its own style system to him) At least that’s how I understand it But yes he tends to think of the ‘pure ideals’ of those types matching up with those colour blends, but no one in real life is a pure 100% anything - or at least that is very rare Also in Kitchener your colours are actually a blend also, so rather than being a dark autumn he would say you are ‘ earthy rich’ with some ‘striking contrast’, but potentially you might also have some ‘lively brightness’

  22. Most of the time the overlap is : Gamine - lively occasionally striking Ingenue - lively / subtle Ethereal - subtle Romantic - earthy / striking Dramatic - striking Classic - any Natural - earthy

  23. I am excited for you to do ingenue and ethereal !!

  24. I see more gamine Maybe even some classic also in your blend

  25. Natural romantic - maybe a bit of ingenue in there or even a tiny bit of dramatic But romantic / natural is your leading essences :)

  26. It’s a bit difficult to say, but I think natural is dominant and some romantic is defo present :) Maybe some classic and ingenue also You look great in 5 - natural romantic And 4 - classic ingenue - but I am leaning more ingenue

  27. But yeh mostly natural with some romantic 5 is your most ‘you’ look But ingenue is definitely sneaking in

  28. You might also have dramatic / ethereal from your elongation but I am not entirely sure, I lean to dramatic.

  29. I would say something like Lisa Eldridge video ‘grown up girly’ would be perfect Or some of the more old Hollywood styles but softened slightly. Tbh you can do any makeup style I would just make sure you avoid edges that are too sharp and you keep things a bit rounded. Again this depends on your face shape and other elements. Focus on - rounded shadow shapes, soft wings, some colour or clear shine emphasis on your lips, some blush or bronze( contour and bronze is whatever you like just keep it rounded and not too sharp or harsh) , I think some lush glow on the cheeks looks great and finally fluttery lashes! But again do what you love just make it suit those rounded shapes

  30. I see natural classic and romantic With some ethereal and very small dramatic :)

  31. Maybe even a tiny bit of Ingenue. But to me natural and Classic are your top two :)

  32. I guess when you see dramatics it’s intensity Sometimes if it’s very low it shows up like small details like being high contrast or having striking nose / eyes that come off sharper than softer I guess in general it’s a degree of intensity in some regard, it can make you look slightly more ‘fierce’ . But tbh it looks different in everyone, like all Esscences and their blends Check out Gabrielle Arudda’s video on dramatics if you want really detailed examples

  33. Romantic ( and I think classic?) strongly Than some ethereal gamine. I think colour season you are summer or soft winter types. I am leaning to a soft winter - but it’s hard to say from the photos. In terms of Kibbe you could be a SC or TR but also maybe a SG. I am not entirely sure sorry lol 😂 I think you are quite elongated for a SG but you are looking easy going in your shorts and not like a child so potentially a petite type.

  34. I am not great with Kibbe but to me she looks more like one of the classics

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