The rising generation has shown a disturbing lack of awareness for the very finest candy bar known to man. I intend to do my part to correct this travesty this coming Halloween.

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  1. Is it always wicked sweet? That’s the only thing I didn’t like about it. I really did try to like it, maybe I just sucked at cooking it?

  2. I cook it with jalapeños and onions with oregano, thyme and sage. It’s fantastic to me but I really like spicy and sweet.

  3. I don’t think this is a male or female exclusive response. I’ve seen both react in a negative way to another’s “high body count.” Which is just subjective by that person saying that.

  4. I’ve heard of “jilling” opposed to “jacking” and I’ve always like that.

  5. I assume the same factory that makes the name brand one has a line that slaps Kirkland Signature labels on it. That's next to the line that puts Member's Mark stickers.

  6. I really though that the palantire was a prime object to create an artifact out of and I of course have to make one now.

  7. Are you and the people around you speaking American English? That’s sounds more like it’s accented to me why I say it that way to myself.

  8. Put out a little cup of beer. They will die drunk and happy and leave your cubes alone.

  9. “Can’t forget that WILEY vagina! You know she might USE that vagina against us mens!”

  10. An anthem for exactly 1-2 creatures you own. that is it. Horizon lands are good but not that op. I’d argue the same for mana confluence and city of brass. This is not that op at all. Powerful yes. There are many lands way better though.

  11. I mean if we’re going by commander standards the “commander” only has to deal 21 damage to win. So this is a further twist that need to be thought about I believe.

  12. This is like a lawyer in a suit approaching the bench judge and saying, “Hibbty flibbty, Babbitt bop, slorp snirnium.”

  13. Yeah, but there has to be something in this for barr. He doesn’t do anything for nothin’. Just like trump.

  14. I recently saw a recipe similar to this that I want to try. Pretty much just toss in chunks of tomatoes, onion, garlic, seasonings etc. But it’s more like 2-3 hours of cooking in oven at 250. Do you think I would get the same results trying your way with higher heat for less time?

  15. Using fresh Tomatoes to make sauce does take a while but all that is the umami flavors developing together. IMHO, if you’re cooking your sauce from fresh it should be at least 2-3 hours regardless of the other things you do first.

  16. I think Indestructible and devotion would make sense here based on theros gods. Maybe devotion to creatures? That way if you're wrathing a huge board you turn off it being a creature too.

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