1. Update: so there’s apparently a limit and I’ve ordered this item too many times. Boxy won’t let me order it again.

  2. My nieces love it. I stock up and give for Xmas and bdays. They’ve been using it for awhile so I assume 😂

  3. I got this too and am so annoyed. I think for me it was the keys soulcare bogo. I hope I get the whole refund. My order shipped last week but apparently now that I look the shipping number is just assigned to the other product I bought

  4. I ordered the keys soulcare bogo as well but it’s still for sale so I don’t think that’s it.. but who knows with boxy

  5. I also got this, and I’m pretty sure it was the $2 Araceli liner set

  6. Same… no refund email either. They sent me a transaction number for the four refunds I was owed. I only received two.

  7. Just got this same email. I noticed they just shipped my sept 13 th order minus the farmacy honey grail. Guessing that’s being refunded.

  8. I'm not feeling the selection, but I was mildly surprised that they seem to have actually lowered the price on a number of items.

  9. The prices are way better on the makeup.. the skincare prices seem pretty steep.

  10. What were the items, if you don’t mind? I just got a tracking number and 2 items are missing and I haven’t received any info about a refund and I’m pissed. I’m wondering if it’s the same situation as yours

  11. Does anyone know where the new Boxycharm warehouse is?Where are they moving to?

  12. This happened to me once when the post office attempted to delivery on a Saturday and I wasn’t home. It was then delivered the following business day.

  13. Yes but if boxy would have put fill in the box, it wouldn’t have collapsed. The box was way too big for just these items.

  14. At least mine's moving. I ended up having to email the president of Pintey last time that happened to me back a year or so ago when it just sat. Of course Boxy blamed Pintey. But I had an email from Pintey that it was lost. I don't remember if Boxy ended up sending a repalcement or if they gave me a refund.

  15. I have 3 orders and 1 from first day and only have shipping info for second order and it's been over a month now

  16. I received the tracking for mine. Both were placed day one. But now I think the carrier lost both shipments. They went MIA on August 30.. no movement since. I opened up missing mail claims so hopefully they turn up.

  17. YES. Since 8/28 just sitting there. It’s been 2 weeks! I could have walked there and back by now (I’m in NJ)

  18. I received one of my orders today that arrived at the same Monroe Township location on 9/7… makes no sense!

  19. Pitney Bowes are the slowest to deliver, just wait another week and if it doesn't move contact boxy, my orders from August haven't even shipped yet i think all orders from August have a crazy delayed, i contacted boxy and they said i should get them the last week of Sept 😐

  20. Last week in September 🤦🏻‍♀️ but they want us to buy again tomorrow?!? Maybe we’ll get it by Christmas

  21. Yep mine hasn’t moved in days either and I bought serum and cleanser and would really prefer those not to be in the heat. Learned my lesson and won’t be buying those in the summer again.

  22. I think the postal service screwed up because it looks like this package was rerouted back to me.

  23. Did you move into your place recently? I’m wondering if someone is having their mail forwarded and there was some kind of mistake.

  24. These are the same items they have in their new 24/7 Boxy shop. It’s been the same items for the last week or so. I’d be surprised if this stuff is actually what appears in the drop shop as well. If you click on unlock deals now or the shop > the boxy shop, it takes you to the same place.

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