1. Meanwhile, I’m just sitting here hoping Immortal doesn’t take assets away from D4. I actually want a hard drop off and it’s gets abandoned because I don’t care about the success Immortal, but I absolutely want D4 to be a smash.

  2. You don't really seem to be the demographic I was describing though, because you don't actively spend time on mobile games. Then yeah, clearly why would you buy software you don't wanna use?

  3. I play Retro Bowl on iPhone. I’ve bought everything in that game and it was probably less than $15 (so minimal I can’t remember exactly what it cost). Game is more fun than the $70 Madden they come out with every year that only has minimal changes to the year before. And the developer actually listens to their players and communicates. Active updates to the game too. This is what I was hoping for in the mobile gaming industry, but instead it’s just big developers selling dopamine to whales for major profit.

  4. Lol the “Costco is not responsible” sign right next to it. This is all you.

  5. Question out of ignorance here. I see this is a chancery court. Could “anonymous donor” continue funding future appeals? Or is there an opportunity for appeal at all? Not sure how this particular court works within the rest of the court system.

  6. China’s sacrifice to the Molten Men at Earth’s core.

  7. The devaluing of the value boxes has begun.

  8. The devaluing of currency in general, unfortunately.

  9. It’s starting to sound like this “Texas” place is a place to avoid.

  10. Lol mine got sent to collections and now my $1 turned into $88.50.

  11. Where in Delaware is there a toll that only costs a dollar?

  12. Dover and Christiana Tolls on Route 1 are $1 on weekdays until Friday late afternoon still, or did they change that? Short exits off Route 1 between them are even less in the recent past.

  13. Soon on Disney+: A Hondo/space pirate series!

  14. Actually this could be awesome. Make it more of a fun kind of show, more comedic. Like Guardians of the Galaxy vibes.

  15. I agree and I would love this. Hondo has always been one of favorite recurring characters from Clone Wars, always made things a lot more interesting.

  16. True but they are about to on summer vacation so staff won’t be there to hear anyone.

  17. People can think of more than one thing at a time

  18. People CAN think of more than one thing at a time. Single-issue voters CHOOSE to think of one thing at a time.

  19. The fresh fried shells were divine when they got it right. And it was even cheaper than a DLT. I definitely got some fuckups, like them giving me flatbread (wtf?), but imo it was worth the gamble.

  20. I was about to say, the OG cantina tacos were amazing. Got one almost everyday during the LTO, never had a single issue, and am convinced that it is so clearly the superior taco that they should discontinue their current hard taco in favor of OG cantina.

  21. I don’t know if my dyslexia is kicking my ass but 7 out of 10 of the colors are “Countries that border? countries with nukes” which doesn’t make any sense to me.

  22. I was confused at first, but I think it is how many different land borders need to be crossed prior to being in a country that has nuclear weapons. So Lesotho you need to cross 8 different national borders before you end up in a nation that has a nuclear weapon. Why a bunch of the islands are in blue, even though Japan has several nuclear powers around it.

  23. This is like the third map in 24 hours using blue for land, a color palette that is over-saturated in one color making the map difficult to read, and using some off-white in the palette.

  24. No I typed it and reported the post for being needlessly political.

  25. Best politics are the ones that give me a day off.

  26. USPS is very good at what they do regardless of what the news tells you

  27. Agreed there. If people embraced vote-by-mail, I’m sure we could put more into making it more secure with priority mail and delivery confirmation, but half of population simply doesn’t want it to work even if it is a viable option.

  28. What is the control to ensure the person who filled it out is the person the ballot was intended for?

  29. I am no expert but there are several security controls already in use and some have been used for absentee balloting for quite some time:

  30. Can we just ban Newsweek in Worldnews? The last 4 articles I’ve read from them were speculation at best, made up at worst.

  31. I use these all the time and that has never happened to me, but maybe it got caught near the filter/water intake somehow, then got spat out? Sometimes mine gets stuck near there. Seems weird that one part completely disintegrated and the other part still seems fine.

  32. We have to keep perspective here. The reason for this "big jump" is because the fed have made a HUGE mistake by artificially keeping interest rates MEGA low since 2008. This has resulted in an enormously over-heated housing market. So now the fed has to over-react and try to get interest rates into a reasonable range and the only way to do this is to jack up rates quickly with these 3/4 point increases.

  33. Fairly new home buyer: We bought our home in March 2019 and got a 3.99% rate. Decided to refinance cause we had a some extra income in January 2021. Albeit with about $3K in mortgage credits, our rate got down to 1.89%. I am not a veteran so this rate seemed absolutely crazy to me but I obviously jumped at it. All my older relatives are talking about when they bought their homes it was over 15%, but I guess homes were also a lot lot cheaper back in the 80s.

  34. It’s ok, they just aren’t getting it.

  35. “It’s like the flimsiest beef wellington I’ve ever met…”

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