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  1. Not anarchist per se...mostly lurk sometimes comment, but also it's reddit.. like how does one enforce an anarchist ideal to join the subreddit...is there a form? I personally just enjoy the mix of left and right I see in the threads

  2. When you become a tax exemption. If abortion is murder, then a fetus is a citizen.

  3. They will break your set with bad firmware updates as soon as your warranty is up

  4. Das crasies...I'll remember that, I was literally just talking about buying a TV soon, thanks!

  5. "Hey... so... if you could come in on Saturday and rub my belly, that'd be greeeeaaat."

  6. Mines broken....why I always gotta get da broken 1?

  7. "Demagorgons, why did it have to be Demagorgons?!"

  8. Just watched this the other day...got super emotional as I was missing the gender reveal of my first niece due to covid...but I won a bet cuz my money was on girl. So there's that.

  9. Looks really good - wonder if some of those condiments are complementary - like pesto, mustard and avocado. Not a combination I have tried.

  10. They're subtle, the fennel really stands out. I also just remade this sandwich but used the mayo to toast the bread instead of butter

  11. Italian Bread toasted with butter, Stone ground mustard, pesto flavored mayo, Avocado spread, sliced black olives, crispy garlic bits, sauteed mushrooms and sauteed fennel, Hard Salami, Turkey, Pepperjack Cheese, pickles, Tomatoes, spinach and Butter lettuce...I think thats everything

  12. We've been trying to contact you about your Planets warranty

  13. That’s exactly what I want. Maybe a good hotdog vendor too.

  14. Elotes! That and lemonade. I never bought anything else at balboa

  15. Be careful not to choke on your Alterations.

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