1. Bro fitgirl is not safe, isp suspended me cuz of that

  2. I love the fishtank in the background too!!! Ill help you out with a dp and upgrade that thing😘

  3. feeling nervous and a little frightened as an older man reaches into your damp panties to feel your wet pussy. muffling your moans with your face in his shoulder as you feel his fingers slipping between yours swollen wet lips, scared but horny as you feel you body trembling and nearing orgasm

  4. Another 20 f if you’re interested in chatting and see how we vibe!!

  5. I’m same age.. it’s seem like only yesterday we were teens lol😂

  6. Haha I was referring to your username…

  7. Haha oops!! Are you near Houston by any chance?

  8. Love this. Hopefully I can find a master to have me do it 😍😍

  9. Would definitely recommend trying different communities (not in here lol) but before that you’ve to learn more about bdsm, your kink, aftercare, how to spot a sincere partner and also what part you play in a dynamic etc

  10. Do not go and meet randoms you happen to meet on reddit (no brainer there.)

  11. Kid instead of being a whore focus on your grades. You got plenty of time.

  12. I hope she has some experience in piercing stuff.

  13. That’s fair enough… I think it will suit you… piearced girls are a big turn on for me

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