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  1. Starting out it was PHB only for us and no one cared because they were just excited to learn to play. I'd smack that player down so fast.

  2. Not me, and I have been a fan of the series since orginal Rome. But I also play a ton of other games and try to take part in social media as little as possible.

  3. This is the dude who's in a chair 90% of his action movies even to the point of fighting while sitting down.

  4. Idk I could a swore he went on a super cut and was really bulky before hand

  5. Bigger than me, i’m a male and on tren

  6. He’s a big guy, muscular than your average guy, has arms like a strongman.

  7. He's not even more muscular than the Pillsbury doughboy

  8. Isn't this just because the Chorfs are using them for literal labor? While dark elves torture, and use them for labor? I feel like this is the way a Chorf middle manager would describe them since they're so far up their own asses and having slaves is beneath them, but not having long term unpaid indentured employees.

  9. What exactly do you think a slave is?? Btw chaos dwarf also use their "labor" as sacrifice to Hashut The only difference between them and dark elf is that they "technically" don't do it for fun but because they need it for their society to work.

  10. It's just painfully obvious the type of people getting butthurt over the naming conventions and I frankly do not care which name they get.

  11. Great voice, great trailer. My body is ready to be turned to stone

  12. Why would anyone need more than 200 that's going to commit a crime? This just negatively affects bulk buyers and frugal hobbyists.

  13. I'll drop someone off hell in a cell through the announcers table if they talk shit on this man

  14. God gives his hungriest sharks his tastiest fiber optic cables

  15. God gives his greediest investors his darkest brandons.

  16. Only people that buy this have never lifted more than 5lb plates on bench

  17. gun right should not be a left vs right issue. You still are playing right into politicians hands. Stop watching propaganda and start viewing your country men as people instead of sports teams is a good start.

  18. Because every dude would be walking around with 22" unusable shmeat

  19. because 24" is useable and handy for measurements perfectly balanced

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